Naked Me


Back when Aaron and I were building, creating, developing and establishing our relationship, we had a summer when we both wrote poems describing our sensations about nudity and our growing love for each other. This was from our second summer living together as a couple. The verse below is from that particular year. Although very simple and basic, it has remained one of our favorites. Aaron is quite skilled in composing poetry. Obviously, I’m not as talented. Please don’t hold my modest efforts against me!

Naked Me

I am naked and I am me.

I am the man I want to be.

When I am naked, I am nude,

Living life with a positive attitude.

I am naked and I am me.

I am the man I want to be.

When I am nude, I am also proud,

Whether alone or among a crowd.

I am naked and I am me.

I am the man I want to be.

When I am nude, I am living free,

I know that clothes are not for me.

I am naked and I am me.

I am the man I want to be.

When I am nude, I clear my mind.

Gone are the garments that tie and bind.

I am naked and I am me.

I am the man I want to be.

Roger Poladopoulos

July 5, 2011


Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


Author’s Note: A reminder that I am visiting Aaron’s family this week. I scheduled Thursday’s post:  End of July, a monthly feature here on A Guy Without Boxers, in advance of our trip. I’ll be back next week.

Road Trip


Tomorrow afternoon, Friday, July 25, Aaron and I begin our drive to visit with his parents for eight days. We do this the last week of July, every year, so that our time coincides with that of his oldest brother. He’s the sibling that Aaron feels closest. He’s also the only one in their family who knows that we’re nudists and has actually accompanied us to a nude beach on several occasions (yes, he got naked every time).

The purpose of this pilgrimage to Aaron’s parents isn’t about social nudity opportunities. It’s to spend quality time with his family, especially his folks. Free from any holiday distractions or family events, this trip affords us a chance to connect and share together. Basically, to be a family.

Sunday, following church service (they’re Roman Catholic), his parents host a brunch for their local extended family. A chance for us all to be together, greet and eat. This is where Aaron serves the blueberry lemon frognarde (click on Cooking Duty to view). Having this reunion frees us from the responsibility of individual visits to aunts, uncles and cousins.

We don’t spend the entire week just sitting around the house. With his brother, there’s either basketball or tennis in a local park, weather permitting. These daily activities allow the three of us to become closer, exercise and to discuss topics relevant to our generation. Over the years that we’ve been a couple, this particular brother has taken several classes and is able to converse using ASL (American Sign Language).

Aaron’s father is a golfer. Since his retirement, he plays at least once a week. Although none of us are enthusiastic about the game, there’s one day when we (father, brother, Aaron and yours truly), as a foursome, play eighteen holes on a nearby golf course. Another chance for familial male bonding which delights Aaron’s dad as he, being the experienced player, always emerges as the winner.

Of course, the week isn’t all about sports and male companionship. Aaron’s mother does take us out for an afternoon shopping expedition. She likes to give us and his brother a set of bed linens. This is her excuse to get us into her car. After the bed sheets, she manages to have several other places for us to see and shop. We always end up at a booksellers. Typical mothering moments.

This year, a day excursion is planned to the National D-Day Memorial, in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings during World War II. The memorial is a 90 minute drive, one way, so this is an all-day outing. Both of Aaron’s grandfathers fought in the war, although neither one were directly involved in the actual D-Day fighting. As African-Americans, their wartime role was restricted to supportive duties.

The night before we depart, I treat the family to dinner at a restaurant of their choosing. They try to discourage this but I insist as I feel the need to demonstrate my appreciation for their hospitality, particularly in light of my culinary disabilities. It also eliminates any clean-up after an evening meal, which gives us extra time without distractions our last night together.  Besides, Aaron’s parents confided to his brother several years ago that they really enjoy the chance to go out and “show off” their family in public.


