Skinny-Dipping, 2014


With only one weekend remaining of the official summer, 2014, time is running out for a chance to skinny-dip (swim naked) this year. If you haven’t indulged in this traditional seasonal ritual yet, it’s now or never before it becomes an opportunity lost, forever. Grab your camera,  join in the fun and avoid any regrets later. To view my post on skinny-dipping from last summer, click the title: Queen Victoria: Skinny-Dipping Mama!

Like most people, when I think of skinny-dipping, the above scene, or one similar, comes to mind. A hot summer day, humid, without the hint of a cloud visible in the sky. A group of people, racing to a body of water, stripping off their clothes in a mad dash to become the first one to reach the lake, river or other water source. Everyone completely naked long before they even reach the shoreline and relief from the heat. All carefree and fun-loving.

This is the life. Moments such as these are the ones that bind all our summers together. Tales reliving this skinny-dipping adventure will be shared among friends throughout the barren, cold days of winter. Memories of this day will fuel the dreams of the summer to follow.

If there is, indeed, a grand scheme for our universe, then skinny-dipping is an essential component of that plan. It is one of the most gratifying and satisfying experiences imaginable. Ask anyone who’s ever indulged. It’s nothing less than exhilarating.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of skinny-dipping is its’ universal simplicity. It doesn’t require any expensive equipment or elaborate playing space. All that’s necessary is a body of water and at least one item of clothing, usually a pair of jeans or shorts, that is soon discarded. There is only one basic rule, the same world-wide: the skinny-dippers must all be bare-ass naked. It is so easy.

In fact, not even a towel is needed. Since skinny-dipping is usually a spontaneous decision, most potential participants are totally unprepared. Generally, most swimmers dry off in the heat and sunlight afterwards, basking in their natural glory and feeling of accomplishment.

Because of the spurious nature of skinny-dipping, there’s little, if any, time for the apprehension and nervousness that sometimes accompanies other social naturist/nudist events or functions. For many, it often serves as an “Introduction to Nudity.” A first look and celebration of the clothes-free world.

~ That day, they jumped into the river together. It was hot and nobody needed any clothes.~ Mark Twain

Personally, skinny-dipping is a true equalizer, an even aquatic “playing field.” There’s no prestige or status on parade here. No swimsuits involved, no judgments, therefore, no concern over the latest style or designer labels. The only way to “dress to impress” here is by wearing a friendly smile. It’s all skin, created naturally. All honest, open and it’s all beautiful.

I find this activity, like nudity, very liberating. Total freedom from all and any confining or restricting garments. It’s relaxing, refreshing and renewing. The simple act of skinny-dipping is similar to the washing away of all the concerns and stress of the world and leaving me rejuvenated and exuberant, especially as I experience it in the company of my friends. A calming moment on a sultry summer’s day. The epitome of the proverbial sea of tranquility in a confusing and turbulent universe.

It’s also extremely empowering, offering a sense of accomplishment and adventure on a steamy summer afternoon (or evening). My buddies (co-conspirators) and I doing something that is daring, forbidden and taboo, yet having fun at the same time. The sheer boldness of our open nakedness and camaraderie forging both a bond and a memory that we’ll share for an eternity. Customarily, skinny-dipping takes place in a location where it is not supposed to occur. The challenge of the entire episode is in not getting caught. We’re all doing something we’re just not supposed to do. This is what attracts my spirit of defiance and rebelliousness. A throw-back to the worldly innocence of those insolent teenage years. A chance to revisit a part of our spent youth.

“What happens in ‘Vegas’ stays in ‘Vegas'” may be true for the casino crowd, but this moment in time belongs to us – the skinny-dipping crew. Our motto is: “Let’s all strip and skinny-dip!” That slogan says it all,

If possible, before this summer ends, get out and create your own excitement and thrills. No commercial amusement park is necessary. Find your friends, everyone becomes naked and skinny-dip while there’s still time and comfortable outdoor temperatures. The cost is minimal, if not negligible. The memories and the pleasures last a lifetime. There’s no better bargain, anywhere. There’s no better fun under the sun.


Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


Nude Security


There is a dilemma that is particular to men who prefer to socialize clothes-free. Short of wearing a military utility vest or a construction utility belt, what to do with your essential valuables (wallet, keys, cash or credit cards) when attending a nude event, either indoors or outside. Seeing as how we’re naked, obviously we don’t have the luxury of pockets to store all our basic necessities.

