Happy Earth Day!


Earth Day, 2015, is here and it’s time to find a quiet, peaceful and secluded natural location, strip nude and relax to contemplate what we can do to preserve and to conserve our environment. There are many naturist-friendly causes that need our support and involvement. It’s also a good time to investigate naturist/nudist groups in you area and consider joining them to further our clothes-free effort. Of course, with the arrival of Spring throughout the Northern Hemisphere, more than likely, it’s a great day to enjoy our nudity outside!

Actually, Earth Day is officially observed on April 22, annually. However, according to many, everyday is Earth Day! So, according to this line of thought, get naked quick, get outside and enjoy nature naturally!

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970, as a time to commemorate and promote environmental protection. The concept spread all over the world as the idea took hold over the general public and many in the scientific community.

Naturist/nudist groups and organizations were among the first to endorse and promote the concept and the ideals of environmental conservation. Often, in many localities, the clothes-free community became avid sponsors of Earth Day activities and observances. This partnership soon produced the internationally phenomenon now known as the World Naked Bike Ride which combines the themes of naturism/nudity and the ideals of Earth Day in creating a pollution-free atmosphere, a cycling-friendly world, and a safe, fun-filled event that promotes the vulnerability of “pedal-power” over fossil-fuel powered engines.

For several seasons now, there is a group in my area that sponsors clothing optional environmental clean-ups on remote public lands. Unfortunately, these initiatives usually take place during the work-week so Aaron ad I have been unable to participate as we are, naturally, at work.


Above and below, nude environmental clean-up efforts.



Above: World Naked Bike Ride participant.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Cuz, Is That You?


In a previous post, I introduced my first cousin, Michael Poladopoulos, refer to and click the post, My Nude Family Tree. He’s on my paternal side of my family and the son of my father’s brother and my Nigerian-born aunt (Yoruba tribe). He’s their youngest son and like Twin (my brother, Alex) and myself is also Deaf, same gender loving and a naturist/nudist. Unlike some in the bare community, he’s not ashamed nor embarrassed to be photographed naked, nor having those images published. The above photo is one I made in 2010 when Michael was living near Jacksonville, Florida. Aaron and I stayed with him for half-a-week while nakationing in the area.

Michael is eight years younger than Twin and I and in August, when the entire Poladopoulos family returns to Greece, he’d follow Twin and I like he was a combination of our shadows. Wherever we were, Cuz (as we called him), was always close by. A couple of summers, we’d wake up in the mornings and find him asleep on a flakoti (a Greek fur rug) on the floor beside our shared bed. On these occasions, he’d be just as clothes-free as were Twin and I. We just assumed his attachment to us was because we all were Deaf and communicated in our natural language (Greek Sign Language). It wasn’t until Twin and I were in university that he shared with us that he is also gay.

Like all of our male cousins, Michael always joined in the antics when we skinny-dipped. This activity was never considered as indicative of any preference for social nudity as much as it was a preference for escaping the heat and engaging in familial fun and mischief. Even in the water, Michael was never far from either Alex (Twin) or myself. We both recall the summer that we entered into puberty Michael’s curiosity and fascination with our newly visible body hair and physically developing bodies. It seemed he was always asking questions, wondering when the same changes would happen to him.


Michael didn’t move to this country from Greece until he completed secondary education and entered university, the same one I attended and where I work today. Twin and I missed seeing him when we made our annual trip to Greece in August, 1998. Upon arrival, we were told that he was in the USA preparing for his freshman year at university. When we learned this, we assumed he was following his plans from the year before and taking a semester to tour the East Coast prior to beginning his studies in January. We both wondered why he hadn’t emailed us as promised.

In October of that same year, I was attending one of the Washington, DC’s cocktail hours hosted by one of the several same gender loving nudist social groups. It was the first gathering of the post-summer season and many new faces were there for the start of another social season. As I milled about the lounge area, I was shocked to see the face and nude body of my younger cousin walking into the bar area. I immediately waved but failed to get his attention.

Still surprised but very happy to see him, I began to wind my way over to him. As I approached, I noticed him standing alone in a corner looking somewhat lost. The closer I got, he finally recognized me and rapidly met me with a cozy naked hug and a warm embrace. Awkwardly, I disengaged from our greeting and rather clumsily managed to sign: Hi Cuz, when did you get so damn hairy? (Refering to the fur he was now sporting on his chest.)

