High Five, Bare Bear


During July, 2015, it is the time for skinny-dipping and what better company to have than bare bears to cavort with in the water? The sun, surf and sand are only improved with all the fur offered by our hairy swimming companions. In honor of this being Nude Recreation Week, 2015, I can think of no better way of saluting our hirsute naturist/nudist brothers than by having them skinny-dip with us for this special time of the year.


The heat and the sunshine are two of the aspects of summer that attract most of us to the water. Once under the spell of the seasonal elements, it then becomes very difficult for many of us to stay clad in the confining restrictiveness of our clothing. We manage to allow the heat to melt away our inhibitions and we seek the freedom that only nakedness can provide.


Skinny-dipping permits us the right to substitute our clothing for the cooling attributes of the water, no matter if it is offered naturally through the ocean, river, lake or sea or if it is given artificially as in a pool, sprinkler or hydrant. Whatever means is convenient for us to use.


A popular myth among those who shave or otherwise remove their natural body hair is that it helps to keep their body cool during the summer. Actually, the exact opposite is true. The body’s hair provides the body the ability to prevent overheating.

So here’s to all of our hairy brothers who’re actually cooling off while the rest of us swelter in the heat!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!




Celebrate July!


July 4, 2015

USA Independence Day

What better way to commemorate freedom than to be clothes-free?

Kalon Goins

Aaron and I are off to the beach for our last mini-nakation together before we officially become married, as in man and man. A little time for fun-in-the-sun to prevent either one of us from getting “cold feet” and backing away from the wedding ceremony.



July 5 – 11, 2015


Summer is the time of year to get outdoors and play together naked!


Nude recreation can and does occur all year-long, indoors as well as outdoors, and it is much more than simply aquatics and other sports-oriented games. It includes reading, cooking, writing, visual and performing arts, woodworking, music, dance, crafts, an unlimited list of possibilities.

Nude Recreation Week is a co-sponsored celebration supported by the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) and The Naturist Society (TNS). On the final day of Nude Recreation Week, July 11, 2015, at 3:00 p.m. (EST), the Annual Recreation Week Skinny-Dip takes place at resorts, public lands, beaches and backyards throughout North America and beyond.


All competing locations have set their official clocks in sync with the 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) start time so that this event can be registered as an official entry for the Guinness Book of Records skinny-dipping competition. This is the third consecutive year AARN and TNS have collaborated in trying to break the Guinness record.

For more information on the Recreation Week Skinny-Dip, click AARN and then on the homepage, scroll down to the graphic titled “World Record Skinny-Dip 2015.” The website also has skinny-dip event merchandise available for order.



2015 AANR Skinny-dipping Logo

Not everyone is a swimming enthusiast and during Nude Recreation Week, many clubs, clothes-free resorts and campgrounds and nudist groups are sponsoring a variety of activities for the naturist/nudist to enjoy. Contact a local organization for information. If skinny-dipping isn’t your “thing,” that’s cool. The important idea to remember is to be naked and free!

During Nude Recreation Week, please take advantage of the many opportunities offered and experience the pleasure that nudity affords you. It could open the door to a world of fellowship and fun that you never realized waits for you!

A Guy Without Boxers celebrates Nude Recreation Week with a couple of guest posts from readers recalling their skinny-dipping experiences. We’re also featuring skinny-dipping as the theme for our regular posts for the week. Before it’s too late, let’s strip and skinny-dip! Plan today for a nude week. Instead of just publishing on Monday and Thursday of next week, I’ll post Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.




No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!



End of June, 2015


Bottoms Up Pride!

The Bottoms Up! post is merely an honor and in no way reflects on a man’s sexual position! 

On a summer outing, it is an especially pleasant treat to see bare buttocks out and about enjoying the sunshine! Why not bare yours and join them in a summer celebration?


Better still, drop your swimsuit and join them in a naked frolic in the pool! Remember, these summer days won’t last forever!


So show your Booty-Pride and remove those concealing clothes in order that the world can see your cute cheeks (I’m not referring to those on your face)! It is officially summer and time to get bare and free!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!




July 1, 2015



H. M. Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada


WNBR: Assume The Position!