The military vest is just too concealing and confining. The same is true for a construction tool belt. They’re both too awkward, too cumbersome. Nudity is supposed to be about freedom and transparency. When we’re relaxing in a comfortable setting with friends, no one wants to be burdened with unnecessary reminders of the textile world, a world we all live in daily and are trying to escape for a few brief hours of camaraderie and fellowship.

These and similar functional paraphernalia may be novel ideas for costumes at a nude Halloween party. They allow for maximum exposure and, as in most disguises, are tolerable for a short amount of time. Just remember to leave the hammers and hand grenades at home.


A back-pack, carry-on piece of luggage, messenger bag or satchel is great for a day at the beach, pool, lake or whatever. A back-pack, especially, is ideal for naked hiking and nude cycling activities. They’re large enough for bringing along a blanket, towel, snacks, water and other supplies and can be used to pack any clothing that needs to be put away when the other contents are in use. Most are equipped with multiple compartments that are perfect for storing valuables in a specific area. All of the above were designed to be utilitarian, mobile and convenient.

Although these aren’t as uncomfortable as vests, belts, etc., they may create clutter at an indoor gathering. In a confined setting such as a home or apartment, where space is limited, they can restrict movement, depending on the number of guests. Some hosts use a designated room, such a spare bedroom, reading room, etc., for friends to store their possessions. Once again, space becomes a problem if the party is large and the designated area is used for both changing and storage. This problem is solved if the host monitors the situation and makes sure the items are stacked in an orderly manner and accessible. Lining these neatly, parallel to a wall, ensures that each owner is able to identify his bag.

A friend of ours once distributed a medium-sized plastic trash bag for each of his guests to use to put their clothing and essentials. That was considerate until it came time for everyone to leave. Then the mad rush began as we all had to sift through identical bags to see which bag belonged to what person. Not very efficient and not very secure. The bags, because they were plastic, had a tendency to slide and slip.

I recommend keeping wallets, mobile communication devices and other hard-to-replace valuables stored out-of-sight, locked inside a vehicle, if possible. Extra keys, such as home and office, the same. I only keep with me my car key and fob. If this isn’t feasible, then keep the wallet and phone inside pockets and roll up and place inside the messenger bag, etc.

Invariably, car keys become separated from possessions, no matter the style of the storage unit. This is perhaps as much to blame on human nature being what it is as much as the type of back-pack, bag, satchel, etc. Many are simply focusing on the festivities ahead and not thinking about where their essentials are placed. Below are a few practical suggestions for securing valuables during a nude social function.


The Lanyard: This simple solution is nothing more than a loop of sturdy material that is attached to the basic key-ring. It can be worn around the neck or across the shoulder, as I am doing here. The key can dangle either in front, to the side or in the back. The lanyard keeps the car key with the owner at all times. It prevents it from being misplaced. This tool is very comfortable and when holding a single key and fob, is lightweight and unobtrusive.

The lanyard is available in varying lengths and if it is too long, can be double-looped to suit the user. Another advantage to this option is that if a locker is available for storage, the locker key can be added to the key ring without the addition of excess weight. A caution needs to be offered here. The lanyard may sometimes become caught or entangled on a protruding object. Awareness of this eliminates an inadvertent disaster from happening that could be both embarrassing and inconvenient.

valueIDLBJ The Identification Holder: There is probably a better name for this suggestion, however, if there is, I am unaware of it. The concept behind this choice is almost identical to that of the lanyard (above). The extra feature is a pouch to place personal identification and a credit or debit card. There is also a key ring for an automobile key and fob. It may be worn in either the front, the back or to the side. The style I’m wearing here is made of leather with a flap that can be raised to display the photo ID. The flap helps to prevent the cards from accidentally sliding out the pouch. They’re also available in plastic and other materials. The identification holder is virtually weightless and wearing it means that it won’t be forgotten or lost (unless it’s removed). Again, remain alert to any objects that may encumber movement or snagging the identification holder.

My ID holder is used when I workout at my local gym as well as for when I attend “nude happy hour” events at a local same gender loving club. It’s useful for  when nakationing at a clothing-optional resort.


The Fanny Pack: That’s it! It’s no more than a pouch on a belt with zippers. It’s a versatile and convenient receptacle for both nudists and textiles (clothes-wearers) alike. I’m surprised this creation wasn’t designed centuries ago, it’s so simple, it defies rocket science. Depending on the amount of weight a person is willing to carry, the fanny-pack is capable of storing several small items in addition to keys and identification. It will contain a wallet, camera or a communication device.