By the time that you’re reading this, we’re likely on the road, our trip underway. Legally (Virginia prohibits same gender marriage), Aaron’s family may not be mine. In reality, they feel as though we’re family. Perhaps, that’s because we are a family. After all, isn’t family what you hold dear inside your heart? That’s what is most important.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


Author’s Note: Although away for the week, I’ve scheduled postings for both next Monday and Thursday. For blogs that I regularly visit, I’ll catch up on what I missed when we return. Have a great week, I’m sure we’ll do the same. 

Summer Balance


For most of us, if not all, the summer is traditionally a fun time of the year. Carefree days and evenings usually without all the stress that many of us feel throughout the rest of the calendar months. During this season, life seems to manage to slow down and allow us to savor the moments. Good that it does, because summers often fly past us and into history.

Personally, the season is one of promise. Free from the constraints of being inside a classroom and maintaining office hours, I’m my own man doing life on my time, aside from my responsibilities to Aaron and our life together. This all-too-brief period allows me to develop my own daily routine and set my own pace in accomplishing chores.

Of course, there are educational tasks, such as lecture notes, course agendas, reading lists, etc., that need updating. These, fortunately, I am able to perform on my own schedule.

I’ve published here often about one of my favorite seasonal space, an “unofficial” nude beach along a river in central Virginia, not far from home. It’s convenient, free, fairly secluded and rarely, if ever, crowded. An ideal and tranquil place to while away summer days in the company of a mostly same gender loving and nude clientele. A perfect playground.

Over the past five years, I’ve developed a system that allows me to optimize my leisure time while accomplishing my professional duties. I now bring a few work related projects to my riverside retreat each day. I’m able to compose and edit at the same time as I’m experiencing clothes-free relaxation and socialization.

Combining leisure, naked time with a couple of hours of job tasks brings a sense of balance to my summers. I’m productive and refreshed, all at the same time. I no longer feel as though indulging in one is at the expense of another. I’m accomplishing two things at once.

I’ve always known that I think better when nude. The freedom from clothes somehow liberates my mind. Now, I can think while basking in a peaceful environment of outdoors and sunshine. An ideal combination.

Naturally (no pun intended), blogging has been a part of this combination. Writing, whether posts or drafts, A Guy Without Boxers surrounded by nature and nudity is not only sensible, effective but also rewarding.

This balancing act of productivity and recreation offers a feeling of satisfaction at the end of each day. There’s no resentment that as I engaged in one I was denying myself the opportunity to experience the other. Harmony (balance) is restored to summer.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!




Cooking Duty


My abilities in the kitchen leave much to be desired. Now, let me rephrase that statement. My cooking abilities leave much to be desired. There are some skills that I have inside the kitchen that please my partner. That’s the only comment I’ll make on that topic – for now.

I’ve written of my culinary challenges previously on A Guy Without Boxers. All of my family and friends are aware of my shortcomings and it is a standing  joke among my crowd.

Thankfully, Aaron loves to cook and prepare food. He has all the patience in the world and can make even a plain grilled cheese sandwich an epicurean delight. For Aaron, making a meal isn’t a chore, it’s a therapeutic outlet that he honestly enjoys. No matter how difficult his day at work, he enters our kitchen without a care in the world and proceeds to create a delicious meal like it was all child’s play.

Aaron also prefers to do the clean-up after cooking – alone. His reasoning I understand. This way, he knows exactly where all the ingredients, spices and utensils are the next time he needs them. In the interest of  a happy home, I respect his wishes.

I’m always looking for new means to support Aaron in his love of cooking, especially since I am the primary one who benefits from his talents. He’s exceptionally proud of his collection of recipes, volumes of loose-leaf binders as opposed to actual cookbooks. All the pages are covered in clear, sheet protectors to preserve their integrity.

This past winter, I began following a blog, Recipes For A Healthy You. Click on the title to access. Authored by Randy, himself a man who indulges in nudity, it offers a variety of recipes, nutrition advice and cooking essentials. Whenever I see a recipe that looks appealing, I email it to Aaron to add to his files (he works at nights, when Randy usually posts his blog). We’ve both enjoyed the results of this excellent resource.