It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere and this means that the position you need to assume is for the World Naked Bike Ride. It’s coming your way soon (if it hasn’t already)! This is what you’ll need to get accustomed to if you’re a participant and one that you’ll need to adjust to if you’re a spectator! Trust me, I know. I rode in the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) in Washington, DC, in 2009, 2010 and 2011 (the three years it was held there).

In all honesty, “the position” doesn’t require that much to get accustomed to. It simply means get your bare buttocks on the cycle seat and pedal. That’s all that’s necessary. And it isn’t restricted to merely bicycles: unicycles and tricycles can take part, as can skateboarders, rollerbladders, pedestrians – the only restriction is no motor vehicles.


The WNBR is held in select cities throughout the world to promote alternative sources for fossil fuel and respect for cyclists and pedestrians. Riders are nude to highlight their vulnerability to motor vehicles. The events take place year-round during the summer season (when it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere, it is summer in the Southern and vice versa).  Throughout our planet, folks are pedaling clothes-free somewhere. For additional information on the WNBR, click the initials for the link. The site includes information on scheduled rides in both hemispheres and local contact information (where available).

To read previous posts on the WNBR here on A Guy Without Boxers, click on the following titles, Nude Pedal Energy   (2013) and World Naked Bike Ride, 2014 (2014). The 2013 post includes a summary of my experiences in the WNBR.


Although open to everyone and not exclusively gay, the WNBR attracts a large number of same gender loving and dual gender loving participants and spectators, regardless where it’s held. Rides held during the month of June especially see many people showing their pride in their sexuality and their nakedness! Please note that certain countries outlaw and/or outright ban any displays of pride symbols. If you’re travelling, check local customs before openly showcasing your GLBT pride.


Not surprisingly, the use of body paint is hugely popular with most WNBR participants. First, it’s largely inexpensive and washes of easily. Second, it permits riders to “customize” their message and show-off their creativity. Thirdly, many bikers like to paint each other and make WNBR preparation an event itself. I know, I’ve done that! It’s really fun and as you can imagine, it creates some very interesting situations where no one remains a stranger very long!

And if you’re artistically challenged, like myself, don’t worry. There are many around who are creatively talented and more than willing to assist in painting your body. Many view it as their contribution to improve the environment.


If you plan on attending a WNBR this year, whether as a participant or a spectator, don’t forget to bring along your camera (no matter if its as a phone or a separate device). You’re guaranteed a number of amusing and memorable sights and an abundance of colorful characters, both as cyclists and among the crowd and an ample amount of photo opportunities that you don’t want to miss.

Most of the riders, at least in my experience, are a friendly and accommodating group of people who willingly, when approached politely, patiently pause for pictures. Just don’t dart out into the street and get in the path of other cyclists. Keep in mind that most of the riders are pedaling for a cause so don’t expect a lengthy conversation.

A gentle reminder to all riders and spectators: remember your sunscreen! The last image you want others to have of you is the burnt lobster who was at the WNBR 2015!


Strip off your clothes and grab your bicycle (or skateboard, or unicycle or whatever)! Now, it’s time to assume the position! Put your buttocks on your bicycle seat and start pumping those pedals! The season for WNBR 2015 is here!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!



The Day After…


For those of you who may have forgotten, yesterday was World Naked Hiking Day. Aaron and I both participated and I’m afraid I may have stretched myself beyond my level of endurance. I’m exhausted! Today is a well-earned sleep day. What better place to “sleep in” than outside?

Truthfully, I’m being extremely overdramatic here. Yes, yesterday was World Naked Hiking Day. Yes, Aaron and I participated (for a while) but no, I didn’t exceed my endurance level. The hike was invigorating but it was no match for my enthusiasm and I could have lasted several more miles. The result is that I’m not sleeping-in today but I am nude outside (at the moment) and it’s a gorgeous day!

It’s so nice that I’m using this as the opportunity to introduce a new feature to A Guy Without Boxers, a post that publishes monthly depicting a nude dude doing what he does best: being outdoors and naked. There’s no other criteria for the image aside from the fact that it has caught my attention in some unique way. It doesn’t even have to showcase a solitary bare guy – it can also showcase a duo or any number of clothes-free men. There are no limitations.