Sometimes referred to as a “butt-pack” or “hipster” (among others), the fanny-pack comes in a variety of styles and is made from numerous materials (canvas, leather, nylon, etc.) or combinations thereof. Like the other recommendations above, it can be worn front, back or on the hip (side). At the beach, I’ve seen several men double their fanny-packs, opting to wear one on the left hip and the other on their right hip.

Thank you, Dontae, author of Me Sardonic, Me Sarcastic, (click to view) for this suggestion!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


The above images of the author are not to be reproduced without prior permission.








Most people remember where they were and what they were doing as the airplanes crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center and into the Pentagon on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. As for me, I recall where I was not (home) and what I was not doing (inhaling fumes from burning jet fuel). At the time, I was living in an apartment in Arlington, Virginia, USA, with my balcony overlooking the Pentagon.

As I usually publish A Guy Without Boxers on Mondays and Thursdays, I was conflicted about what I should post here today, Thursday, September 11, 2014. Should I write something meaningless and trivial compared to the events of that fateful day? Should I compose a tribute to heroism and sacrifice? I opted, instead, for a personal perspective on the tragedy.

There was nothing extraordinary about that early morning. I was at my gym. I’d finished my regular workout routine and was doing my laps around the indoor track when an image on one of the many TV screens caught my eye. It was of a plane flying directly into a skyscraper. Thinking it as nothing more than a trailer for some upcoming Hollywood blockbuster, I gave it no more thought. Completing my final lap, I got my valuables from my locker and left to go home, shower and dress for work.

Almost immediately, I noticed an abnormal traffic pattern. Instead of the heaviest travel being north towards Washington, DC, the opposite was happening. It seemed as though everyone was trying to escape the city. All northbound vehicles slowed to a snail’s pace and soon I saw the reason. Heavy dark smoke was billowing on the horizon in north Arlington, near where I lived.

By this time, vehicles were now crawling. At the same time, I saw throngs of people on the sidewalks, walking away from the city. Their facial expressions were solemn and I detected an unusually high number of people in military and naval uniforms in their midst. All on foot. It was then that I realized that something devastating had occurred at either the Pentagon or Ft. Myer, adjacent to it.

I decided to get off the major street I was travelling on and take residential back roads in order to reach home. The traffic here was heavier than usual but at least it was moving and not at a virtual standstill. I had covered perhaps four or five blocks and approached an intersection where I saw emergency responders, vehicle lights flashing, redirecting all cars. No one was being admitted beyond this roadblock.


I became aware of an offensive stench in the air as the slight breeze shifted in my direction. This was soon followed by a profuse watering in my eyes. These two sensations confirmed in my mind that some very serious unnatural disaster had occurred. Obviously, going home wasn’t an option for me. At least, not at this time.

Taking stock of my location and situation, I realized that I was perhaps ten blocks from my local chapter of the American Red Cross. As a volunteer instructor-trainer there, holding endorsements in four different curriculums, I was familiar with the chapter’s disaster response efforts. I figured with what was going on all around me, they just may need my help. I decided it would be more time-efficient if I walked to the building housing the organization rather than driving. I parked my car and began my journey.

Arriving at the Red Cross, I immediately signed the volunteer register and explained that I was there to give any assistance I could provide. I was sent to one of the classrooms where emergency supplies (water, bandages, sanitizing wipes, snacks, etc.) were being organized. I was surprised to see only two other volunteers there. Evidently, I was not the only one being challenged by the traffic.

As I entered the work area, one of the first things that caught my eye was the clock. I had left my gym around 8:20 a.m. that morning. It was now almost 12:30 p.m. A total of four hours. In that time, I had travelled barely five miles (a little over seven kilometers). I had no idea that much time had lapsed.

The classroom held a large-screen television that carried live and ongoing reports of the unfolding events of the day. Even though the captioning of real-time news was sub-standard at best, the images onscreen along with the dysfunctional text soon afforded me a fairly accurate account on what was happening around me and in New York City. I now understood the full horror of the calamity of what had befallen this country.

Several volunteers began to trickle in and joined us in the task of assembling emergency kits. It didn’t take us long in collecting the boxes of supplies and load two Red Cross cargo vans. One would deliver to the first responders at the Pentagon and the other, containing personal hygiene items in addition to water and snacks, for distribution to those displaced from their homes by the wreckage. It was then that it occurred to me I fell into this category.

I spent another hour or so at the Red Cross, cleaning up and helping with other assorted chores. Assured by the staff that there were nothing else left to be done, at least, for that day, I decided to retrieve my car and find a hotel for the night. I also needed a meal, having eaten nothing since before my workout that morning.