Researching these recipes is not only a means for me to share Aaron’s cooking passion, it also allows me to contribute in the meal preparation within out home. My partner is appreciative of my small efforts and constantly encourages my efforts.


Every summer, we spend a week with Aaron’s parents at the end of July. During this time, my partner likes to prepare different dishes for his family. Pictured above is a blueberry lemon flognarde that Aaron plans to cook for a Sunday brunch gathering for his siblings and their families while we’re there. We tried this a couple of weekends ago when Twin and his boyfriend visited us and it’s a true treat.

Although considered a dessert, this fruit-filled cake can be used for breakfast. According to Randy of Recipes For A Healthy You, when served along with eggs, you have your protein and the blueberries, or any fruit, provide the complex-carbohydrate. To view this recipe, click here.

Anyone interested in cooking, I suggest visiting Randy’s blog-site, Recipes For A Healthy You. It’s a terrific resource for healthy dishes.

As for me, my family and friends are truly amazed. Along with Aaron’s abilities and my research skills, they never thought it possible that I could perform miracles in the kitchen!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!



July Potpourri


 Joyful July Jump!

With the summer sun in plentiful supply, I decided to offer a post that is somewhat light, fun and, hopefully, shares and reflects the spirit of the season. We struggled through the winter to arrive at this point. It’s only fitting that we celebrate the occasion and make the most of this moment. As we all know, the carefree days of summer pass all too soon!

BEACHbustedDogby the seaGet used to being naked, buddy! You’ll never get this swimsuit back!

kiss meCanineYou want a kiss? But we’ve only just met! 

JulyPotpourriBpointYou’re looking for the naked men? They’re all meeting right over there! 

JulyPotpourriWbunsFireI hope you remembered to apply sunscreen. You don’t want to burn!

Now, an update on what some of my fellow nudist bloggers are doing. They’re out and about taking full advantage of this time of sun and fun! Click onto the links provided below to read of their current and/or recent nude exploits and adventures.



Pictured above is Jose, the author of Naked SailorAbove, he’s chilling on a snowy day this past winter. At the moment, he’s on St. Maarten’s island, nakationing at Club Orient and is doing anything except “chilling.” . He’s posting his blog daily while on holiday.


Alex, shown above fishing this past Spring, is the creator of the blog-site, Happy Bare. He recently participated in the World Naked Bike Ride in Montreal, Canada. To read his accounting of the experience, click here.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


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Guest Blogger: On Nakations…

martinpwilson-beachnudemaMxdsolo (1)


For some who may be unfamiliar with the word nakation, it’s a term combining the two words, naked and vacation. For the most part, a fun time, I thought a nakation post appropriate for Nude Recreation Week. Travel is a favorite leisure pastime for many, regardless of their nudity status.

A brief explanation as to why I qualified the words, nakation and vacation above. Just as some have experienced a disastrous vacation, the same is true for nakations. Even the best planned holidays can become hell.

MartinPWilson This month’s guest blogger is Martin Wilson, author of Ramblings of a Supposed Disease Free Mind. Click on the title to view. Some of you may already be familiar with some of his writing as I have referenced several of his works on my High Five, Bare Bear posts. Martin is a self-identified bear and I’ve followed his blog for more than a year now.

His site was last month named by the Cision’s website as LGBT Blogs UK Top 10 list. Congratulations, Martin!

When he informally shared with me his recent excursion to the nude beach in Brighton, England, UK, I asked that he be a guest blogger here on A Guy Without Boxers. He readily agreed and his post is featured below.

On Nakations…

As a somewhat (a lot) bigger guy, I’m not generally comfortable being naked in public, be it in the locker room at the gym, a sauna, or even taking my shirt off in a sweaty club like a lot of guys. You definitely wouldn’t be able to call me an exhibitionist by any means.

But for whatever reason, one of the things that has always fascinated me about being naked in public was the idea of going to a nude beach. I’ve always loved the feeling of the sun on my skin while lounging on the beach or in a park, reading or listening to music on the iPod, but had never thought I’d be brave enough to actually go to a nude/naturalist beach.