The purpose of this new addition is, of course, to celebrate us nude dudes enjoying ourselves being nude.  It is hoped that some of the photographs used will be so unusual as to be a resource to those of us who like to take pictures of ourselves and our friends naked. Lastly, if nothing else, I trust the photos will inspire at least one other to take a chance and try social nudity. After all, why not be a nakedness missionary to those bound in the cumbersome confines of clothing?

The name of this new feature here is: Nude Dude. It is scheduled to publish on the third Sunday of every month. As this is the inaugural publication, this month, June, 2015, actually has two photographs honored. The first is the image above and the second is the image below this text. Both pictures interested me because in them, the subjects seemingly are oblivious to the fact that they’re naked. It’s as though their nudity is the most natural aspect of living. As naturists/nudists, I think we all agree with that! We’re comfortable in our own skin and that’s all that matters.

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!



Nude Dude, June, 2015


Proudly natural!

Summer Solstice: 2015 Nude Hiking Day


This upcoming Sunday is the Summer Solstice, the official longest day of sunlight in the year (at least in the Northern Hemisphere). Not surprisingly, it’s also World Nude Hiking Day. The day naturist/nudist groups and organizations put their feet to the ground and hike bare (except for appropriate footwear) in optimal daylight. A time to experience nature naturally while nature rewards us with a long stretch of sunshine and (hopefully) warm weather.

Remember those frigid winter days bundled in all those burdensome layers of winter clothing? Now is the time to exact your revenge by parading in just your shoes or boots and stomp away all the cold weather! Hike away, my naked buddies!


Hiking naked is fun for all. It doesn’t require much expensive equipment and usually nothing more than a pair of comfortable hiking shoes/boots. Of course, hiking with friends helps to pass the time and almost always ensures that a grand time-of-fun-in-the-sun is had by all. What’s more, no one cares about what you’re wearing. It’s the fact that you’re not wearing anything at all that’s important!



If you need a break from the rigorous pace of trying to keep up with your bare buddies, when you hike in natural surroundings, there’s always plenty of convenient places to take a moment, rest and recuperate.


Sunday, June 21, is also Father’s Day in the USA. What better way for a father to spend time with his child(ren) than on a fun walk through the woods, everyone naked, of course! Teach your offspring that there’s no shame in being clothes-free.

Helpful Advice for Nude Hiking:


It’s always best to have at least one friend accompany you while on a bare hike, for when there is an emergency. If you’re going in a group, it’s best to have at least one member of the group explore the trail in advance of the hiking event. This reduces the risk of everyone being lost (misplaced) at the same time. This is especially important if you’re hiking on an unfamiliar trail for the first time.


It’s best not to hike in new shoes or boots. Use the worn pair when out in nature. The last thing you want is being in the middle of nowhere with blisters on both your feet. It isn’t a good idea to hike barefoot. The soles of your feet are a naturally tender area of your body. You may look cute naked, but not if you’re limping because your new shoes hurt your feet.


Consolidate back-pack space. Not everyone needs the same identical item in their kit. Let your buddy carry the first aid kit and you carry the potato salad. Divide up the responsibilities to make life easier for all. Just remember not to leave your camera behind!


Make certain that everyone in your group has their mobile communication device with them. In the event that one becomes separated from the rest, it prevents anyone from becoming stranded alone. It’s also essential if there is an emergency, no matter if you’re hiking out in the forest or on a busy city street.

Some additional useful advice:

1. Don’t hike alone.

2. Wear comfortable walking shoes/boots. Avoid new footwear.

3. Remember insect repellant.

4. Don’t forget the sunscreen and apply liberally all over your nude body.

5. Have at least two portable first aid kits for your group.

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!



Above: yours truly leading a hike several years ago


Pride Interview: Recked With Finn West


For those of you who haven’t yet read his blog, Recked With Finn West, (click title to view), please allow me the honor of introducing to you, Finn West, the author (pictured above and throughout this interview). I first met Finn this past March, when his site initially appeared on WordPress.com. Obviously, he’s a man with whom I share many passions, namely that he’s a fellow same gender loving naturist/nudist who also happens to blog. Need I say more?

Finn’s brief sub-title for his blog (link above) is: Your body, naturist and lifestyle blog. I particularly appreciate his unashamed and unapologetic approach to nudity and same gender love. He features advice and helpful affirmation of fitness, health and positive living. A word of caution: his blog, as is A Guy Without Boxers, best read while completely naked. Throughout this interview, you’ll see that Finn is a man after my own heart, he’s not shy about showcasing his bare essentials in front of a camera lens.

