Lick A Gay Treat!


I’m most definitely not a fan of ice cream. However, I know that many people are. Regardless if it is summer where you live or not (I know that those persons who do eat ice cream indulge in this both winter and summer), here’s a colorful, rainbow edition of this delicacy for your cooling pleasure.

I have no idea how ice cream is made but I do know that it is sugary. I guess the different colors are achieved through the use of fruit flavors or coloring dyes, similar to the ones used for making cakes. Either way, here’s a tasty treat to enjoy on your Sunday.



So be cool, lick your ice cream, stay cool and skinny-dip until your heart is content. It is Sunday, you’ve all deserved a day of rest and relaxation. If you’re working today, then treat yourself on your next day off from work. Just remember the number one requirement: be bare!


No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!




End of July, 2015


Bottoms Up!

July, 2015


It’s the end of July, 2015, the first full month of the summer! A perfect time to feature skinny-dipping nudes in their Bottoms Up! poses. A month-long celebration of skinny-dipping and bare buttocks. Who knew that life could be so good? Don’t waste a moment: get bare and go bottoms up before it’s too late!

Try skinny-dipping. It’s a perfect past-time for a hot summer day!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!




Pic-Say: Scenic Summer, 2015


As the end of July rapidly approaches, here’s a post honoring all our brothers who are getting outside and doing what dudes do best in the summer – getting naked! Enjoying the warmth in their natural skin and staying cool while they’re doing it. Summer breeze, anyone?


You don’t have to be at the beach or a pool to be nude and summer-happy. Get clothes-free wherever you are and live for you! The season is passing by all too quickly for us to even waste one day. It’s time to strip and get outside and experience the warmth of the sun on our bodies.


Don’t worry about the days that you’ve already missed. Get out and make the most of what time is remaining of the beautiful days and nude-conducive weather. As we all know from experience, summer won’t last forever so make the most of it while you can.


In case you’re at a loss for something to do while bare, grab your camera and plan an outing of taking pictures of all the wonders that are available for free in our natural world. The memories will serve you well in the coming winter months.


You may even encounter some interesting forms of wildlife while out on your photography excursions. These species may become a good friend or a new companion for those cold, lonely days ahead.


A trip to the coast, if it is convenient, is another alternative for a day with your camera. Again, you may meet some wonderful new friends and enjoy a refreshing dip in a nearby body of water.


Besides, who knows what fascinating creature you’ll find washed ashore?

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!






Heat Safety


“Heat can be a silent killer because it doesn’t topple trees or rip roofs off houses like tornadoes and hurricanes. Nevertheless, it’s a dangerous weather condition for which people should prepare.” Eli Jacks, Chief of Fire and Weather Services with the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Heat-related illness accounts for approximately 1,500 deaths in the U.S. That’s more than most weather events (tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and lightning) combined. Yet many people choose to ignore signs and symptoms of most heat-related illnesses.

During the hottest days of the summertime (traditionally late July through the end of August), habitually practicing some safe guidelines will reduce a person’s risk of suffering a heat-related injury or illness. The months of July and August are generally the time of the year when daily temperatures can become excessive and the most oppressive. The humidity levels added to the higher temperatures produce an atmosphere that is dangerous for persons not accustomed to such extremes. Even an activity as simple as a stroll along the beach can be strenuous and debilitating.


It is important to know what to do and what not to do during this time of hot weather to ensure not only personal safety but the health and well-being of your loved ones. Following the guidelines listed below help to assure a summer of fun and one of pleasant memories.

Do remember to:

1. Slow down and reduce strenuous activity.

2. Drink plenty of water and other nonalcoholic fluids.

3. Eat light, easy-to-digest foods.

4. Seek out shade if you have to be outdoors for extended periods.

5. When outside, take frequent dips into the ocean, pool, etc. (if possible) or mist yourself with a water bottle.

6. Apply appropriate SPF sunscreen frequently when outdoors.

7. Check on elderly neighbors, family and friends to make sure they’re okay.

8. Seek immediate medical attention if you or someone you know experience(s) symptoms of heat illness. See chart below.

Do not:

1. Leave children, the elderly or pets in the car for any reason.

2. Stay in the sun, unprotected, for long periods.

3. Take salt tablets unless directed by a physician.

4. Consume alcoholic beverages. They can dehydrate you and increase the risk of heat stroke, or worse.


Signs of Heat Illness:

Heat Cramps

painful muscle cramps, usually in the legs or abdomen; heavy sweating

Treatment: Apply firm pressure on cramping muscles or massage to relieve spasm. Give sips of water; if nausea occurs, discontinue fluids.