We managed to locate a table, sat down and began a very lengthy and animated conversation on updates, family and, of course, his nakedness and our nudity! There was just too much to discuss in just this one encounter. We attempted to cover it all in this unplanned meeting but all-to-soon realized we needed more time to cover all our topics. The three-hour nude cocktail event was almost over and neither of us had the time to introduce one another to our friends. The old adage is true: time does fly past when you’re having fun!


An older photo of “Cuz,” Michael Poladopoulos, from his first blog

Before we reluctantly departed, we made plans to get together at my apartment the following weekend. I knew that Twin (my identical twin brother, Alex) had agreed to visit at that time. A miniature but totally naked family reunion was in the works for then! A good time was anticipated by all!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


Author’s Note: The above pictures are property of the author and the subject and may not be used without written permission.

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!


Pic-Say: April Antics



Spring time, Easter and that infamous Bunny with his basket of colored eggs. What do they have in common with April? Mostly the fact that they all occur – usually – during the first full month of the Spring Season: April. This is one of my favorite months of the entire year. It’s my birth-month, Aaron’s birth-month and we’re daily reminded, by the return of the long-dormant foliage, of the wonders of nature and the joys of life. And who doesn’t love those coconut candies covered in dark chocolate that get packed inside pastel-colored foil paper and end up in Easter baskets? Hop over my way, my bare bunny!


When April arrives, frolic and fun is sure to follow. The warming temperatures work like a magnet to draw the people outside and out of their clothes. There’s no better way to celebrate the return of Spring and the bright sunlight than by being clothes-free. It seems that nudity automatically accompanies the Spring every time it returns and it’s followers increase annually. April is obviously allergic to clothing! I, for one, am so happy to see my world once more populated by bare bodies of all abilities, colors, sizes and shapes!


The naked men aren’t the only welcome improvement to the landscape. The proliferation of blossoms appearing on all the Spring flowers adds beauty to the natural surroundings. An appropriate representation of the season of re-birth and renewal that accompanies the annual arrival of Spring.


It is somehow ironic that as we celebrate and embrace the return of foliage to nature, clothing the barren with both beauty and color, we commemorate with removing our own clothing and offering our nudity in joy and gratitude!


For many, late April is the ideal time to head to the shores and celebrate the return of the Sun Season! Bare it all and welcome another year of naked fun in the sands of the clothes-free beaches! Get nude and have fun with a friend enjoying the sunshine!

Welcome and be happy with the return of Spring!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!




Naked Prayer


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post entitled Greek Independence Day  (click to view) in commemoration of the 1821 uprising that lead to freedom from Turkish occupation. In this posting, I discussed that one of the reasons behind ancient Greek nudity was the religious belief that athletes competing naked were paying tribute to all the Greek gods. Bottom line: being naked is a form of prayer. In other words, when I am nude, I am, basically, praying.

The minute that post published, the proverbial light-bulb exploded inside my mind. This concept could be the answer to every naturist or nudist prayer, real or imaginary, proverbial or actual. This could become the beginning of a spiritual revival that the church-world has never seen before. Not to mention an entire new meaning to the term: fundamentalist.

I recently participated in an online discussion on the topic of if nudity became a religion, would I join the naked church. I scoffed at the idea arguing that nakedness is a lifestyle and not a belief system. Therefore, the two are not compatible. Now, I need to reconsider my entire argument and that’s why I am revisiting this topic here. After all, people are permitted to evolve in their positions on certain issues.

Before I go further, I need to apologize to the author of that blog posting proposing a church of nudity. The original was re-blogged and I have tried all the blogs that I follow but am unable to recover the source. That’s one of several problems I have with arbitrary re-blogging posts without first securing the author’s permission. The entire practice easily gets out-of-hand and often assumes a life of its own and is almost impossible to trace. But now I digress.


The idea of my nudity as a means of prayer appeals to me because it is very similar to one of the many reasons as to why I am naked now. I see my bare body as a way of honoring nature and the natural state-of-being. It doesn’t require a huge leap-of-faith to recognize the correlation between prayer and belief. The only obstacle remaining in my evolving on this matter is what deity is being honored in this proposed church. There are so many available. Personally, I was baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church at birth. In practice, I do not identify myself as a member of any particular faith community.

I have not undergone any type of religious conversion or reawakening. Instead, I think this is a natural progression towards a deeper understanding of my preference for living life clothes-free. My being nude is a means of honoring my humanity and my celebration of striving to serve all of humankind. I volunteer for a number of organizations that provide services that improve the quality of life of those in need. Through my nudity I am highlighting our universal sameness: naked, we are all the same. Clothes put a barrier between us that accentuates power, status, economic division and acceptance. Nude, we remove the artificial textiles that empower and demean us. We honor our collective universality and our vulnerability. We are all equal when we are bare. My compassion doesn’t necessarily stem from my nakedness, however, I do believe that my practice of nudity makes me more compassionate.