Finn enthusiastically responded to my request for an interview and submitted his replies to my interview questions almost as soon as I’d sent them to him. I encourage all reading here to check out his site and follow him regularly.

For the purpose of this interview, his answers are organized in the following categories: sexuality, nudity and blogging. These are listed in chronological order as they are found in the interview below.


1. Growing up, what were you taught either by your family, responsible adults or your religion, about same gender love?

I was brought up in a fairly liberal environment and I feel very fortunate to have the family that I do. So many people have awful recollections of their childhood because they were denied the opportunity to learn and explore without judgment or preconception.

I was taught that same gender love was something that is part of you, something that you are born with. Nobody decides to suddenly be attracted to the same sex. Those that believe it is a choice or that it is caused by environmental factors are sadly mistaken.

Why would young people choose same gender love when they are fully aware that they are opening themselves up to mental abuse and hatred from any number of closed-minded people around them? It simply doesn’t make sense.

Being born gay is as natural as being born heterosexual. Fact. History will prove it!

Religion is a tough one, because so many seemingly intelligent individuals still use texts within the bible as proof that homosexuality is wrong. There are a large number of theological experts who have clearly stated that most people misinterpret text in the bible to simply prove their own point of view. God does not judge homosexuality. Biblical text has to be studied within the context of the time in which it was written. Misinterpreting scripture is dangerous and causes many people significant and unnecessary pain.

God would never judge someone who was born a certain way. We are all created in his image – gays included!

My family taught me that even if I disagree with something, I should not judge unless I have walked a few miles in that person’s shoes.

2. Growing up, did you have any older gay men in your family or as friends of your family?

I met a few people growing up that were openly gay and it was awesome. I also had a number of gay friends at school and at college who I respected deeply for coming out in tough communities. I am sure there were a number of older guys who were gay within my community, but unfortunately many chose not to be open about their sexuality. I look at that with regret, because I am sure I would have learnt a great deal from them.


3. At what age did you become aware of your same gender attraction? When did you “come out” or acknowledge your feelings for other men? How did your family react?

I was always attracted to anyone who I had a connection with. Be that male or female, young or old. My family had no issues whether I brought a man or a woman home for the weekend. My family knew of my views on sexuality by the time I was 14. The only reaction I got from them was – be safe. Like many great parents, they had educated me carefully about not putting myself in danger or bowing to peer pressure. They allowed me to be an individual.

I knew what the consequences of bad decisions were thanks to them and they trusted me to make the right choices. It is arguably the greatest gift they ever gave me.

My first sexual experience was with an older woman and I have very fond memories of that. My first with a guy was a classmate whom I spent many happy hours with.  

Love is relative and nobody can decide who you are attracted to. It just happens. Go with the flow and don’t judge it. It’s all natural.

4. Growing up, did you have any gay friends?

I had a number of gay friends, yes. Remarkable people who showed me what courage truly is. Many of them are close friends to this day.

5. Any advice or words of wisdom for gay youth today?

I would tell young people today not to feel pressure to come out. You will know when you are ready. We live in a modern world where there are so many resources available to learn more about your own feelings. Use those resources, get to know yourself and then when you choose to come out to your family and friends, do so with pride.

It will require extraordinary bravery and you will face many obstacles. There are people who will judge you and hate your guts. There are those that will simply never understand or try to, but that is their problem, not yours.

You are perfect as you are and you will quickly discover who your true friends are. Believe me when I tell you that those will be friends for life.

There are billions of people in the world. Many would give anything to be friends with you. Remember that next time you get depressed because people are unwilling to accept you for who you are.  



6. When you were a child, what were you taught about the human body, specifically nudity?

I was taught that nudity was the most natural thing in the world. Although my parents were not practicing naturists, they had no problem with me being naked.

They never judged me for wanting to be naked and they never will. I know I am fortunate in saying that and feel very lucky that I grew up in an environment where I was allowed to explore my own feelings. They steered me in the right direction on many occasions, but they always allowed me to be an individual.

7. By the time most young people become adolescents, they become very modest regarding their nudity among their peers. The onset of puberty usually causes this body shame. What was your experience in this situation?

