October Autumn Adventure


As much as I hate to admit it, autumn does offer a colorful and delightful landscape. Summer remains my favorite season of the year with unlimited opportunities for outdoor nudity. However, autumn does have its own moments…early, the freedom of being naked-in-nature is comfortably possible and the vista can be amazing. Too bad it’s so short-lived. The temperatures plunge and the foliage disappears all too fast. What’s here today is often gone tomorrow.

As a part of the ongoing process of building, maintaining and strengthening or relationship, my boyfriend, Aaron, and I frequently keep “us” days throughout the year. These are random days that we devote exclusively as our time together. Just the two of us, separate from the rest of the world, spending the day as one, free from outside distractions and stress. One of these times is always the first Saturday in October, every year. If the weather forecast for that day isn’t conducive for an outside outing, then we plan another as close to that date as possible. If it means one of us or both have to schedule the time off work, then so be it. Being a couple requires work and we feel our partnership is worth the sacrifice.

This October, that date was Saturday, October 4. Fortunately, autumn cooperated as it was a beautiful, warm day without  more than a few wisps of clouds in the sky. A perfect reason to hike natural in nature (except for shoes, of course). It was as though the weather was created especially for the two of us.

The day began foggy and somewhat chilly. However, meteorologists predicted clearing and sunny skies by mid-morning and they were absolutely correct. By the time we arrived at our destination, a secluded farm owned by one of Aaron’s co-workers (and a social nudist), the air was warm and pleasant. Upon arrival, we immediately stripped out of our clothing (except for shoes) and were away off on our hike. Unbelievably, we had the entire property to ourselves.

This wasn’t our first time visiting this location but it was our first for the autumn season.  We were both awed by the colorful landscape, at its peak, in contrast to the barely beginning changes to the leaves closer to our home.

As we hiked, we commented on the sights and discussed anything on our minds. It was relaxing being alone together, totally clothes-free and surrounded by the tranquility of nature. There was nothing to distract nor inhibit our purpose for the day: spending quality time as a couple. An afternoon discovering new scenery and re-discovering ourselves through reconnecting.

While taking a break and sharing our picnic meal, Aaron recited a poem he’d composed as we’d walked. Knowing that as a student, I’d had to learn numerous poems to orient us to the English language, he encouraged me to share one from memory. Looking at the brilliant blue sky, I recalled the one I’ve offered below.



by: Helen Hunt Jackson

O suns and skies and clouds of June,

and flowers of June together,

Ye cannot rival for one hour

October’s bright blue weather.

When loud the bumble-bee makes haste,

Belated, thriftless, vagrant,

And Golden-Rod is dying fast,

And lanes with grapes are fragrant;

When Gentians roll their fringes tight

To save them for the morning,

And chestnuts fall from satin burrs

Without a sound of warning;

When on the ground red apples lie

In piles like jewels shining,

And redder still on old stone walls

Are leaves of woodbine twining;

When all the lovely wayside things

Their white-winged seeds are sowing,

And in the fields still green and fair,

Late aftermaths are growing;

When springs run low, and on the brooks,

In idle golden freighting,

Bright leaves sink noiseless in the hush

of woods, for winter waiting;

When comrades seek sweet country haunts,

By twos and twos together,

And counts like misers, hour by hour,

October’s bright blue weather.

O suns and skies and flowers of June,

Count all your boasts together,

Love loveth best of all the year

October’s bright blue weather.


I don’t remember precisely when I had to commit this poem to memory, I do recall that I was aware of my same gender attraction. The verse that caught my attention was the next to the last that spoke of couples, together on country haunts. The image that appeared in my mind, even then, was of two men, hand-in-hand, naked, strolling along a country road.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


Purple Spirit Day!


