Who’s Naked? Who’s Nude?


Are they naked or are they nude?

My blogging buddy and fellow nudist Alex, author of the online diary, Happy Bare, recently offered a post that explored the different views on labels held by the culture of nudity. The article covered the various perceptions and stereotypes within the clothes-free community on the terms “naturist” and “nudist.” The title, Happy Bare Naked Naturist Nudists Or Not(click to view), sums up the topic perfectly. It is a brief and humorous discussion of a war-of-identity that has plagued the nude world for decades. I urge all to read, no matter how few (if any) or how many clothes one wears, simply for the education and entertainment value.

On reading Alex’s words, I remembered a rough draft of a post I’d begun last year on the labels naked and nude and the difference between the two. I’d never edited my original as other ideas germinated in my mind. I decided  that now is the time to revisit the subject and explain what and how I use those two words here on A Guy Without Boxers.

For most people, naked and nude, like naturist and nudist, are synonymous and are used interchangeably. Probably, the majority of the culture of nudity feel this same way. There does exist within our community a group of purists who advocate the difference between the two and take offense if and when they believe the terms are misused. Is this a splitting the proverbial pubic hairs? Perhaps. But everyone is entitled to their opinion and yours truly respects that right. Individuals are allowed to decide how they self-identify.

What follows below is my perspective on the distinguishing characteristics, however minor, between naked and nude. My buddy, Alex, has already covered the distinction between naturist and nudist. I’m leaving that one alone, at least, for now. Please understand that I am not an absolute authority on nudity. I consider myself a naturist/nudist but I’ve never been crowned king or elected as the undisputed leader. I’m not even an amazing wizard of nakedness. I’m merely a lay person who’s clothes-free whenever possible.


Naked and nude both imply the absence of clothing or any type of concealment or covering. The man pictured above is naked. He’s taking off his clothing because of his situation (shower). While in the shower, most people are naked. In locker rooms and physician’s offices, many are naked due to circumstance and not by choice. When changing clothes at work for an evening engagement, one is briefly naked. Of course, there are other reasons that people are naked but I think those examples are enough to deliver the concept.

Being naked is usually involuntary. Most people who find themselves naked would rather not be naked for whatever reason. More often than not, when naked, most attempt to cover-up or dress as quickly as possible at the first available opportunity. Being naked makes certain people uncomfortable. Some people do not like to be seen naked by others. When naked, they usually try to conceal their genitalia as best they can.


In the above image, the man is in the process of becoming nude. He’s ridding himself of his clothing because it’s his choice. He enjoys being nude as often as he can or for a specific purpose or activity. Skinny-dippers like to swim nude. Some people take a nude yoga class. Some plan to take a “nakation” (naked + vacation) at the nude beach this summer. Most people who are nude do so voluntarily. Persons who are nude are comfortable without clothes and choose to remain in that state for as long as possible.

When a person is nude they are generally comfortable, relaxed and stress-free. They aren’t bothered when they are in situations where they have to be naked, such as the shower, locker room or medical office. If an individual is nude often, occasionally or on a one-time basis, they are indifferent or oblivious if seen naked by others. Their being nude is a matter of no alarm or concern.

NKDnoodCoverWConfused? I hope not. A naked man is totally self-conscious and probably embarrassed over his uncovered body. A nude man is the exact opposite. He’s cool as the renown cucumber with his body available for all to see. This does not imply that the nude is an exhibitionist. That’s an entirely different matter that I’ll address in another posting here.

naked individual is aware of his nudity. A nude man is nonplussed about the fact and isn’t always consciously aware of his state of being undressed.

A naked man will always be naked as long as he perceives himself that way. Only when he overcomes his discomfort can he move into the nude category. On the other hand, a nude man can be both, naked and nude, simultaneously. Others may view him as naked, but in his mind, he’s always nude.

This is my simplistic view on the eternal question of who’s naked and who’s nude. Some may agree with me, others may not. Most consider the entire subject ridiculous and think: who cares? 

As a same gender loving practicing social nudist, I’ll be completely honest and admit that I don’t lose any sleep over the issue. Actually, personally, it’s a non-issue. When I’m clothes-free, that’s it: I’m natural and free-hanging and that’s what is important for me. I’m happy bare, just as my buddy Alex is with his blog, Happy Bare.