Leaving the building at what, on any other workday, would have been the height of the evening rush hour traffic, I noticed that the streets and sidewalks were practically deserted. In stark contrast to the scene some five hours earlier. The ground byways may be empty, but the skies were congested with military helicopters, all on patrol. Government and society must continue. Life goes on.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


Don’t You Ever…


Under most normal conditions (plus more than a few abnormal ones), I am an easy-going and good-natured man. I try to be optimistic and positive at all times. My preferred outlook: the proverbial glass is half-full as opposed to being half-empty. Alex, my identical twin brother (also Deaf, gay and nudist) is the same. There are far too many unhappy and unpleasant people in the world for us to add to the crowd.

All this changed in one incident a little over a week ago. Life got ugly for the two happy-go-lucky Poladopoulos kids. They, in turn, got ugly, too. It was not a pretty sight to behold.

On Thursday, August 28, we left the Washington, DC, metropolitan area en route to our Labor Day weekend clothing-optional beach destination in northern New Jersey. Aaron drove us in his car and Twin and his partner, Sudhir (who is Hard-of-Hearing and wears two over-the-ear hearing aids), followed behind us in their SUV. I need to add here that both of Sudhir’s hearing aids have bright pink ear-molds, to contrast with his dark skin (his family are from India). He chose this color so people would notice them and understand his condition.

Prior to leaving, we agreed to stop for a light lunch once we’d reached the New Jersey Turnpike, about halfway through our trip. David, Aaron’s brother, would arrive later that evening at our hotel and join us all for dinner.

In the parking lot of the restaurant we’d agreed upon, we congregated. As we walked to the eatery doorway, Sudhir began a description of what the couple in a compact car they’d passed were doing while speeding along the highway. We all laughed in disbelief and commented on other possibilities. Note: people in compact cars should be careful as to what body parts they massage. Higher sitting SUV passengers have a full view. As it was just he four of us, he was relaying this tale using American Sign Language (ASL), our common means of communication.

Entering the lobby, we immediately approached the host/hostess station to be seated. Twin was leading us in, holding up his fingers indicating “four,” the number in our party. Sudhir then resumed his story, still in ASL.

After seating us, the host commented to our server, standing several tables away from us: They’re Deaf, you may want to bring an extra pen and writing paper. Aaron interrupted Sudhir to tell Twin and me. Not the most tactful communication but innocuous and harmless. Almost immediately, both Aaron’s and Sudhir’s heads snapped around. Twin and I noticed this, as well as the reaction of the diners seated around us.

Aaron interpreted our server’s response to the host’s advice: Jesus! I don’t have the patience for this! Why don’t “those” people just stay home! Sudhir then added that this was said in a very loud voice, hence the attention from those seated near us. All four of us were shocked by this outburst.

When she finally came to where we were sitting to take our orders, there was no smile or wave as a greeting. She merely plopped a pen and writing pad onto the table. It was then that Aaron looked at her and said: Not all of us are Deaf. I heard your comment, as did my friend here (nodding towards Sudhir). The server gave no indication of being embarrassed or sorry for her rudeness. Instead, she told Aaron and Sudhir: Oh, I didn’t know “normal” people could talk Deaf.

After we had all placed our lunch order, Sudhir excused himself to speak to the manager-on-duty, complaining about our treatment. That was when Aaron informed Twin and I about our server’s second offense. We were both incensed. Was this bitch completely stupid? This particular restaurant is part of a national franchise. It is a little over a mile off a major interstate thoroughfare. There is no way in hell that we could be her first Deaf customers. In fact, we’d eaten here several times before and never treated like this.

Sudhir returned after sharing his (and our) displeasure over these discourtesies. The shift manager extended management’s apologies to all of us and assured us the issue would be addressed appropriately. As a good-faith gesture to compensate us for our inconvenience, we would each receive a complimentary dessert with our meal for this visit and a $20.00 gift card (per person) for our next visit. Although this effort didn’t erase this incident from memory, we all appreciated the offering.

During our meal, the quality of service from our waitress was one of indifference. She never smiled while serving us and never showed any sign of regret or remorse for her unprofessional behavior. There was no note or message of apology or responsibility. Obviously, someone had told her of our disappointment and disgust with her actions. When she brought the dessert menu to us, she never said to either Aaron or Sudhir that our selections were free, courtesy of the manager.

Along with our desserts, she gave us our bill. I immediately noticed an error. We had not been charged for our desserts, nor had we been billed for our beverages. When I brought this to her attention, she jerked the bill out of my hand and abruptly turned and walked away. Not even a “thank you” for noticing her mistake.

That was it. I’d had enough rudeness for one meal (actually, for an entire month of meals).