Everyone is different and we develop in different ways. Personally due to the fact that I was always naked and saw older cousins and friends develop, I knew what changes to expect.  So when I started to go through puberty myself, I did not feel the need to hide he fact. I was proud that I was growing up. I have fond and very funny memories of counting my increasing number of pubic hairs and showing them off like they were some rare treasure. 

I was also taught that there is a difference between being nude and being sexual. Erections are inevitable when growing up and I wasn’t ashamed of the fact. But my wonderful parents did teach me that if I was in public and it happened, I should just lie down and let it subside. No big deal.

All boys masturbate and explore their sexuality. It’s natural. But my parents did make it clear that overt public sexual displays were unacceptable. They taught me not to confuse being naked with being horny. And that is a vital lesson that I have carried with me over the years.

8. In your youth, did you ever skinny-dip (swim naked) with your peers or siblings?

As a naturist, I only skinny-dipped – hahaha! My family knew that and even if they were clothed, they didn’t judge me for being naked.

I am a beach bum at heart and here was nothing more pleasurable than skinny-dipping in the ocean. It was ultimate freedom and I loved it. I still do.


9. At what age did you realize your interest in naturism? What encouraged you to pursue this interest?

I really didn’t think about it too much growing up. Being naked was as natural as having a meal. I think I formally called myself a naturist for the first time at about 18 when I moved into my first apartment as a student at college. I have lived naked ever since.

10. Are you “open” about your nudist pursuits? Any advice to younger naturists/nudists today?

I am very open about my naturist lifestyle. All my close friends know that I am a born naturist.

I sometimes wish I had had the opportunity to visit nudist resorts on holiday as a child but unfortunately, my family were not into naturism. I don’t judge them for that. We are all different. But sometimes I think it would have been nice to have shared my naturist passion with more people my age growing up.

My advice to younger naturists  who are not part of a naturist family is to make a friend who is. All kid’s go on weekends away with their mates and their mate’s families. Go with them on a naturist vacation and enjoy it.

I would also say to be brave and go naked whenever you can. You may just be the one that inspires others to get naked, too. That was certainly my experience with friends at school.



11. Have you always been interested in writing?

Yes, I have always had a passion for writing. It inspires me to learn more about myself everyday. It challenges me to create informed opinions. I would be incomplete without it.

12. What influenced you to pursue blogging?

I felt it was important to challenge people to ink for themselves. Blogging is a wonderful way to explore your own identity. The feedback from fellow bloggers allows you to grow as an individual.

There is also so much negativity in the media today that I felt some positive stories would be appreciated.

13. As the author of a public blog that features yourself as a gay man and as a naturist, has this produced a negative impact in your life? Has this had any positive effect in your life?

All the feedback I have received has been positive. I am thankful for that. I see y blog as a platform to simply discuss, explore and learn more about my interests and passions. We only grow when we share and communicate those opinions with others.

As for potential negative impacts, I wouldn’t give a shit if people chose to judge me for what I write or who I am. That is their problem. End of story.

14. In what ways has your writing evolved throughout your blogging experience?

It has challenged me to explore things I have not always made time for. My blog is simply a public extension of the writing I have always done in private.

15. Any words of wisdom for younger bloggers today?

Be brave and explore the subjects that have meaning to you.

You will be surprised at how invaluable your thoughts and experiences are to other people. Be unique and never censor yourself unnecessarily. Share what is on your mind, be honest and you will inevitably grow as a human being.


Thank you, Finn!  Your commitment of both energy and time to this interview is appreciated by not only myself but the readers and visitors here as well. As a token of our gratitude, you are added to the A Guy Without Boxers special page dedicated to all interview subjects and guest bloggers, The Page of Fame: Dare 2 Bare. Click on the page title to see Finn’s nude place of honor. Join him as we celebrate all the other bloggers who have the courage to bare themselves and proudly share their skin!

Above is Finn’s WordPress.com gravatar. The motto on the underside of his lower lip, Let’s live, honestly reflects both the man and his blog: Recked With Finn West. It has been a privilege to be wrecked naked with you, sir!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


Author’s Note:

The photographs of the interview subject above are the personal property of the subject, Finn West, and may not be used without his written permission.






Our Wedding, My Conundrum!