Purple Spirit Day is observed on the third Thursday of October every year. Taking its name from the purple stripe that appears in the GLBT Rainbow Flag (the color purple symbolizing “spirit”), it is dedicated to preventing the bullying and harassment of GLBT youth, especially in the educational environment, where administrators, teachers and auxiliary staff are responsible for the safety of young people. The third Thursday of the month was selected in order for the event to always be held on an actual school day as opposed to a weekend. This year, Purple Spirit Day is today, October 16.

In 2010, alarmed over the rising incidents of youth suicide related to orientation identity, Brittany McMillian, herself a high school student (at that time) and opposite gender loving (straight) decided something should be done to combat this situation. She didn’t personally know anyone who had taken their own life, she was upset over the statistics. She posted a notice via Facebook encouraging her teachers and her friends to wear purple on this date to raise awareness and show concern about this issue. Within days, the posting went viral and caught the attention of national broadcast, print and social media.

The idea snowballed. First Lady Michelle Obama endorsed the initiative and immediately others rushed on board. Politicians, school administrators, educators, celebrities and a few dedicated clergy joined the bandwagon. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), the nation’s GLBT media advocacy organization, offered help. Soon, GLAAD took over as sponsor of the event as the promotional and information specialists. On this day, purple became the new black.

Suddenly, what had previously been viewed as “harmless, youthful indiscretions” was now seen for what it really was, malicious, antisocial and dangerous actions. Medical and mental health professionals expressed concern over the behavior. Law enforcement and justice personnel finally took note and reminded perpetrators of serious civil and criminal consequences. At last, authorities were beginning to take notice and many school jurisdictions started to address the problem through education.

Brittany McMillian proved to be the true heroine of the day. Thanks to her creative use of social media, her innovation and her courage, a harmful and deadly practice of bullying was recognized as a universal problem that those professionals in positions of responsibility needed to intervene and address. A Guy Without Boxers salutes you, Brittany. In 2012, she graduated from high school and has moved on with her life. I wish her my best.

For more information on Purple Spirit Day, go to: GLAAD.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!





High Five, Bare Bear



A Guy Without Boxers

salutes all our naturist/nudist brothers who allow their body hair to grow, naturally.

Bears, brown bears, polar bears, cubs, otters…no, I’m not describing a visit to the local zoo. Rather, what I am doing here is sharing a dictionary of the many adjectives used to identify the different types of men belonging to the same and dual gender loving Bear Culture. A community that admires, appreciates and respects hirsute masculinity. This feature is A Guy Without Boxers monthly tribute to them all. They’re cuddly, cute and extraordinary eye-candy.

There are some who believe the Bear Culture and Leather Culture are one and the same, this is a popular misconception even within the same gender loving community. In truth, they are two distinctive groups. There are a number of men who move between both worlds but there are just as many who identify as one or the other only and resent the implication. Similarly, not all hairy men consider themselves a member of Bear Culture.

Curious about the terminology used to describe the different species of bears? Closet Conflicts, written by my buddy in Lebanon and a fellow bear fan, has two entertaining and insightful posts on his site about Bear Culture and the same gender loving community. The first, Subearsitions: 6 Misconceptions About Bear Culture  presents an amusing overview of various bear types. The second, My Adventures on Growlr Part 3 talks of his dealings on a media app popular in Bear Culture. Click both titles to read.


My naked buddy, blogging brother and friend, RobFather-X, author of Keepin’ It…REAL!, presents an astute and visual observation on hirsute masculinity via his Tumblr.com site, Male Oriented Erotica and Perspectives.  Click the blog title to go directly to his ongoing post. His advice, thoughts and views in the furry nude male are unique as they are written from his vantage point as a dual gender loving (bisexual) man. He addresses the topic of body hair on males from an entirely different angle and outside the bear community. His blog is informative with excellent research. A word of caution, it’s not suitable to view in the workplace. Rob is featured on the Page of Fame: Dare 2 Bare here on A Guy Without Boxers.