Let’s just say it was on my bucket list before I’d even made one.

I suppose over the past few years I’ve become somewhat more comfortable in my own skin and with my body. So much so that I’ve been to a few naturalist massage classes here in London. They were fun, but at the same time I still felt a bit self-conscious.

About 4 or 5 years ago, my best mate and I took the plunge to experience the naturalist beach in Brighton, south of London, for the first time together. After some initial shock and hesitation we found it to be absolutely relaxing and shockingly comfortable. I’d originally recounted this experience in my post Brighton Beach Memories. 


Martin nude on the beach at Brighton

Luckily, being only an hour away by train from London, I’ve been able to pop down occasionally for a day on the beach by myself or with a mate to enjoy the feeling of the sun on my bare skin while overlooking the sea. After a few visits it easily became a place I love to go to relax, unwind and just leave all the tensions of London behind.

And it was amazing how comfortable I felt being naked on this beach, not caring who was looking at me or if they were judging me. Sure I’d look around at others around me, but mostly I would just read and enjoy the feel of the sun on my bare body. By going there, I found that it gives me a bit of a confidence and self-esteem boost, and makes me feel slightly less shy about being naked in public.

Unfortunately, over the past year or so, there weren’t many opportunities to relax by the sea due to finances, and because of my being broke, my Scottish mate didn’t come down for our annual weekend by the sea around our birthdays.

But all that changed a couple of weeks ago! We went down to the coast for a long weekend just before our birthdays to enjoy the views both on and off the beach, the sun and the annual Brighton Bear Weekend. We went to it a couple of years ago and although not a huge party weekend, it was fun and we both met some interesting people.

Mostly though, we both hoped for the weather to be really nice so we could spend our days lounging by the sea on the naturalist beach, getting ourselves nice and tanned before heading back to the clothed events with the other bears.

I’m not entirely sure if I’d call it an actual nakation, since we’re only naked on the beach, but I suppose it’s close enough…for now.


Thank you, Martin, for your friendship and for serving as Guest Blogger here on A Guy Without Boxers. Much love and naked hugs to you! I’m in your debt, buddy! You’ve earned your place on the Page of Fame: Dare 2 Bare here!

If you haven’t done so, please check out Ramblings of a Supposed Disease Free Mind.  To go directly to his post on his recent escapades at the Brighton Bear Weekend, click here

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


Nude Recreation Week: Bare Fun For Everyone!


 Nude Recreation Week, July 7 -13, 2014

Bare It All For Fun!

Nude Recreation Week is sponsored annually by The Naturists Society (TNS) and by the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR). This year marks the 38th year of this celebration. The month of July is honored as it is the height of the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere and because it is National Parks and Recreation Month within the United States, designated as such by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA).

Nude Recreation Week was conceived as a time to encourage people who were curious about nudity, or those who had never even considered the idea, to strip out of their clothes and to experience the fun and pleasure of being outdoors and nude, simultaneously. The occasion is used by nudist and clothing-optional destinations and resorts to promote their sites and facilities to the vacationing general public, all the while fostering both awareness and participation of leisure and social nudity. Many of these commercial and public properties offer discounted fees/rates, special activities, social functions and other festivities during this time.


Over the past decade or so, Nude Recreation Week has evolved into a week where individual naturists/nudists and social nudist groups observe the event as an opportunity to congregate and celebrate being clothes-free together. Many host parties or activities that not only promote nude leisure but also challenge nudists or naked teams to compete in creative and imaginative fun engagements, such as body art/painting, relay races, athletics or games. Nude Recreation Week is now a popular time for everyone, not merely naked and/or clothing-optional resorts, establishments and destinations.


There is no limit to the number of recreational pursuits that are enjoyed clothes-free. The same ones exist for nudists that others prefer while textile. Ability, agility, experience, skill and talent aren’t influenced by the garments a person wears. As a matter of fact, some of the leisure pleasures are actually enhanced by the participants being naked. For example, the popular game of “Twister” offers interesting situations when played nude.