Here at A Guy Without Boxers, I make no distinction between  naked  and  nude. I use both as meaning the state of being uncovered,  undressed or clothes-free. It’s the social experience, not the label, that matters most. In my worldview, clothes don’t make the man. It’s the absence of clothing (concealment) that shows us all the quality of man he truly is. After all, at the end of the day, what counts most is not whether I’m a naked man or a nude man but rather, that I’m a good man.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


Pay Up!


It’s time to gather all your gold and silver from wherever you keep your private stash. Tomorrow is April 15. The date for all Americans to “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.”  U.S. Federal income taxes must be submitted online or postmarked via the postal service by midnight.

Funny, the U.S. Congress can fight like cats and dogs among themselves, intentionally ignore deadlines, blame everyone except themselves and blindly adhere to partisanship actions that results in a complete shutdown of the U.S. government. They can neglect their duty of approving a carefully prepared and responsible budget to fund government because they never mastered the art of negotiation and compromise. They selfishly follow the line of thinking that it’s “their way or the highway.”

They are the lawmakers and can do what they damn well please. There are no penalties or consequences for their childish indecisiveness. Ignore the fact that they are denying to the American people the federal services that we, the taxpayers, are really paying for. As a person who pays the proverbial piper, I want my inept government!

The U.S. Congress doesn’t issue refunds or tax credits for all the days that we didn’t have a functioning bureaucracy. Never-mind the reality that we did not receive the promised services. We owe! Pay up!

But you can bet your sweet ass that we, as the taxpayers, had better pay our taxes on time or the interest accrued will add to the burden of debt due and tardiness presents the risk of imprisonment. Don’t let any of us even entertain the thought of acting as immature as U. S. Congresspersons!

A gentle reminder: ante up! Every gold coin counts.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!





Now that April is here, all around we’re seeing positive proof that Spring has indeed finally arrived. The physical evidence is increasing on a daily basis with the almost overnight magic of a return of blossoms and foliage to the trees. It’s almost as though there are tiny wood elves pasting their handiwork on the barren branches under the cover of darkness. Every day offers a new delight as the old winter gradually fades off into the sunset.

When I was in elementary school, we were forced to memorize poems in English and then translate them into American Sign Language (ASL). Next, we would, one-by-one, stand and recite the poem, first signing in English (using Signed Exact English or SEE ) and immediately following in ASL. The purpose of this exercise was to teach us the basics of both English and ASL grammar (the two are different).

Several decades later, one of those poems always comes to my mind during this time of year. As the trees undergo rebirth and renewal, the words of this simple verse return while I marvel at the natural wonders occurring before my very eyes. Visual reminders that the days of prolonged outdoor social nudity, in the company of my same gender loving brethren, are not too far from reality.

Evidently, this particular teaching strategy of dual recitations worked, at least for me. Whenever I recall this poem, both the ASL and SEE versions automatically reappear in my memory, along with the respective grammatical rules.

Trees is the title of this work and it was written by an American, Joyce Kilmer, in 1912. Kilmer served as a sergeant in the American Expeditionary Force and was killed in battle in France during the First World War in 1918, a few months before the Armistice was signed.



by Joyce Kilmer

I think that I shall never see

A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is pressed

Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,

And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in summer wear

A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;

Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,

But only God can make a tree.


Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


Modest Nudists?


For most non-naturist/nudist people, this title, Modest Nudists?, may seem to be a gross contradiction of terms. The popular misconception or stereotype being that all nude persons are by nature, exhibitionists. Especially the ones who are same gender loving men. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

The reason for this myth probably stems from the notion among many that nudity is nothing more than a license for unrestrained sexual involvement. This belief is a part of the puritan legacy of the early settlers of this country. Being naked in the presence of others, what we call social nudity, is seen as indecent and wrong, dirty and nasty. In short, it is both disgusting and immoral. Being a nudist means that a person makes no effort to conceal their bodies, in particular, their genitalia. Hence the perception that automatically equates being nude with promiscuous sex and orgies.

Most clothes-free practitioners are aware of this stigma. Sensitive to the standards of the broader society, we take measures to conform when in mixed or non-nudist environments, such as in a locker room at the gym or pool. Communal spaces where some degree of being naked (in the midst of our own gender) is expected but not all users are either gay or social nudists. This courtesy is extended as being respectful of others.


 Recently, an acquaintance and I were having a conversation at a naked social and he called my attention to a man, standing among others, across the room with his hands covering his genitals. My friend laughed while making some comment about this guy needing to relax and “hang loose” with the rest of us as we are all bare at this no clothing allowed gathering.