My fellow blogger and sometimes nudist, Martin Wilson, creator of the blog, Ramblings of a Supposed Disease Free Mind, published on his site his experience at a London gay club popular among bears and those attracted to them. Click the title, Fitting the Physical Stereotype, to read his adventure. Earlier in the summer, he visited a clothing-optional beach near London for a bear festival. Click the title to follow his weekend exploits, Brighton Bear Weekender, 2014. Martin is also honored on the Page of Fame: Dare 2 Bear here and he just returned from the Edinburgh, Scotland bear celebration.


Chris, the young journalist and buddy who publishes Colors of Passion, recently realized his attraction to bears. He posted to his blog about his bear-ish awakening under the title, Bear Obsession. Click to read. Living in North Carolina, he acted on his discovery and visited a gay club for the first time on their featured “Bear Night.” He documented his experience in a post, FURnace. Click to view. Welcome, Chris, to Bear Culture!

It is every man’s prerogative whether or not to grow, groom or shave his body hair. I respect and support this right. This feature on A Guy Without Boxers is offered in appreciation to those who choose to grow and go natural and share it proudly when nude. It is not a judgment against the men who don’t.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


October 11: Coming Out Day


October 11, annually, is Coming Out Day. Traditionally, this date is used to encourage those within the same gender loving community to “come out of the closet” and begin living their lives as honest and proud members of the GLBT culture. To stop hiding who they truly are and to be free from the shackles of shame and fear. A very honorable and lofty ideal. In a humane environment, everyone is entitled to the ability and the basic right to live their lives being themselves.

The theory behind this observance is that by acknowledging one’s sexuality, it increases one’s mental health and self-image. It strengthens GLBT visibility and solidarity. This stepping out of the proverbial closet empowers others to do the same and makes it easier for same gender loving youth to take this bold move toward self-acceptance and personal pride. It implies a sense of social responsibility. These actions help remove the stigma and disgrace, imposed by society, often felt by a person when they realize that they are, indeed, gay.

During the early years of the movement for GLBT civil rights and full equality, Coming Out Day was essential in the building of community and in affording the same gender loving people a sense of belonging and identity. At this time, many persons were disowned, ostracized and shunned by their biological families when learning that their relative is gay/lesbian/bisexual. This newly formed movement allowed these people to create artificial families to replace the one that cast them aside. This, in turn, fostered a communal bond that often superseded the old familial model and others traditionally associated with society, such as religious, civic and social organizations.

Coming Out Day became somewhat of a rite-of-passage for the GLBT culture. Often, new friends exchanged their coming out stories as a part of their introduction to one another. A novel social ritual to replace the conventions of a broader society that felt disdain towards them and marginalized them.

Advances in GLBT equality causes and the AIDS pandemic raised awareness and gradual acceptance of the same gender loving community within the society. Now, coming out is no longer the traumatic event it was once considered. For the most part, being gay no longer carries the stigma formerly associated with it. In many cases, it is regarded as just another component of the general human condition.

My own coming out experience, if it was indeed that, was in no way dramatic or stressful. It barely caused a raised eyebrow within my extended family circle. I know my situation was unique; my oldest brother came out to our family his last year in high school, so he basically paved the way for Alex, my identical twin brother and I to do the same. We attended a residential school for the Deaf in a different part of our home state and inadvertently came out to our parents and remaining brothers when Twin (Alex) innocently mailed a photograph of us with our school dance dates, four guys, coat and ties and each of us wearing a flower in our lapel. In the enclosed letter, Alex simply wrote: here’s a picture of Tino (as I’m called by my family) and his date, “X,” and my date, “Y,” with me.  That was it. No follow-up information and no questions from the family.

Later, Mama did ask in a note if either of our “friends” were coming home with us over the autumn holiday from school. Aside from a few nonchalant comments from several of our many brothers, nothing else happened. Everyone took this revelation in stride and went on with their lives. In fact, the only member of our immediate family who overplayed the matter was our oldest brother, himself gay. He was being supportive but nonetheless bombarded us with questions.