Heat Exhaustion

heavy sweating, weakness, cool skin, pale and clammy, weak pulse, nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps, fainting, dizziness

Treatment: Move individual out of the sun, lay them down. Apply cool, wet cloth. Place individual in air conditioning. Give sips of water, if nausea occurs, discontinue fluids. If vomiting continues, consult a physician.

Heat Stroke

altered mental state, confusion, nausea, dizziness, high body temperature, rapid and strong pulse, possible unconsciousness, skin may be hot and dry or patient may be sweating profusely

Treatment: Heat stroke is a serious medical emergency. Summon emergency medical assistance to transport the individual to hospital. A delay can be fatal.


The knowledge of what to do and what not to do during excessive heat periods and knowing the signs of heat illnesses can help prevent the summer from becoming one of regret or worse. Keep your summer one of carefree days and safety first practices. Make it a safe summer for everyone!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!




Nuptial Nerves


I suppose it is like performing starkly naked before a completely clothed audience. I mean, I never thought of myself as performing at my own wedding, but then, as a same gender loving man, I never thought it would be legal within the Commonwealth of Virginia, United Sates of America, for me even to actually marry the man that I love.

It isn’t make believe. It’s really going to happen. Less than a month before the big day now. We will cease to be Aaron Peterson and Roger Poladopoulos. Aaron and I will become Mr. and Mr. Peterson-Poladopoulos. Forever and ever until death do us part. In the eyes of the United Sates of America, the eyes of the church(es), the eyes of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the eyes of our families and in our own hearts and minds.

We two will become lawfully one. Husband and husband.

It is all happening too fast.

Less than a year ago, we were merely dreaming about the possibility.

Then, on October 6, 2014, marriage equality became legal and real in Virginia. The dream became possible. The parents became first curious and then persistent. When that failed, they became downright insistent.

We both knew we wanted this. We caved. We both became ecstatic.

Now the wedding day is almost here.

Are we both ready to stand completely naked before family and friends and commit to becoming one man and one man together, for better and for worse,  as long as we both shall live? I certainly hope so as the reception alone would have paid for us both to be nude on a beach in Hawai`i right now.


We’ve both asked ourselves this question time and time again over the past week or so. We both dream about it at night. I think we’re both nervous as hell!

Do either one of us want to call the whole thing off and simply stay Aaron Peterson and Roger Poladopoulos? Not on your life!

We’re going to make a go of this. Any alternative just isn’t possible for either one of us.

If we can survive the next four weeks!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!




July, 2015 Nude Dude


Nude Skinny-Dipping Dudes, July, 2015

This image has been on the internet for years and has always remained one of my all-time favorites. I admire the enthusiasm of the skinny-dippers in entering the water and their zest for life. This is what summer is all about, at least for me.

I appreciate the aspect of universality that this picture represents, Throughout all time and all cultures, swimming naked or skinny-dipping has been enjoyed by humanity. That is part of the beauty of our nudity.

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!




Are Labels Necessary?


Labels are the adjectives that are used to describe us or a certain aspect of the person that we are. They can be positive, neutral (judgment-free) and they also can be derogatory. Labels are often used to distinguish us from the general population and to identify a personality trait or interest that sets us apart from everyone else. Labels are many times used as a matter of self-identification for the purpose of us telling others about ourselves. We utilize labels as a tool to let others know how we perceive ourselves.

I know of a number of people who object to the use of labels. They feel that labels are too confining and restrictive. Some believe that using labels does them an injustice in that they’re “boxed in” to a particular aspect that fails to represent their complete persona.  Others see labels as a broad definition that neglects the uniqueness of their individuality.

I believe all of the above statements are true and valid. The majority of labels used to describe people are intentionally neutral and mostly used in an innocent capacity. For example, the statement: He teaches courses on Deaf culture at a Deaf university. is often employed by those attempting to explain my job. It is a concise description of what job I do for a living. It is true and a neutral summary of my profession.

However, for some people this statement sets me apart as a person with a disability who prefers to associate with others he sees as like himself. Others may see it as identifying me as an obstinate individual, unfriendly and one who does what he wants regardless of the rules. That assumption is based on their experiences with persons who are Deaf.

On the other hand, the above description of my job tells people that I have advanced academic degrees and work in academia. Whether I am Deaf or not is no issue as they have had no negative experiences interacting with Deaf people. There is no stereotypical assumption against the Deaf community. There may or may not be a communication barrier interacting with me.