When she returned with my credit card and the corrected check, I knew a lesson was in order. After all, “money talks.” On the line where gratuity is indicated, I placed the numeral zero and drew an arrow to the bottom of the receipt. There, I wrote: Since you feel all of us should just “stay home,” you get your wish. Your gratuity did just as you wanted.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


High Five, Bare Bear


A Guy Without Boxers

salutes all our naturist/nudist brothers who allow their body hair to grow, naturally.

It’s time, once again, for A Guy Without Boxers to pay homage to and recognize all our male buddies who sprout their hirsuteness with pride, no matter how thick (bushy) or sparse. These are the men who put masculine into the word, masculinity. Thank you!

My Lebanese blogging friend, Closet Conflicts, offers two entertaining and insightful looks at the bear culture in our same gender loving community. The first is Subearstitions: 6 Misconceptions About Bear Culture, the second, My Adventures on Growlr, Part 3. Click on the individual title to view each one. They’re among the best descriptions on bear life that I’ve seen: informative but uncomplicated.


My naked buddy, blogging brother and friend, RobFather-X, the author of Keepin’ It…Real! presents an astute observation on hirsute masculinity via his site, Male Oriented Erotica and Perspectives. Click the blog title to go directly to his ongoing post. His advice, thoughts and views on the furry male are unique as they are written from his vantage point as a dual gender attraction (bisexual) man. He addresses the topic of body hair from an entirely different angle and outside the bear community.

My fellow blogger, friend and self-identified bear, Martin Wilson, creator of the blog, Ramblings of a Supposed Disease Free Mind, recently published his experience at a London gay club popular among bears and their admirers. Click the title, Fitting the Physical Stereotype, to read his adventure. This summer, he attended a celebration of gay bear life and wrote of this in Brighton Bear Weekender.


My buddy, Chris, journalist of the site, Colors of Passion, recently posted to his blog of his attraction to bear-ish men. The article, Bear Obsession, also features a short video. He followed this with FURnace, to read of his initial experience at a gay bar on “bear night.”

It is every man’s prerogative whether or not to grow, groom or shave his body hair. I respect and support this right and anyone who chooses to do so. This feature is offered on A Guy Without Boxers in the spirit of admiration and is not a judgment on any man’s decision or preference on his body hair.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


Labor Day, USA: Family Play


Today is Labor Day in the USA. This date is observed on the first Monday of September every year as a tribute to the workforce and saluting their contribution to American society. It’s an extended (three-day) weekend here that many consider the “unofficial” end of the summer season. It’s also the last long holiday of the traditional beach calendar, the other two being Memorial Day in May and the July 4th week.

Many naturists/nudists, no matter their gender attraction, view this holiday with mixed feelings. It’s a long weekend, therefore, a cause for celebration: parties, barbeques, beach trips and other social nude events. It also marks the beginning of the end of summer and the accompanying twinges of regret. We know all-too-well how endless and harsh the winters can be (as also how brief the fun-in-the-sun time truly is).

Aaron and I are on a mini-nakation (naked + vacation = nakation). We’re in northern New Jersey, just outside New York City, at Gateway National Recreation Area (also known as “Sandy Hook”), on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. One of the amenities of this location is Gunnison Beach, a clothing-optional beach complete with its’ well-known “unofficial” same gender loving (gay) area. This is a popular destination for the GLBT community, both nude and clothed, throughout the mid-Atlantic and northeast regions of the USA. As it is a prolonged holiday period here, this destination is especially congested. We knew this would be the case when we planned this excursion.

We’re doing our part to contribute to this overcrowding along the shore. Aaron and I are not here alone; when we made our lodging reservations, we needed a total of three rooms. Luckily, we were able to secure accommodations with a property that’s only a half-hour drive (one way) from the park. Not too bad considering the last-minute scheduling of our trip (three weeks before arrival).


Accompanying Aaron and I are my identical twin brother, Alex, and his boyfriend, Sudhir. They followed us here in their own SUV so as to transport the five of us to and from our daily trips to the beach. Also with us is David, Aaron’s oldest brother, who very recently came out to us as both bisexual  and a social nudist. The reason for this late-planned venture is to honor our traditional summer nakation with Twin and Sudhir and to full-fill our promise to David to include him on a nude outing.

We arrived here Thursday evening. Too late for any “beach-time” but it allowed us to settle into our rooms, have a nice dinner in a local restaurant and plan the following day. The line of traffic forms early outside the park gates so we all knew we needed to be awake with the sun every morning if we wanted to secure a convenient parking space and a decent site along the shore. The beach is crowded on weekends, especially holidays. We understand the benefits of establishing our sandy “turf” before the mob assembles.