This unspectacular personal experience and recent developments within society have made me wonder if Coming Out Day is even relevant anymore. Attitudes towards same and dual gender loving people may not be perfect but they are more tolerant than ten years ago and beyond. There are legal protections guaranteeing equality, at least in theory, for GLBT persons. True, attitudes shift gradually and do not automatically end hate and prejudice. Laws don’t prevent discrimination and exclusion, they only make those actions illegal. Still, we are better off today than we’ve ever been before in history.

For example, just this week, on Monday, October 6, 2014, the United States Supreme Court refused to entertain arguments challenging three federal appellate courts decisions voiding marriage equality bans in five different states. This refusal allows the appellate court verdicts to stand and same gender marriage is now legal in all five states, including my home, the Commonwealth of Virginia. In this state, marriage licenses were being issued to GLBT couples as early as 1:00 p.m., the same day of the announcement.

The popular adage that one question causes another accurately applies here as the above thought begs the question whether coming out is even necessary in this moderately progressive social environment. What makes it incumbent upon same gender loving people to declare their orientation identity when others do not. I don’t know of anyone who announces, privately or publicly, that they are opposite gender loving (heterosexual or straight). They are assumed to be and just go about with their daily routine, being themselves. The same expectation and freedom should apply to GLBT persons as well. It’s true that we are all different and unique as individuals no matter who we love. But the object of our affection doesn’t imply or warrant special consideration.

Social media has drastically changed how we live and interact with each other. It revolutionized how we socialize and form relationships. It is an innovation-in-progress that hasn’t yet reached its potential. The act of disclosing sexuality never followed a standard formula applicable for everyone and technology now provides options previously unimaginable.

Coming out of the closet about sexual orientation always has and should remain an personal choice. We don’t have to walk hand-in-hand but rather respect one another’s situation. Some need the process as a rite-of-passage. Others may use it for affirmation. There are those who view it as an act of love, a gift to family and friends. A few may choose to see it as superfluous, irrelevant and by-pass the process entirely. Then there are the remarkable ones who have no need to even think about it as they have lived their entire lives, unashamed, outside any type of closet.

The reasons for coming out or for not doing so are as many as the numbers of persons in the GLBT population. No one should be involuntarily forced to share their orientation identity. The only exception to this confidentiality practice is in the case of elected officials, civic leaders and clergypersons. If the public words are disrespectful and homophobic and the private actions reveal a different story, then by all means disclose the truth. Hypocrisy violates the public trust. The offender made the conscious choice to live in the spotlight. He/she is accountable and needs to suffer the consequences.

As there is no uniform procedure for coming out, there is also no universal time-frame. Everyone knows their own comfort level. The process, if it’s even necessary, occurs only when the person is ready for it to happen. The timing, like participation in the act, is based on self-determination and not mandatory compliance.

Since the 1980s, when Coming Out Day began, it was and remains controversial, emotional, personal and political. I am no authority on the process. As far as I know, there are no “etched-in-stone” policies governing the action. It’s an individual decision. I’m merely offering my observations here so others can reach their own conclusions. I don’t have all the answers nor do I know of anyone who does.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!




Today is a highly unusual one for me. This is my second publication here on A Guy Without Boxers. Not to worry, I don’t intend to make it a habit!

One of the many blogs that I regularly follow is  No Nonsense With Nuwan Sen. (Click to view). Not surprisingly, it’s written by Nuwan Sen. The theme for this site is culture and entertainment. On September 9, of this year, Nuwan announced his sponsorship of a blogathon of “Essential 60s” movies. He invited the participation of other blog authors. I decided to be a part of this online event. The criteria being to review a film featuring a setting in the 1960s. I’ve never written a motion picture review in my entire life.

I chose the movie, The Boys In The Band, a motion picture showing Hollywood’s interpretation of gay life during this decade. Please scroll down your screen to my previous post or click here.