When I am naked, my prayer is for my oneness with my natural world. It instills inside my soul my duty and my responsibility to respect and protect my world, our environment. We all share this planet and it is up to us, the dominant species to assume and practice our role of protector and guardian to ensure livable habitation for the future. As a species, we have destroyed and abused far too much through ignorance and greed. It is now our time, before it is too late, to conserve and preserve.


When I am naked, I am both happy and humble. My humbleness stems from my inability to conceal my physical flaws and shortcomings. These are the characteristics that make me unique among my fellow humans. Instead of creating shame, these scars become a badge of honor that I wear with pride. My happiness is caused by my knowledge that for whatever length of time, I am once again free from the restraint of clothing. This happiness is shared with my clothes-free peers and others around me who happen to be clothed. Hopefully, this prayer of joyousness spreads my mood of euphoria with others. They, in turn, pass along this joy to even more people throughout the day, thus making this world a better place for us all.

I like the concept of nakedness as a form of prayer. It helps to foster a spirit of unity and connection that is somehow sorely needed in our modern world. It restores to my soul a sense of well-being and balance.

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

A new philosophy to incorporate into our lives!


Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!








Here I am, nude and free,

Enjoying my life, naturally!

Under skies so blue and out in the sun,

Nude and proud, not to be outdone.

Beside the river, in the ocean or the sea,

Skinny-dipping, just happy being me!

~Roger Poladopoulos~

* * *

Ever desired the opportunity to publish a brief article detailing a personal socially nude experience?

Ever wanted to try your hand (and fingers) at blogging?

Would like to contribute to a larger nude-affirming or gay-affirming effort without a time commitment?

* * *


A Guy Without Boxers

First Spring Bare-It-All!

The very First Spring Bare-It-All Challenge assignment : in an minimum of 350 words, describe your first-time skinny-dipping experience. Remember to incorporate your feelings, your reactions and the reason you decided to repeat the activity.  

This is not a contest! There are no winners! There are no losers! A chance to share your nudity with others! Take a selfie or have someone take a photo of you nude and submit both typed entry and picture to me at:


Submission deadline: May 2, 2015

Photo Deadline: same date (May 2)

Select a title for your entry, include email return address, attach image (jpg, jpeg) format only, & first name. The enclosed image must be nude (full frontal is not required but is accepted, no erections). The image you enter must be your own and must be attached to entry.

So start your true experience typing, shed your clothes and get ready to share some skin! 

skinnydipperBassBald SkinnyDipCompetition

Entries will be posted during Nude Recreation Week,

July, 2015

Strip bare and please start typing your entry!


No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


Betrothed: A Grin On My Chin!


Yes, that’s right! Aaron and I are now officially engaged to be married. Total marriage equality has been legal in the Commonwealth of Virginia (the state where we reside) since October 6, 2014, when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal and let the lower court ruling that the state ban on same gender weddings was unconstitutional. Since late last summer, we’ve both endured enormous pressure from our parents (both families) to get married and make our relationship official.

During my Spring Break week (March 8-15, 2015), while visiting with Aaron’s parents in Roanoke, Virginia, we exchanged rings and officially became engaged to each other. No date has been set at this time for the wedding ceremony but we’re thinking for the late summer. Originally, we were going to do the “ring-thing” on Valentine’s Day weekend. However, the President’s Day commitment to our friends trumped the engagement ritual and so we postponed the tradition until Spring Break mini-holiday. Click here to view the post discussing this dilemma: Presidential Nudity.

So, on Tuesday. March 10, 2015, Aaron and I exchanged thin, white-gold bands and became promised to one another. With this simple and private act, over a dessert and glass of champagne, we two became engaged as one. We are now betrothed.


In the few short weeks since this happened, I’ve grown rather fond of the term, betrothed. It’s antiquated and that adds to the mystery and to the mystique. We’re not yet man and man but we’re no longer single. We’re on the journey down the path to legally becoming us. We now proudly and lovingly wear our matching bands on the ring-finger of the hand opposite the customary one. It is our visible “badge” of intent of honoring and publicly professing our love. I’ll share with all here that after we placed these rings on each other’s hands, we both had a few tears in our eyes. No matter how carefully planned (and postponed), it is indeed a very emotional moment.