I replied, “Maybe he’s modest by nature.”

Looking at me like I was an alien from the far reaches of the galaxy, my buddy stated, “You can’t be a modest nudist. They don’t exist!”

What followed was a lively lecture by yours truly (always the educator) on the fact that there, indeed, are private or shy men who are also naturists. It isn’t a good practice to assume we know everything about a person based solely on one aspect of their personality. Not all gay men are social nudists and not all nudists are gay. Just because a person prefers the nude life doesn’t mean that he votes for a Democratic political candidate and not every man who votes Republican is a bigot. Variety is the “spice of life” I argued. We are all different.

Some of our fellow same gender loving nude brethren may naturally feel awkward in social situations, whether they are clothed or not. Every human being is an individual and one common attribute doesn’t imply that we are all identical. Each person is a product of his own life history.

Next, I reminded him that it was quite possible the man he thought odd was new to social nudity. This could even be his first nude social function and maybe he is merely nervous. This is particularly true if he doesn’t know anyone else here.

I concluded by pointing out a few of the obvious discrepancies between Aaron (my boyfriend) and myself, as my “pupil” is familiar with us both. When naked, I’ll jump in front of any camera aimed in my direction whereas my partner poses nude only when the device used is ours and he has some control over how the image is shared. I’m somewhat hesitant to introduce myself to a stranger (naked or clothed) while Aaron hugs everyone he sees (again, clothes free or not) before he even bothers to learn their name.

“I understand,” my friend added. “Just like be’s black and you’re white.” We both chuckled over that observation. I knew I’d made my point. Yet another successful lecture under my proverbial (and absent) belt!


Later that evening, I picked Aaron up from his job. On the ride home, I told him about the discussion and we laughed over the assumptions that folks make based solely on one characteristic of their personality. People are too quick to pass judgment onto others.

Once home, we naturally stripped off our clothes and settled in to watch a DVD. Returning from the kitchen with a snack of crackers, fruit and cheese, my beloved boyfriend offered the thought: “You know, I’m so glad that neither of us are modest nudists.” 

I almost choked on the few grapes I had just put in my mouth! I recalled the first two years of our relationship and our first six months of living together. I asked myself, “Should I refresh his memory or just keep my counsel and let this last remark go unchallenged?” 

Silence. I decided some thoughts are best left alone. Nothing I communicate is going to alter our past.

Even though Aaron and I met at a gay social nudist event, neither one of us wearing anything other than our smiles, it took years before he would undress in front of me. Despite the fact that we stripped in each others company at the beach, pool, gym and parties, whenever we were alone, he’d always go into the bathroom, shut the door, remove his clothes and then emerge nude.

When I questioned him about this idiosyncrasy, he’d shrug his shoulders, grin at me (showing his dimples) and quickly change the subject. I am all too easily distracted by his charms (and he knows this).

I love my recovering modest nudist! No matter how soon he forgets! It’s all a part of the sacrifices we endure for the sake of family happiness and harmony. I only wonder how I can prevent him from reading this post?

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


High Five, Bare Bear


A Guy Without Boxers

salutes all our naturist/nudist brothers who allow their body hair to grow, naturally. 

My Lebanese blogging friend, Closet Conflicts, offers an entertaining and insightful look at the bear culture in our same gender loving community. To view his post, click on the above title. It’s among the best resources on the bear life that I’ve seen: informative but uncomplicated.

My naked buddy, blogging brother and friend Rob, the author of Keepin’ It …REAL, offers an interesting observation on hirsute masculinity via his Tumblr. com site,  Male Oriented Erotica and Perspectives. Click the title to go directly to his post. His advice, thoughts and views on the furry male are unique as they are written from his vantage point as a dual gender attraction (bisexual) man. He addresses the topic from an entirely different angle and outside the bear community.


The month of April is my birth-month. In honor of this auspicious occasion (yes, very egocentric of me: LOL!), I’m offering a bonus image of a hairy man for this feature. My birthday gift for all who are visiting here! A photograph is easier to share electronically than a slice of the traditional birthday cake.


Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


Author’s Note: Later today, I’m returning to Greece. My father is undergoing minor surgery related to his recent illness. I plan to return on April 13. I have several posts scheduled to publish in my absence. 