As a blogger who is committed to the ideal of cooperation between site authors, I felt it my duty not only to comply but to encourage the spirit of teamwork among the blogging community. My philosophy is that we don’t have to agree on every issue in order to work together. No two people always think alike. Building bridges to link us is often easier than constructing insurmountable walls to separate us.

Occasionally here on A Guy Without Boxers, I’ve incorporated the information and thoughts from other blogs into my postings, always linking to the source, especially as it relates to the themes of same gender loving life and social nudity. I’ve also used the methods of interviews and guest blogger posts to share experiences and perspectives. Please check out my Page of Fame: Dare 2 Bare for a list of interview subjects and guest bloggers. I use these tools as an opportunity to introduce readers and visitors here to different and new concepts and writers.

When offered the chance to collaborate with another blogger as well as try a new challenge (movie review), I couldn’t resist the temptation. Hopefully, my fellow bloggers will continue to do the same. Working as a team enhances all of our online journals. Now, if I can convince Nuwan Sen to send a nude photo of himself, I can add him to the Page of Fame (serious hint)!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


The Essential 60s Blogathon



Production: The Boys In The Band is the first American major film to deal directly with the subject of homosexuality (as it was then often called) where the leading characters actually referred to themselves as homosexuals. It was released in early 1970, directed by William Friedkin and produced by Matt Crowley, Kenneth Litt, Dominick Dunne and Robert Jiras. The screenplay is written by Matt Crowley and is based on his off-Broadway play by the same name.

The movies features Kenneth Nelson (Michael), Leonard Frey (Harold), Cliff Gorman (Emory), Laurence Luckinbill (Hank), Frederick Combs (Donald), Keith Prentice (Larry), Robert La Tourneaux (Cowboy Tex), Reuben Greene (Bernard) and Peter White (Alan), as the token and presumed heterosexual. The leading actors are all members of the original off-Broadway cast. The running time is approximately 2 hours.

Plot: The setting for The Boys In The Band is in New York City (Manhattan) in the latter-half of the 1960s decade. It is definitely the post-hippie period and obviously pre-Stonewall Riots/gay liberation. Michael is an alcoholic-in-recovery who is hosting a birthday party for his best friend, Harold. As the guests arrive, the atmosphere is upbeat and festive until Alan enters the apartment. Then, the mood dampens and tensions mount as most were unaware of his inclusion.

Next Cowboy Tex, a male rent boy (escort, male prostitute) and a “surprise gift” for Harold comes on the scene and harsh words are exchanged between Emory (who hired him) and Alan. Michael, unable to cope with all the animosity, begins drinking again and the arguing among the guests escalates. At this point, Harold makes a classic and flamboyant entrance for the party in his honor and the drama boils over into turmoil. As the party disintegrates and the guests depart, the movies ends with Michael drunkenly sobbing his misery to Donald. Being same gender loving in the 1960s is evidently no fun-filled picnic.

Review: I received The Boys In The Band CD as a gift several years ago and it remained in its original commercial packaging until opened to review three weeks ago for this blogathon. I had always wanted to see it (it was filmed before my time) but never had the occasion to do so. Initially, I was shocked and upset at the way it portrayed gay/same gender loving/queer men (homosexuals). They are all weak, effeminate, mentally unbalanced and so stereotypically miserable and self-hating.

I watched the movie an additional three times before I started to appreciate its significance. After all, it is the first time Hollywood ever broached this taboo topic with a serious and open major motion picture. That, alone, warrants viewing. The Boys In The Band is not only trail-blazing, it is also historical queer cinema.

When seen in this context, it loses most of the anger and revulsion I originally felt. During this era, that was the way most people needed to see the homosexual. A class of people who had to be both despised and pitied, even hated. Society, at that time, couldn’t conceive of them in any other fashion. To show them otherwise would equate them as human and that was unimaginable. The theme of this movie was controversial enough by itself without bestowing any likeable attributes to their character.