Our first day (Friday) set the pace for the remainder of our sunshine days. Up before the dawn, load up the SUV, pack fruit, sandwiches, lights snacks and water then off to the beach, stopping for a quick breakfast along the way. Friday the surf was a little rough due to the offshore hurricane, Cristobal, moving northward up the Atlantic coast but too far out to sea for any major concern. Days of sun, sand, surf and clothes-free men as far as the eyes can see.

Once on the beach, our routines vary. Twin (Alex) and Sudhir are both sun-loungers. They are both content to spend all their time lying on their blanket with periodic splashes in the ocean. It works for them and that’s fine. Aaron and I are not quite so passive. We’re strollers and swimmers, preferring to stay active, balancing our day between the surf and long walks up and down the shore, taking in all the sights. David is all over the beach, sitting on his blanket watching others pass by, playing in the water and then hiking all along the shore. He’s meeting other singles, exploring his sexuality, enjoying his new, naked freedom.


 This does not mean that we spent the entire day apart from each other. Throughout our time in the park, we’d cavort in the Atlantic Ocean and along the shore. We unsuccessfully attempted a wet sand statue that ended up looking exactly like its’ contents: a mound of wet sand. I couldn’t resist reminding everyone that before we even started our artistic creation, I informed them that the incoming tide would obliterate any trace of it. But did anyone listen to me? No!

As the beach was too crowded for a Frisbee or football toss, we managed several games of nude Twister each afternoon. This activity is ideal for a congested environment. The tools are simple: all that’s needed is the plastic mat with different colored circles and the cardboard spinner that indicates which foot or hand (left or right) goes on what colored circle. Anyone who is familiar with the game is aware of the interesting results of all the body contact. With all the participants naked, the situations usually are extremely intimate. Whenever we played Twister, most of those around us eagerly begged to join the fun. Needless to add, David enjoyed this game tremendously!

The focus of this mini-nakation is social nudity in a coastal environment: the beach. The result is we haven’t the time for any trips into New York City for any of he clubs there. The early starts to our days here eliminated that possibility and we all understood this from the moment we planned this adventure. Our evening routine is out to dinner at local eateries and then socializing in our room. Saturday night we hosted a gathering of some guys (three) we met Friday and who chose to hang out with us again at the beach on Saturday. The eight of us went out to eat and then all congregated back in our room for nude cards and cocktails. Sunday night, David had a date with one of our new acquaintances so it was just Twin and Sudhir, Aaron and myself for dinner.

As I write this, Aaron and I are alone in our motel room, each of us on a clothing-optional group outing with a biological brother and at least one “brother-in-law” in our party. One big extended happy family having fun on an extended holiday weekend. For the moment, all of us content with the state of the world.


The above photograph is an aerial view of Sandy Hook at the Gateway National Recreation Area. Gunnison Beach, the only nudist site, is located at the northern end, furthest from the shore. Anyone interested in additional information (including directions), visit the National Park Service  website (click title to view). On the home page, go to State of New Jersey, scroll to Gateway National Recreation Area, then select Sandy Hook and then Gunnison Beach.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


End of August, 2014


Bottoms Up!

End of August, 2014

“Summer Sightings”

August is the last full month of Summer, 2014. The season ends next month. Before it’s gone forever, get outside and take advantage of the last final weekend of the month and one of the few remaining ones of summer. Those cold winter days are fast approaching!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!



Here’s one bonus Bottoms Up! for the end of the month of August!



Thrifty Nude Retreat


There’s something comfortable and soothing about being clothes-free outside, feeling the warmth of the sun on one’s skin and a cooling summer breeze embracing one’s nakedness. It’s a feeling that words alone can’t adequately describe. Many poets and writers of prose have tried to do so, none successfully. The sensation of being truly free and unencumbered is beyond language.

This is especially the case when nude in a natural environment. Absent from all the physical and sensual reminders of modern life and surrounded by all the wonders of nature, clothed solely by foliage and vegetation. That is both the attraction and uniqueness of outdoor nudity.

On a hot and humid summer day, there’s no better place to escape what some consider oppressive conditions than the welcoming cool, comfort of the shade of trees. This natural umbrella offers relief from the sun and accessibility to the gentle winds. The tranquility provides a refuge for the mind, body and soul. A respite from the stressful distractions of a fast-paced world.

A stream or other shallow water source enhances one’s adventure in nature. It offers another opportunity to flee the heat and to refresh and renew the nude body and spirit. Relaxing in a shallow body of water restores balance and calm to one’s physical self.