In the past, it was thought that recreation included only sports and games. Pastimes that involved physical movement, mental concentration and social participation. This exclusive and historical concept is no longer true.

Traditional beliefs that recreation entailed only group activities have changed. Now, it is recognized and accepted that individuals may experience the same results or benefits on their own, without the need for others. It is understood that leisure time incorporates more than exercise, whether intellectual or fitness. The ideal presently includes personal development, relaxation, satisfaction and stimulation, among others. Reading, writing, cooking, meditation, photography and graphic design are just a few samples of pursuits now embraced by recreation educators and practitioners.


Expanding the considerations of recreational options acknowledges two recent technological phenomena, social networking and self-promotion (the self-photography or “selfie”). Just as these online pastimes are popular among the general population, they are the same for the naturist/nudist community. Social media sites, which includes nudecentric blogs, open doors for interaction during free-time.

These advancements in recreation theory benefit the mainstream society in general and the clothes-free culture in particular. The endorsement of both NRPA and AANR (an NRPA affiliate) of the updated definition of what constitutes recreation practice increases the quality, quantity and variety of leisure opportunities available to the public.

Gone are the days when leisure services were simply an aquatic accessibility, an athletic field, a social hall and picnic area. Modern demands and trends now dictate more and a greater diversity. Providers must now offer more or face extinction as consumers expect choices and sophistication in what is afforded as an amenity.

Nude Recreation Week observances reflect these new concepts and values. The original concept of outreach and destination marketing are still in place but are enhanced by a commitment for total inclusiveness and catering to personal preferences for a rewarding and enriching leisure experience.


The innovations in Nude Recreation Week have directly impacted the same gender loving naturist/nudist community. Once an almost invisible and often ignored segment of clothing-free culture, we are now slowly receiving acceptance as legitimate nudists by our opposite gender loving naked peers.

This gradual recognition of gay nudity is, in part, due to the growing acknowledgement and support of GLBT equality within mainstream society. This change in attitudes by the general public does ultimately filter into the nude culture as well. As individuals become acquainted with gay naturists, perceived differences are often replaced by common interests.

An equally important reason for welcoming same gender loving nudism is economic. The upsurge in the numbers of gay-oriented travel and vacation destinations that offer clothing-optional amenities have caused many nude resorts and establishments to adopt policies and practices that encourage and entice our community. The growth of competition for gay recreation dollars precipitated this evolution.

A third, but viable, cause for GLBT naked inclusion in Nude Recreation Week activities is based on recent developments. The financial crisis of 2008 created an increase in the number of private parties and “pot-luck” socials to honor the occasion. Since most people prefer to socialize with people they see as most like or similar to themselves, gays and bisexuals began hosting gatherings in their homes for friends rather than spending money elsewhere.


Traditional, exclusionary beliefs and practices don’t change overnight. This is true within the naturist/nudist culture just as it is in our broader society. There continue to be individual nudists and nudecentric businesses that adhere to outdated policies and values regarding recreation concepts and the GLBT naked community. Fortunately, the number of discriminating people and facilities are on the decline.

It’s now possible for everyone to discover a positive and appealing experience for Nude Recreation Week. A minimal amount of research is all that’s necessary to identify and select an activity and location to meet particular needs and interests.

Advancements in leisure services philosophy and progressive attitudes on inclusion have combined to make Nude Recreation Week a true celebration of naked life and play. It is now, indeed, an event that offers bare fun for everyone!

Happy Nude Recreation Week!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


Author’s Note: To read previous posts on Nude Recreation Week, click on the following titles: Nude Recreation Week, Part 1, and Nude Recreation Week, Part 2.

High Five, Bare Bear and Holiday


A Guy Without Boxers

salutes all our naturist/nudist brothers who allow their body hair to grow, naturally. 

This month features two cuddly bears, both showing their affinity with gay bear culture. Happy summer!