Despite the archaic and stereotypical depiction of GLBT culture in The Boys In The Band, I believe the film does offer merits. It brought the discussion of homosexuality into the national and international dialogue. It introduced a new genre into the film industry, thus giving the same gender loving community visibility. In some ways, it helped to energize and fuel the new gay liberation movement that eventually changed the way society perceived the same gender loving people. It furthered the cause of equality and human rights.

Regardless of its faults and flaws, it has produced benefits. It is worthwhile to view, at least once.

The Essential 60s Blogathon Host: Nuwan Sen

Site: The Essential 60s Blogathon


October Pic-Say: Awareness Campaigns


Support is the embrace, equilibrium and balance that we offer to each other, without qualification or constraint. It is freely given out of both love and respect. It doesn’t demand or expect reciprocity. It is our gift. It is our hope for a better future and for a better world. It’s the comfort and consolation that we share. Support is often our tribute, our salutation and our joy. It is our congratulations on achievement.

The month of October is when we all acknowledge a few of the many causes, celebrations, concerns and cultures that are cited and observed during this time. It’s an occasion to honor every one of those who have woven their many diverse threads into the fabric of this nation’s tapestry. We are, as a society, enriched through all of their efforts and contributions.

A Guy Without Boxers features this pic-say (pictorial essay: a reliance on images as opposed to text) in gratitude to just a handful of  initiatives happening this month. These few are offered in validation of all the many worthy efforts highlighted during October, too numerous to list here. From the legendary ride of Lady Godiva through the streets of Coventry, England, during the Middle Ages to the many World Naked Bike Rides taking place in cities all over the world today, nudity is used to raise public awareness of many issues. It is only appropriate the same is true here. Our clothing freedom represents our human vulnerability.


October: Hispanic Heritage Celebration Month


This event is the first listed as it begins in mid-September and ends in mid-October, annually. It honors the multitude of contributions made by persons whose ancestors hail from the many nations of Central, South and Caribbean America. Gracias, Amigos!



October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Wear Pink In Support of the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Join the fight for all those striving to survive.

Join the fight in finding a cure.

Join the fight and visit he link below:

Breast Cancer Awareness




October: Differing Abilities Employment Opportunities Month


There are many different ways we all complete our tasks.

The term differing ability is both empowering and enabling. It is positive and implies resourcefulness. The term disability is both demeaning and restrictive. It is negative and implies weakness. All of us have skills and talents in which we excel. Some of us perform these differently from others.

This event is sponsored nationally by the U. S. Department of Labor. The theme for this year is: Expect. Employ. Empower. For more information, visit their site: ODEP/About.




October: GLBT History Month


Since 2006, October honors the accomplishments of members of the GLBT community throughout this country’s history. Long-neglected, it is an opportunity for this group to promote itself to others as well as its’ own population. For more information as well as biographies and videos on the 2014 honorees, visit the website: 2014 GLBT History Month.




Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


End of September, 2014


Bottoms Up!

End of September, 2014

This month is ending and along with it, the last days of the 2014 Summertime. The temperatures outside are moderating and the hours of daylight are shrinking. Both sure signs that autumn is approaching and sooner than most of us like. We’re powerless to alter the seasonal changes or to halt the progress of the months throughout the calendar. The only option remaining is to pay tribute to their passing.

Two Bottom’s Up! photos are offered honoring the End of September. A third bonus posting belatedly commemorates the End of Summer.


This sandy Bottom’s Up! couple (above) observes the autumn sun setting on the month of September, 2014.


Goodbye, Summer! Thank you for the memories!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!