End of March, 2014


Bottoms Up!

The End of March, 2014.

In honor of March being the month that heralds the arrival of the Spring season, pictures of men hanging into place their burdensome and restricting winter clothing. The weather’s getting warmer, time to shed those garments and to experience outside as nature intended: nude!


Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


I’m Stripping Outdoors!


Actually and honestly, that’s hardly news to anyone who regularly reads here. After all, this is a blog written by a same gender loving nudist man who features topics of interest for that particular audience (among others). So my “getting back to basics” (naked) is no surprise to anyone. A ploy on my part to use an eye-catching title to reach out and grab your attention.

Now that you’re reading this, please don’t get angry and close the screen. That defeats the purpose of my laboring over an appropriate enticing heading for this post. Forgive my transgression and continue on. Thank you!

The stripping aspect (getting back to basics) is truthfully the reason for this entry here on A Guy Without Boxers. The arrival of the Springtime brings with it a need to address any cumbersome issues surrounding this site. As the earth renews itself, so does this the life of this blog and the blogger, yours truly. Now that it’s possible to enjoy the outdoors clothes-free, it’s likewise time to make a change here.


Last July, when I introduced the monthly feature, High Five, Bare Bears, I decided to publish the series on the fifth day, probably because of the “high-five” salute in the name. The fifth day tradition has become somewhat awkward as it occasionally falls on the day before or the day after my usual Monday/Thursday publication schedule. Several times, I’ve almost forgotten to post this piece.

In the hopes of avoiding this potential oversight in the future, I’ve decided to offer the hirsute heritage salute on the first Monday or Thursday of every month instead of the fifth. This change eliminates the periodic back-to-back postings while at the same time, adhering to the twice-a-week journal entry custom.

The change is effective beginning the month of April, 2014. Therefore, the High Five, Bare Bear for this upcoming month publishes on Thursday, April 3, as opposed to the usual April 5. This practice continues thereafter.

I trust this adjustment doesn’t create confusion for anyone. That is not my intention. I’m simply trying to keep A Guy Without Boxers convenient and easy to follow.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


Winter Fatigue? A Remedy!


It’s Sunday evening, March 23, and I’m at home, alone. Aaron is working until later this evening (his usual) so I’m watching the NCAA basketball tournament (Mercer vs. Tennessee) and working on my laptop simultaneously (yes, the naked kid can multi-task). Checking some of the blogs that I like, I saw the graphic below and just had to share the chuckle.

I am so ready for Spring to physically manifest itself. Snow is predicted for most of the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states this week. I need a laugh to muster the strength to face this oncoming storm and figured that others may need one, too.


I discovered this on the site of one of my blogging sisters. Click the title to visit her at Cervixsays. She’s graciously consented for me to share this here. Much love and naked hugs (after I type this, I have to overnight to her a flamethrower)!

To my naked blogging brother and friend, Rob, author of Keepin’ It…REAL! , (click to view) who I know is suffering from winter fatigue, I hope this brings a grin to your chin. C2C naked hugs, buddy! To read his commentary on the seasonal transition, check out his article entitled: Mother Nature, Father Time and Spring. Right click on the title to view.

Honestly,  I think this is a terrific idea for snow removal. I can identify with this gentleman’s frustration. It seems far easier to melt this shit away than to shovel it! The added benefit to this novel clean-up method is that the heat from the fire enables this task to be performed outdoors, completely naked!


Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Author’s Note: The post I originally scheduled for today will appear at a later date.

First Day Of Spring, 2014!


Today is the first day of the Spring, 2014, season here in the Northern Hemisphere. A Guy Without Boxers steps out of his to celebrate this much-anticipated occasion.

“When I cast off my clothes, I cast off my cares.”  Horace Walpole

The first day of springtime doesn’t guarantee a spontaneous arrival of balmy temperatures, sunshine and blue skies. No seasonal transition delivers immediate change in prevailing weather conditions anywhere on our planet. Nature doesn’t operate on the principle of instant gratification.

It does give us a psychological advantage: the bitter and frigid temperatures of this year’s unusually harsh winter are headed into oblivion. Gradually, we’ll experience a warming in the air and the rebirth of both flowers and foliage. A colorful resurrection of nature from the barren, dormant past three months.