What the hell was I thinking? I’ve been asking myself that question over and over these past several months. Once we became betrothed (I still am in love with that word), Aaron offered to pay for the services of a professional wedding planner. Why bother? I replied. How difficult can it be to plan a nude wedding?

Aha! If I only knew then what I am quickly learning now. Planning any type of event, nude or otherwise, is no small matter. Good that I shave my head every morning. If not, I’d have pulled out all of my head hairs by now! Then I’d be both bald and bloody!

Wedding planning involves more logistics than a manned space flight to Mars. And now that the late-August deadline (an ominous name for our wedding day) fast approaches, I want to slow-down the calendar to a snail’s pace in order to gain more time!


I’m performing gymnastic maneuvers in trying to resolve all the issues we’re encountering in organizing this simple ceremony to officially begin our lives legally as one. So much so that it’s making me dizzy when I sit and begin to recall what we have and haven’t yet decided. We’re both proud same gender loving men however be advised that there is no appropriate buttock comment to be made here! I’m in a quandary here and besides, they’re simply not at all funny! (I can be a bitch when I’m in one of my moods)!

Our first hint of trouble arrived over the subject of flowers. Both comments came from our mothers!


Aaron and I made the mutual decision that they were unnecessary. There would be a small centerpiece in front of the person officiating the nuptials and that would be it. No frills, no gaudiness, no floral shops nude of their blossoms. Keep it simple.

My future mother-in-law was shocked. My own mother almost had a coronary. They talked on the telephone to one another almost half the night on top of the emails they exchanged. They forged an alliance that would rival that of the Allied nations of World Was II. Both Churchill and Roosevelt would have been envious of their conspiracy. They were determined to have their way! And they did!


The next battle with our mothers involved the officiating clergy. We (Aaron and I) agreed to a civil wedding, no clergy involved. Aaron’s family is Roman Catholic. Mine is Greek Orthodox. Neither of these ecclesiastical institutions has any interest in ceding apostolic jurisdiction to the other when it involves the sacrament of matrimony. Even when the two people being “matrimonized” are both men. Funny how both churches oppose marriage equality publicly yet when two families, one of each faith, seek a priest to officiate, each church claims apostolic superiority over the other.   

Not only are we fighting our mothers on this issue. Our fathers (the earthly sperm-donors, not the heavenly one) have entered this particular war. And the battleground on this issue isn’t looking too pretty for either side. Not even the threats of eternal damnation into the fires of hell are forcing Aaron and I to change our minds on this issue. Those types of admonishments may have worked when we were both younger, but not anymore. We’re both adults now and besides, hell doesn’t seem that unpleasant a place like it did in the past.


These are just two examples of the pressures that we’re both dealing with over our nuptials. We haven’t even started telling every one of our plans to be wed while we’re both completely naked. Both of our sets of parents know this. Thankfully, in their eyes, the presence of a clergyman trumps the matter of us both being clothes-free. Other relatives in both families may not have the same priorities, however. This particular battle may be the fiercest yet.

Of course, we both have some close friends who have some very strong opinions on what should happen at a same gender loving wedding. No offense is intended, but it is our day and our wedding. The only two people we really need to please are ourselves.

After all of the heartaches, the headaches and the bald scalp, is Aaron worth all this? You’d best believe he is, all this and a whole lot more!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

June Pride Month Pic-Say


Our pride in ourselves is more than just about who we love. For many, our same gender loving (dual gender loving) reality often determines how we view the world just as often as it is indicative of how much of the world sees us.


Pride parades are a popular method to celebrate June as Pride Month, especially when we’re able to march nude, as these men in Toronto, Canada! However, our pride as gay nudists is much more than participating in a once-a-year parade. Our pride entails celebrating ourselves for being us, every day of the year!


NY Pride March 2012

NY Pride March 2012

Our feelings of pride empowers us to surround ourselves with friends and loved ones who accept us for exactly who we are: clothes-free and same gender loving (or dual gender loving) people!


Our pride in ourselves encompasses more than just our sexuality and our preference for living life, as much as possible, without the nuisance of cumbersome clothing. We all, in our own way, try to live life to the fullest and to be generous, kind and productive members of our broader society.


So during this season of pride, let us not be ashamed of who we are and who we love. Now is the time for us all to exhibit our confidence in ourselves, our bodies and in being the men that we indeed are. There is no guilt or shame in being ourselves. Our collective confidence inspires others to be true to themselves.