Two years ago, during the late summer, 2012, H.R.H. Prince Henry (Harry) of Wales was the center of media attention (all mediums: print, broadcast and social) when he was secretly photographed nude by guests in his hotel suite while staying in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The royal grandson of H. M. Queen Elizabeth II, on a private visit promoting a charity, was captured without clothes and without his permission. The very foundations of monarchy of the United Kingdom, assorted realms, territories and dominions of the British Commonwealth reverberated from the sensation. Not even the prestige of the Crown offered protection from exposure. Legal representatives of the Royal Family succeeded in having the offending images of the prince banned from publication in the UK but were powerless to prevent their transmission via social media. Note: The above image is NOT Prince Harry.

shemar11__oPtFour years earlier, Hollywood film actor, television star and mega-model Shemar Moore (left) was photographed by strangers while enjoying a visit at a clothing-optional public beach in California, USA. Although not as earth-shattering and sensational as the bare princeling, these pictures did create a short-lived publicity frenzy in all the media outlets. Perhaps this is due to Moore’s reaction to being internationally exposed while totally naked. He shrugged the incident aside and offered no apology. He didn’t threaten any legal action.

Instead, he acknowledged having a life-long curiosity about relaxing with friends on a nude beach. He admitted to being comfortable with the experience, finding it positive and willingly offered that he would return, and soon. He stated that he had no shame over his nudity. He added that he was completely unaware of any cameras nearby. A dignified and mature response from Shemar Moore that helped put the entire issue to rest, at once and for all.

Several months after the Prince Harry incident, Puerto Rican-born vocal entertainer, Ricky Martin (below), was unknowingly photographed by a fan while nakationing on a nude beach on his native island. Although he did have a brief conversation and signed an autograph for the individual after the picture was taken, Martin wasn’t aware of the photo until it appeared publicly a few days later. Once again, a casual admission to frequenting naked destinations and the absence of protests curtailed any potential media explosion surrounding the publication. Almost a year later, when asked by a reporter, Martin replied that he continues to enjoy social nudity.


The above instances represent an increasing public fascination with celebrity nudity. In all three cases, the subjects were surreptitiously photographed by others without their consent. The pictures of H.R.H Prince Henry were omitted due to the Royal Family’s objections. The ones of Shemar Moore and Ricky Martin were included as both expressed no opposition after the circulation of their images and no regrets of their nudity. Neither sought legal recourse to restrict photo use.

Approximately a year ago, an aspiring Hollywood actress posted to her Twitter account a picture of herself nude. After it appeared online, she explained that it was an accident while owning the fact that it was her fault, her mistake. Few believed her excuse but her accepting responsibility kept the story from going viral.

Earlier this month, a nude selfie scandal erupted. An iCloud leak allowed a number of celebrity actresses’ and model’s phones to be hacked into and their naked and almost-naked selfies posted online, illegally. Victim’s include Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Lea Michelle and Victoria Justice, among others. Almost all have, at the very least, threatened legal action. The U. S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has launched a probe into the matter.

All this raises the issues of nudity, privacy, the internet and the public’s right-to-know, as well as numerous related legalities. The circumstances may vary, such as Prince Harry should have known better than to strip in front of strangers, Shemar Moore and Ricky Martin were both sighted nude on a public beach, the actress who mistakenly posted to Twitter should have been careful and, finally, the violated celebrities voluntarily saved their nudies to iCloud, the underlying concerns are similar. The limits of individual rights, public domain and public access. Unfortunately, there are no immediate answers and no prospect of resolution within the forseeable future.


Hacking is and should remain illegal throughout the world. It is the same as breaking into and unauthorized entry. It is stealing. That’s probably the only relevant subject that the overwhelming majority of people agree. Aside from that, opinions on the rest of the related topics are as many as the number of persons involved. It is pointless to even attempt to offer any resolution here on A Guy Without Boxers. One choice that is not viable is the banning of nude selfies. Naturist/nudist people have right, too.