My Lebanese blogging friend, Closet Conflicts, offers two entertaining and insightful looks at the bear culture in our same gender loving community. The first is Subearstitions: 6 Misconceptions About Bear Culture, the second is My Adventures on Growlr, Part 3. Click on the individual title to view each one. They’re among the best descriptions on bear life that I’ve seen: informative but uncomplicated.

My naked buddy, blogging brother and friend, RobFather-X , the author of Keepin’ It…REAL! , presents an astute observation on hirsute masculinity via his site, Male Oriented Erotica and Perspectives. Click the blog title to go directly to his post. His advice, thoughts and views on the furry male are unique as they are written from his vantage point as a dual gender loving (bisexual) man. He addresses the topic of body hair from an entirely different angle and outside the bear community.

hi57-14bMy fellow blogger, friend and self-identified bear, Martin Wilson, creator of the blog, Ramblings of a Supposedly Disease Free Mind, recently published his experience at a London gay club popular among bears. Click the title, Fitting the Physical Stereotype, to read his adventure. One of his latest posts documents his holiday at the Brighton Bear Weekender event. Click here to read.

It is every man’s prerogative whether or not to grow or groom his body hair. I respect and support this right. This feature on A Guy Without Boxers is offered in appreciation of their decision to grow natural and share it proudly while nude.


Happy July 4, USA!


National commemoration of the birth of a nation.

Kalon Goins

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!



End of June, 2014


Bottoms Up!

End of June, 2014

June is a very busy month, and rightly so. It’s GLBT Pride Month, it offers many rallies of the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) and it marks the beginning of the summer season throughout all of the Northern Hemisphere. Outdoor pools are a seasonal feature and one way to honor this time of year is an offering of scenes of men and their aquatic workouts.


As a bonus gift celebrating the events held for the WNBR are the below images of the many sights encountered during the course of these proud cyclists pedaling their way through busy city streets or on rural paths.



Bonus Tribute:


Happy Canada Day!



Have a safe and fun summer!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


June 27: National HIV Testing Day



National HIV Testing Day Theme

Tomorrow, June 27, annually, is National HIV Testing Day in the USA. A date designed to promote a healthier nation by encouraging all  citizens to know their status by having a HIV test. This initiative was created in response to the alarming rate of persons infected with the virus who were completely unaware they were living with the disease.

The theme, “Take the Test, Take Control,” reflects the message of every person being responsible for their own lives. Knowledge is power and awareness of one’s HIV status empowers us all to manage our futures.


There are two blogs that I follow and regularly visit authored by men living with HIV. Both are amazing journals offering insights into lives directly affected by the virus. Maisha (click on title) chronicles the writer’s views, opinions and daily experiences. In his own words, he offers: “This is the story of my life as a youthful young man living positively with HIV.” The Poz+ Life (click on title) is themed “positivity is everything” and is a collaborative effort of three bloggers, Patrick, Adrian and Thomas.

For information on National HIV Testing Day, testing sites and events, visit the website jointly maintained by the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Prevention Information Network by clicking: National HIV Testing Day.

Many of the planned activities are a collaboration between the U. S. Public Health Service, municipal health agencies and local non-profit groups. One of the leading private advocates of National HIV Testing Day is the organization, Balm In Gilead, Inc., founded by Pernessa Steele, a faith-based grassroots network of more than 2,200 local communities of worship.


National HIV Testing Day (NHTD) is an annual campaign to encourage people of all ages to “Take the Test, Take Control.”

Too many people don’t know they have HIV. In the United States, nearly 1.1 million people are living with HIV and almost one in six don’t know they are infected. Getting tested is the first step to finding out if you have HIV. If you have HIV, getting medical care and taking medicines regularly helps you live a longer, healthier life and also lowers the chances of passing HIV on to others.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Website


“Take the Test, Take Control” is more than just knowing your HIV status. It’s about your destiny, your future and your life. Aaron and I both know our status. If you don’t already, please learn yours.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


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