Within my own culture, there are those who strongly object to using Deaf/deaf as an adjective. Some feel it distinguishes them as a disabled community as opposed to one community being differently enabled. The use of Deaf identifies me as a person who views my deafness as a cultural marker. Those who prefer deaf reject Deafness as a cultural marker and use deaf to describe their inability to hear.

Now, substitute “naturist, nudist, naked, bare, clothes-free” to the term Deaf/deaf above. The arguments for or against using those terms are as numerous, if not more so, than those used in Deaf/deaf. The objections are just as strong and emotions, pro and con, are equally intense.

“Naturist” is offensive to some nudists and vice-versa. “Clothes-free” acknowledges that we need to wear clothes whereas “bare” recognizes independence from a clothes-oriented culture. And the list becomes endless beyond these points.

Some naturist/nudist persons object to the labels simply because it fails to describe the type of person they are and merely implies how they live. They resent being placed in a certain box. In their eyes, how they live has no bearing on their personal qualities.

The cultural divide between naturist/nudist is almost identical as the one between Deaf/deaf. One refers to a specific culture identification and the other to a broad definition based on a simple attribute. Then there exists in both groups those who object to the use of either term as an identifying marker.

These discrepancies and disagreements exist within most defining labels categories. All sides of the debate hold solid, well-founded opinions on their specific position. All arguments, at least to me, are valid. There is no clearly divided line between “right” and “wrong” in any case (except where the label is used intentionally as a pejorative one). There are merits to all opinions.

I dislike the use of labels unless the person is using them solely for purposes of self-identification. This eliminates them from any disrespectful or insulting usage. I use them here on A Guy Without Boxers primarily as a matter of self-identification, of both myself and this blog site. I use the labels “Deaf,” “gay” and “naturist/nudist” in order for the reader/visitor to know what this blog is all about, what to expect and as a warning that they may find some of the ideas/materials/opinions offensive or at least disturbing to their sensitivities. My purpose in blogging is not to upset or otherwise offend anyone.

As much as I hate to admit it, to answer the question posed by the title of this post is: yes, there are times when the use of label(s) is necessary. Do I agree with this answer? No. Do I have an alternative? No. At least not until all of humanity agrees to show each person the dignity and respect that we all, equally, deserve.

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!




Author’s Note: I used the labels Deaf and nudist here because I am a member of both of those communities and did not want to risk inadvertently offending anyone or any community. If you are a member of either of these communities and I offended you, I extend my humble apology. The offense was not intentional.  





Skinny-Dipping Safety


The best practice in skinny-dipping (swimming nude) is to never swim or skinny-dip alone. No matter your aquatic skill level, it simply is dangerous. Even the best swimmer experiences cramping (or worse) while in the water. The risks involved are too great to even entertain the thought. It is always better and safer to have at least one friend or acquaintance with you while swimming, whether naked or clothed.


Whenever possible, always skinny-dip in a group of at least three. In the event of an emergency, this means that one person is able to stay with the injured person and the other is able to summon help from other swimmers or contact (using a mobile device) trained emergency responders. Once again, this practice applies regardless if swimming clothes-free or clothed.


If the emergency involves two injured skinny-dippers, the threesome rule leaves one to deal with the situation involving the other two. No one wants to anticipate an accident or emergency, but let’s be realistic. These incidents do happen, most often when we least expect it. Better prepared than caught unprepared.


An equally important safety policy is not to combine alcoholic beverages (or other mind altering substances)and swimming, period. Again, this is true no matter if you’re dressed or as bare as nature intended. Alcohol, even one drink or bottle of beer, impairs judgment and reduces inhibitions which, in turn, allows us to take risks we otherwise wouldn’t consider.

The “group of three” rule should not be misinterpreted as a designated driver policy. All three skinny-dippers need to be sober and able to make responsible decisions.


Alcohol and swimming are never compatible under any circumstances. Save the alcohol until a different time and a different social activity altogether.


Skinny-dipping, regardless of how much fun and fellowship is intended, should always be voluntary. No one should be coerced or forced to join in against his will. What is regarded as enjoyable and pleasant for most may cause anxiety and discomfort for another. It is never acceptable to “bully” anyone into any activity that they feel or perceive as threatening.


Never jump or dive into unfamiliar natural bodies of water. This includes lakes, rivers, streams, etc. Depths can often be deceiving and hazards can be below the surface. If you’re in an unknown body of water, it’s best to wade into the water and then swim around while investigating the aquatic environment. Skinny-dipping implies fun for everyone. Do what is necessary to keep it that way.