My partner, Aaron, and I have had many discussions on these exact issues and situations many times, long before the most recent incident. We’re both practicing social nudists who enjoy amateur photography so the matter is important to us. Neither one of us agrees completely with the others’ view on this. Aaron prefers to strictly monitor who sees pictures of his nakedness and controls who has access to them. He’s very selective as to who is allowed to photograph him when nude. To date, he hasn’t permitted me to share any images of his full nudity, either frontal or rear, on my blog, even though I have hundreds of them. This isn’t about modesty (he most definitely is not) but it is about ownership. I respect his wishes.

I’m the opposite. As an obscure personage on the internet, I’m not as protective of my nudity. When approached on a clothing-optional beach by others in swimsuits, I have no objection to posing naked with them (this sometimes bothers Aaron). I don’t mind friends taking pictures of me and frequently publish images of my nakedness on A Guy Without Boxers. My philosophy is that as a nude advocate, I am a hypocrite and lack credibility if I don’t. Aaron understands this.

For readers here who have fears on the security of their nude photographs, I offer a suggestion for safeguarding their privacy. On this solution, both Aaron and I agree totally. We don’t use our mobile communication apparatus to take pictures. We don’t store images on our laptops or our desktop. We don’t upload photos to an offsite storage program. All of these options are at danger of being hacked.

Instead, we use only our cameras for taking pictures. We upload the pictures directly from the camera memory card onto a USB device or memory stick. These are never left in either the laptop or desktop and are only used when dealing with printing or publishing. This reduces their availability for hacking. It’s true there’s no foolproof guarantee of 100% safety. However, we both recognize that a risk-reduction routine is better than no strategy at all.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!





Last Full Day of Summer, 2014


Today, Monday, September 22, 2014, is the last full day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

Plan to do something today that will make it special for you. I intend to do the same for Aaron and myself. For me, it’s important to mark the passing of yet another personal favorite season of the year. Like all the past summers in my life, it was over almost as soon as it began.

I used to mourn the end of summer. Sometimes, I would enter a state of depression that could last for days. I was irritable, lethargic, lifeless and sad. I had no energy and no appetite. The simple process of preparing to go into my job would leave me exhausted. This episode occasionally lasted as long as two weeks.

My late boyfriend, Moh, who died in 2002, once offered me a thought on the ending of summer. He explained: You have to have a winter before you enjoy another summer. Of course, I knew this. I just needed someone to lovingly remind me. Moh had wisdom that surpassed his years.

Six years ago, when my current partner, Aaron, and I underwent our first summer-to-autumn transition, he shared with me the following quotation. That’s just one of the multitude of aspects that I love about Aaron. He has a special quote for practically every event or situation.

~”In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”~ Albert Camus 

Even though I continue to feel a sense of sadness over the passing of this time of year, it is no longer as traumatic as in the past. My enlightenment has made it easier to accept and tolerate. I now try to focus on celebrating as opposed to grieving the change.

Hopefully, this new attitude will stay with me this year as we progress from one season into the next. I never know, from year-to-year, whether it will work or not. Survival and recovery is the only real measurement in this situation.

As the Autumn Equinox approached this year, I was overcome with a sensation of dread and foreboding that I have not had in a while. That’s why I adopted a two-step approach in coping with this predicament. As I mentioned above, Aaron and I made special plans for today. But I felt the need for something extra. A boost for both morale and attitude adjustment.


A unique opportunity presented itself through A Guy Without Boxers. I recently met electronically a fellow blogger on WordPress. He shared his interest in exploring social nudity. He lives the Washington, DC, metropolitan area and I offered an invitation to join me in a nude excursion the last weekend of the summer. He accepted and on the final Saturday (September 20) of this season, we met and spent almost five hours totally clothes-free (except for periodically walking around in flip-flop style sandals) on a gorgeous afternoon along a peaceful riverside.

This natural interlude lifted my sagging spirits. It helped my soul to celebrate and mentor the entrance of another into the world of nudity. It eased my acceptance of the arrival of yet one more autumn.

An ideal way to bid farewell to another wonderful summer. A perfect way to welcome another new, nude friend.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!





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