Most of us, when thinking about summer activities, have visions of themed amusement parks, beaches and pools enter our minds. Others have notions of athletic events, sports stadiums or social gatherings like picnics and barbeques. Few, if any of us, even contemplate the benefits or joys of a quiet adventure into our natural surroundings. For many, this option is the furthest away from our minds.

I realize that not all of us have a beach or pool that’s convenient. In particular, one that’s clothing-optional or exclusively nude. For many of us, the expenses and logistics involved in gaining access to these sites is daunting. Some of us simply don’t have the financial resources to even consider these possibilities. Others may not have the time flexibility. The reasons for not doing something are as numerous as there are people who are not doing it.

That’s why I’m reminding us of this alternative to financially draining and time-consuming nude excursions. As the summer days dwindle from our grasp, a natural nature experience is usually a reality that few of us recognize. It doesn’t require an enormous amount of effort, money or planning and can take place whether alone or in the company of friends. The times I’ve participated in a naked nature outing, I’ve learned that simpler is truly better, especially when it includes friends.


There are a few suggestions I’d like to offer those interested in trying this clothes-free activity for the first time. These ideas are based on personal experience and with the exception of one or two items, entail no expense. Stripping off clothes and relaxing is always free. Most of us do this several times each day and aren’t even aware that we’re doing it.

1.  Before you go: Explore the location. Select several sites that offer seclusion and a peaceful setting. Choose an area that protects your privacy but gives you a clear vantage of anyone approaching. The same applies if there’s a stream nearby that you may want t use for cooling. Check for any vegetation (such as poison ivy and poison oak) that will cause discomfort. Look for any sharp objects. Stay away from private property unless you have permission.

2.  Purchase: If you don’t already have it, buy an aerosol or ointment that is an insect repellant. Insect bites are annoying and uncomfortable. Make sure that you have enough sunscreen (even if your area is shaded). Sunburn is both harmful and painful. The sun’s rays contain ultraviolet light which is present in shaded spots and on overcast days. Don’t forget sunglasses. Ultraviolet rays can damage the eyes.

3.  Secure valuables: Keep your wallet in a concealed place inside your vehicle. No need to risk losing it. The same for any mobile devices. You can always respond to any communications later. This is time for you to relax.

4.  Car key: Leave all keys locked in your automobile. The only one you’ll need with you is the car key. Secure this to you by a lanyard around your neck or use a safety-pin to attach it to your shorts (it may fall out if loose in your pocket), towel or blanket. If you don’t have it with you, you won’t lose it.

5.  Towel/blanket: You’ll need something to sit on.

6.  Wear only the essential: It’s summer. The basics are a T-shirt (optional, after all, what’s on, comes off. It is a nude outing), shorts and shoes. Don’t go barefoot on unfamiliar grounds. Sharp objects and stinging insects may not always be visible.

7.  Activity: Think about what you want to do. Read, write, listen to music, art? Bring your activity material.

8.  Refreshment: Remember to bring snacks and water. It’s hot because it’s summer.

9.  Skinny-Dipping: Stay in very shallow water (if available). Do NOT skinny-dip alone in unfamiliar water. As mentioned above, use the nearby water source for cooling purposes only. Recall aquatic-safety lessons: don’t swim alone and in strange areas without a lifeguard present.

10. Park legally: You want your car where you left it when you are ready to return home.


Although not an absolute necessity, I do strongly recommend two considerations. First, when nude in a new environment, I encourage the carrying at least one item of clothing with you at all times. This ensures the reduction of any potential embarrassment if anyone stumbles upon me undetected. This discomfort may be as much out of sensitivity for the feelings of others as it is for myself. Often, the surprise is greater on whoever sees me naked as much as it is for me being discovered nude. I’m simply being me. The other person is the one forced to wear clothes. I have no shame about my nakedness no matter if the other person is nude or not.

Second, use a backpack, messenger bag or satchel to store your gear. I’ve found that it helps to keep me organized and provides storage capabilities. It’s convenient and highly mobile. I carry an empty disposable plastic shopping bag in mine for any trash I may have. I prefer to leave nature in the same condition as I found it. The way I hope to find it when I return.

The remaining days of this year’s summer are rapidly shrinking. Think ahead and take advantage of every opportunity. The forlorn season of winter is all-too-soon upon all of us.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!