Yours truly showing his pride as a same gender loving man and as a naturist/nudist. It would be hypocritical of me not to do so. How can you preach pride if you can’t practice it?


Pride Month comes only once a year. Make it count. Live with pride every day of your life!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


High Five, Bare Bear Pride!


There’s no better way to begin the June Pride Month feature of our High Five, Bare Bear series here on A Guy Without Boxers than with a photograph of my same gender loving fellow blogger, Fabien, the author of his own blog, Nude Fab. Please check it out by clicking the title (if you aren’t already a follower). Whether he considers himself a bear or not is immaterial as he’s proudly sporting a true bare-ish manner relaxing in his own home that he shares with his husband of ten years in Nova Scotia, Canada.


As long as you have your hand on your browser, click onto Keepin’ It…REAL! the blog of my dual gender loving (bisexual) buddy and nude friend, RobFather-X (pictured above). Rob doesn’t view himself as a member of the bear culture but as you can see, he has many of the qualities that make bears so very attractive and loveable. I’d never forgive myself if I overlooked him here!


My Lebanese blogging friend, who writes the blog, Closet Conflicts, is a fan of thick, hairy men and offers two entertaining and insightful looks at the Bear culture in our same gender loving community. The first is: Subearstitions: 6 Misconceptions About Bear Culture, the second one is: My Adventures on Growlr, Part 3. Click on the individual title to read each post. They’re among two of the best descriptions on Bear life that I’ve seen; humorous, informative and uncomplicated.

My naked brother, blogging buddy and friend, Rob (pictured in the second photo, above), the author of the site, Keepin’ It…REAL! presents an accurate and astute observation on hirsute masculinity via his Tumblr.com companion blog, Male Oriented Erotica and Perspectives. Click the blog title to go directly to his entry. This article is an ongoing work-in-progress and frequently updated. His advice, thoughts and views on the furry male are unique as they are written from his vantage point as a dual gender loving (bisexual) man who proudly grows his own decent amount of body hair. He addresses this topic from an entirely different angle and outside the Bear community. Rob and I are both advocates of men keeping their body hair natural.

Obsession+(12) (1)

My fellow-blogger, part-time nudist and Canadian-born friend from the United Kingdom, Martin Wilson, creator of the blog, Ramblings of a Supposed Disease Free Mind, has published on his site several accounts of his experiences at London pubs (bars) popular with Bears. Martin self-identifies as a Bear fan himself and has written of a recent Bear-nakation at a British clothing-optional beach. Martin’s perspective is honest and sincere as he’s  a practitioner and not a mere observer of bare-Bear living. Click the post titles, Fitting the Physical Stereotype,   and Brighton Bear Weekender, 2014, to read all about his adventures among hairy gay men.

Chris, a blogging buddy and writer of the journal, Colors of Passion, has recently discovered his attraction to Bears and their culture. Click the title, Bear Obsession, to read of his realization of his preference for bear-ish men. Click the title, Furnace, to se his recounting his first time visit to a gay bar on their customary Bear night, celebrating hairy men. Chris himself an enthusiastic furry fan!


A Guy Without Boxers offers the High Five, Bare Bear monthly series in tribute and appreciation to all our same gender loving and dual gender loving naturist/nudist fraternity who keep their body hair growing as nature intended. Despite the current trend to appear hairless or smooth, they defy convention and proudly display themselves hairy, nude and in the glory of their masculinity. They are style-setters and not merely style-followers.

At the same time, A Guy Without Boxers acknowledges that it is every man’s prerogative whether or not to groom (trim), manscape or to shave his own body hair. I respect and support this right. The freedom of self-determination extends to personal appearance as well as other aspects of their respective lives.


In fairness to those men who decide to alter their natural body hair, my friend and blogging buddy, Dontae Lewis, author of the site, Me Sardonic, Me Sarcastic, composed a guest blogger post here titled, Guest Blogger: Red Fish, Blue Fish, Shaved Fish, Nude Fish (click to view). In this entry, Dontae humorously explains why he shaves his body hairs while incorporating the world of the famous children’s writer, Dr. Seuss (via his parody of the Dr. Seuss book, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish). Please check out Dontae’s blog as well as his guest contribution here.

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


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