Personally, the First Day of Spring brings a renewed surge of energy. It’s easier to get out of bed in the morning. Boring and repetitive daily routines lose some of their dullness. I have a new bounce in my step as I go about my business. My eyes see the world with a fresh awareness of all that’s around me. Mentally, I’m alert and enthusiastic.


Realistically, I seriously doubt that I’ll shed all my clothes and cavort nude through the local park today. Many may think me foolish (for whatever reason), but I am not a complete fool. Just as leaves don’t magically reappear on trees overnight, my garments don’t automatically disappear from my body on this date (at least, not while I’m outdoors).

I take comfort in the knowledge that Spring is officially here. The anxiety of another day of winter melts away, replaced with the fact that soon, the first crocus will appear and all will be right with nature. The extra layers of bulky outerwear will surrender to rising temperatures and even longer hours of daylight.  All is right with the world and balance is restored to my life.

Good morning, sunshine! Happy Spring, 2014! Welcome!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


Changing Roles



Aaron, my boyfriend, typically works on weekends. One of the ways that I spend my Saturday mornings during the winter months is reviewing photos made the previous summer. It helps to remember the good times and the warmer season. An ideal tool to create an instant “attitude adjustment” to keep my mind off the usual uncomfortable (all right, miserable) weather outside.

This past January, I was following this practice when I discovered these forgotten images from last September. I had to check the date on my camera’s memory card and then review my diary in order to recall the day I posed for these pictures. Actually, they weren’t summer photographs at all but were taken on September 28, the first Saturday in the autumn season.

My journal revealed that it was a summer-like day, an overcast morning that soon transformed itself into cloudless sky. I had gone to a nearby riverside park to take advantage of the lingering remains of my favorite time of the year. Why waste what little was left of comfortable outdoor temperatures?

The cloudy start of the morning probably was the reason there were only a few others along the riverbank. When I arrived there was only one other man at the nude beach area popular among gay naturists. We waved to each other as I made myself “at home” and unpacked my belongings.


Soon, we began communicating with each other. He introduced himself as Billy and we marvelled at how beautiful the day was progressing, all the while lamenting the passing of summer and the approaching end of the freedom of outdoor nakedness. Kindred spirits rarely miss a chance to bond in their appreciation of same gender loving social nudity.

At some point during our exchange, I mentioned to Billy that I authored a blog focusing on gay nude life. He expressed an interest,  we shared email addresses and I promised to send him the link to A Guy Without Boxers.

It was at this point that I asked if he would take some pictures of me balanced on an overturned tree straddling several large rocks dotting the riverside. I had, on occasion, thought this offered a different and unique photo opportunity. Billy immediately accepted the task and the results are the images featured here.


As I hopped about on the log, Billy proved himself to be quite the amateur photographer. Clown that I am, I did offer a few silly poses and we both laughed at the hidden implications. It turned out to be a pleasant activity for the both of us. A nice distraction for the early part of a Saturday afternoon.

As he passed my camera back to me, I had a last-minute idea and offered to change roles with Billy. I’d become the photographer and he could pose for me. To my surprise, Billy instantly agreed and so we embarked on another chapter of playing in front of the camera lens. This time, Billy was being captured on film.


All too soon, Billy had to leave for his trip home. I promised and did email my new buddy copies of his photos. We passed a few emails back and forth between us and that was the extent of our communication since our meeting at the river.


Autumn turned into winter and I’d completely forgotten about our day at the gay nude beach, frolicking in front of the lens. That is, until that Saturday morning in mid-January when I rediscovered these photographs. I uploaded the pictures of me onto my laptop thinking that I might use them in a future post here.

Coincidentally, only a few days after my wintry “trip down memory lane,” I received an email from Billy. He wrote that he periodically visited A Guy Without Boxers and wondered whatever happened to the photos of us from that day. He added that he would like to see a picture of himself posted on this site and invited me to feel free to do so.

That was just too eerie! I immediately replied to his note and the end is what you are reading and seeing here today. I’m grateful beyond words to my naked buddy, Billy, and for his efforts in making this publication possible. He’s definitely earned his place on the Page of Fame: Dare 2 Bare (click page title to view) here at A Guy Without Boxers. Thanks you, Billy! I hope we can do this again in the upcoming summer!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


Author’s Notes: All images contained in the above article are property of the author and subject and may not be reproduced without written permission. 

To view the entire “A Guy Without Boxers Page of Fame: Dare 2 Bare” honorees, scroll to and click on the page title at the top or the bottom of your screen. 

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