Never carry jewelry or other valuables with you when skinny-dipping. If everyone leaves their clothing in a single or in multiple piles, anyone can rummage through pockets for wallets, keys, jewelry, etc. while everyone is in the water. If you must bring valuables with you skinny-dipping, plan to secure them before you strip and possibly become distracted with your friends.


People all over the world, all throughout history have enjoyed the custom of swimming without clothes, of skinny-dipping. All that’s needed is a natural body of water and the skin that we’re all born into. It doesn’t require expensive equipment and an untold number of professional officials or referees. We make our own naked fun!

Let’s all do our part to keep this clothes-free summer activity both safe, memorable and fun for us all!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!





Nude Recreation Week: Celebrate




NBA Star DeAndre Jordan Shoots for Nude Recreation Week





Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

Happy Nude Recreation Week!


No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!


A Skinny-Dippers Life


The singular disadvantage to growing up as a nudist, at least in my mind, is that I have difficulty in trying to remember a time in my life when I didn’t skinny-dip. My family weren’t practicing naturist/nudist, but my identical twin brother, Alex, and I certainly were. Our earliest memories are of trying to get out of the clothes that our parents were trying to get us to wear. Our family photograph albums are filled with images of our brothers (eight sons, no daughters) in swimsuits at the beach, pool, lake or wherever. There are none of Alex or myself. Why? More than likely, we were naked. In the above picture, several years old, I am as naked in the water as I have always been.

That’s why I remember the first time I went swimming with a friend and he wore a swimsuit. I can even recall the color: red (Darius’ favorite color was red). He lived on the opposite end of our block and was my first friend aside from Twin (Alex). In the summers, if I wasn’t with Alex, then I was getting into trouble with Darius. Not serious trouble just the usual youthful mischief that early teens find themselves involved.

Twin and I attended a residential school for the Deaf (we both are since birth) and it was our first week home for the summer. Twin was off with his best buddy and Darius and I were riding our bicycles through the large municipal park near our neighborhood. Darius was wearing his new swimsuit and a sleeveless undershirt. I was wearing jean shorts and shirtless. Darius suggested we ride down to the river and go swimming. He wanted to “use” his new swim trunks. I agreed.

We pedaled the 10-12 city blocks to the river park and walked our bikes down the winding trail to the riverfront. By the time we reached the reached the river shore, the sun was near the noon position in the sky. It was fast becoming a very hot and humid day. Of course, neither one of us had brought any water with us. Thirteen year-olds aren’t endowed with minds that think that far in advance. We just somehow “go-with-the-flow.” At that exact moment, the only thing flowing was the river current in front of us.

Darius removed his sneakers and began to cautiously wade into the river. He turned to check on my progress and began to laugh as there I was, totally naked behind him and laughing at him! He was wearing both his swimsuit and his sleeveless undershirt! He pointed to my nudity, turned me around and slapped his palm against my bare-assed buttocks!


Not one to allow another to “best” me, I immediately grabbed the waist of his new swimsuit and began to pull it over his waist and down his legs. This caused him to lose his balance, falling into me and we both, at that point, tumbled into the river. Splashing around, I worked his swimsuit over his feet and raised the “red” prize over my head in victory. I then tossed my trophy onto a nearby rock.

Darius, now half-naked, removed his sleeveless undershirt, stood up and faced me: totally nude. He rolled his undershirt, now soaked with water, as tight as possible and he began swinging it at me as if fending off a blood-thirsty mosquito.  By this time we were both laughing hysterically all the while enjoying our game and our shared nakedness. He chased me out of the water and along the trail we’d just descended before I dodged him and headed back into the water.

Frustrated, he threw the undershirt at me. It missed my head my head and landed in the river. We began wrestling in the shallow water, still laughing, enjoying ourselves and being naked together. It was as though there was no one else in our private universe.

As often happens, we soon tired of our game of wrestling and climbed out of the water and onto dry land. We located a log and sat in the hot sunlight as we dried from our aquatic antics. It was about then that Darius seemed to realize that he was now just as nude as myself. Unfazed, he stretched out on the log comfortable and confident in his nudity.


We spent over an hour lounging on the shore before hunger got the better of us. Darius ran to his bicycle to lead the way home before he remembered that he was completely clothes-free. We both waded back into the river for him to reclaim his new red swimsuit that I had tossed onto a rock. His undershirt had disappeared in the river’s current.

If nothing else, our skinny-dipping adventure at least leveled our adolescent appearance. We were now both shirtless and on our bicycles. A half-nude ending to the beginning of a summer-long series of skinny-dipping days!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!






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