Pic-Say: Nude Fashion Footwear


A pic-say is a combination word, picture + essay = pic-say. An essay relying primarily on images and not necessarily text or words. The theme of this blog post is of fashion footwear for the practicing naturist/nudist, specifically for the summer season. Shoes are worn for the protection of our feet. A barrier between them and the germs and debris that clutter the ground we walk on. Anyone who’s suffered a puncture wound, regardless of the severity, knows exactly my point here.

There are the purist nudists who argue that a true nudist is barefoot, without shoes. In a perfect world, I would agree with this premise. Unfortunately, we don’t live in such an environment. Human nature being the beast that it is, we often forget or simply intentionally refuse to clean up after ourselves. The result is countless objects left behind that cause discomfort, injury or worse.

Sandals are the popular summer footwear for both the clothes-free and clothes-wearing. Of the sandal style, the flip-flop or beach thong are my personal favorite. They’re as close to nude as possible, comfortable while still providing safety for my foot’s sole.


Before reading further, either be barefoot or put on your sandals!


A barefoot me.


Wearing flip-flops on a rock.


My favorite flip-flops for the river. Thick soles but very light-weight of synthetic material.


My all-time favorite pair. I’ve had them for almost ten years. Canvas straps with a sturdy, thick sole. 


A pair of Greek flip-flops. Made of leather by hand on the island of Mykanos.

RogFeetWallHangHanging in our hallway, celebrating flip-flops all year-long.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


Author’s Note: My friend and naked buddy, RobFather-X, of Keepin’ It…REAL! is my inspiration for this blog entry. To read his views on sandals/flip-flops, check out this: An Omen That Summer 2013 Is Gone.

Reminder: I’m visiting my family in Greece this week. I return late Sunday evening. I’ve scheduled a post for Monday and will resume active blogging after I recover from “jet-lag.”

The Race To The Finish!


Can you believe it? The end of the summer of 2014 is almost upon us. There’s a little more than a month remaining to this season. Exactly where did all the time go? I feel as though I haven’t even begun to have all the fun I imagined! Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m having a wonderful time, it just feels like it should last longer. Soon, the decision of whether or not to be nude outside will not be a viable option.

The rude awakening hit me this past Friday morning as I was doing some last-minute packing for our trip to Greece (we’re spending this week with my family). Damn! It’s already the middle of August!  What’s happened to summer? Aaron was just as amazed as I when I shared this dose of reality with him. At least, it’s not just me living in a time warp. Small consolation, I know, as it doesn’t get me any extra days.

Thinking we could use that evening’s flight to plan what’s left of our summer, I printed a calendar so we could make notes and prioritize. What I forgot to factor in the equation is that Aaron has the ability to fall asleep anywhere (and frequently does). I, on the other hand, have never been able to sleep while travelling, no matter the method of transportation or the distance involved. My mother often comments that even as an infant I was the only one of her eight sons who was always awake during a trip.

Before we left US air-space, Aaron was fast asleep. Saturday morning, we arrived in Athens with a blank calendar and one well-rested boyfriend. Thankfully, I did bring along a paperback suspense novel that I finished reading on our trip.

nkdrunbounceThe result is that the finish line (the last day of summer) is rushing towards us and we still don’t have the remainder of the season planned. For me, it’s as though we’re losing not only the race but also what’s left of the season. It doesn’t seem fair, although, in all honesty, I have no one to blame for this dire predicament other than myself. Within our family unit, I am the one responsible for maintaining our social schedule and appointments.

If it were just the two of us involved, I doubt I’d feel this much stress and urgency. We can be spontaneous, carefree and ready-to-go on almost a moments notice. Our race through the final days of summer doesn’t need to be regimented.

Our struggle against-the-clock affects others as well as ourselves. We get together with Twin (my identical twin brother, Alex) and his partner at least once during the beach season. That hasn’t happened this year. There’s also David (Aaron’s oldest brother), who recently came out to us as both bisexual and an aspiring social nudist. He’s asked for a beach outing before the season changes. This is the primary reason I am feeling the pressure gain the lead in our competition of us versus time.

Then, there’s the fact that we haven’t had our own nude get-away weekend yet. Just the two of us, alone.

It appears as though our time with my family means we’ll need to discuss our future plans. Fortunately, Twin and his boyfriend are here to offer their advice. That’s a relief from part of the burden.

It’s true that time stops for no one, especially a summer-holic as myself. Clearly, we need to rejoin the race, get busy and salvage what’s left of our favorite season of the year. It makes no sense to waste another minute of precious naked time. I need to grab my running shoes and start jogging along the road, clothes-free, of course.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


Author’s Note: I’ve scheduled posts for the duration of my overseas trip. To all the bloggers I usually visit, I’ll check your sites as soon as possible after I return.


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