After we’d finished our dessert and regained our composure, we opened our engagement gifts to one another. Aaron gave me a stainless-steel bracelet engraved symbolizing the two of us becoming one and I gave to him a yellow-gold Orthodox crucifix that matches mine. Next, we paid for our dinner and returned to his parents to share our news with them. On the drive back to their home, we assured each other that neither one of us had told them what was happening over our private meal.


Arriving at Aaron’s family home, we were surprised to discover all the lights off save the front door and the light from his parent’s bedroom. Upon entering the front hallway, we were speechless and shocked when the lights came on and his entire family greeted us with another glass of champagne and congratulations! A huge cake with both of our names on it waited for our return in the dining room. My soon-to-be in-laws had gathered to celebrate our betrothal! Our planned announcement had now been upstaged by the very one’s we were hoping to surprise.

The immediate question in both of our minds was how did Aaron’s parents know about our betrothal? However, the enthusiasm from all of his family (including his homophobic sister) was overwhelming and we didn’t have the presence of mind or the time to question anyone. As the unsuspecting “guests of honor” at this celebration, we scarcely had a moment to ourselves, not to mention interrogate others. Aaron’s father, forever the gracious host, made certain that everyone’s champagne glass remained full. Knowing my limited tolerance for alcohol, he made sure that mine was refilled with apple juice.

Later that evening, after everyone left, we resolved the mystery of our big surprise of the evening. Both Aaron and I had separately confided to David, Aaron’s oldest brother, our news. He’s the one who shared this with their parents who, in turn, invited the rest of their family to join in our betrothal party. I was amazed that Aaron’s siblings were able to keep a secret from the both of us. Usually, any news within their family unit is broadcast immediately to any and all. Both of his parents showed no sign of remorse over this indiscretion and remained elated about our upcoming nuptials until the wee hours of the following morning.

Now, the stressful aspect of wedding planning begins. Initially, we both wanted a nude ceremony but not all of our families are comfortable publicly naked. So we postponed this decision (Aaron strongly advocated this). Now that we have to actually finalize plans, last night, when he returned home, Aaron informed me: Maybe you’re right. It should be “Naked Mandatory.” Who know’s? At least we’ll be legally wed, clothes-free and blissfully happy! At least I have a date for the nuptials that don’t yet have a date!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!



High Five, Bare Bear


A Guy Without Boxers

salutes all our gay naturist/nudist brothers who allow their body hair to grow, naturally! 

Leave it to the same gender loving community, my self-identified community, to create and develop an entire class of masculinity to admire and emulate not only within our own culture but throughout the entire mainstream culture, internationally. So widespread has the stereotypical “bear” image become that it is now recognized throughout the world as a standard adjective used to physically describe a type of man with little confusion as to reference and meaning.

In addition to universal instant recognition, the Bear culture as spawned the growth of numerous sub-groups of gay men related to the original Bear image. It’s true that not all men who fit the Bear stereotype self-identify as such and the same holds true for the sub-groups. However, the image persists and is frequently used to describe all men who fit the standard profile regardless as to whether they self-identify as such. Again, in a growing number of cases, the same applies to Bear-related sub-groups as well. Judgments are being made based on physical appearance only.


Personally, I have mixed feelings over this growing trend within our community. Until I added the High Five, Bare Bear feature to A Guy Without Boxers, I never realized (noticed?) this about our culture. I have always been attracted to certain types of “bearish” men, in reality, I never dated or had a relationship with one. Now that I am passionately in love with a man who’s attracted to the same, we have reached the conclusion that it’s all superfluous. Although we’re both physically attracted to them, neither one of us are actually “bears.” I have a slender but athletic build and moderate body hair. Aaron is slightly less slender than me and less body hair.

So what explains our appreciation and fascination with the stereotypical bear? Is it genetic? Is it a learned behavior? Is it a “daddy” fetish?

Aaron and I have discussed this many times during the past several years and are unable to form a consensus. Are we so self-absorbed in our culture that we’re focusing on nothing more than physical attraction and not on the man himself? Are we obsessed the body and not the mind, heart and soul?

In one discussion of this topic Aaron and I were quite candid. What is the first attribute of a man who you notice? was the question we were answering. I was innocently being honest as I replied: His armpits. Aaron was being the same when he replied: His feet. Everyone else in the group answered with either mind, heart or soul. Even though this was the first session of a eight-week seminar being offered, we both got up and walked out, never to return. Although we’d paid a hefty price to enroll in this class, if others aren’t being honest, then we knew it wasn’t for us.


This happened this past January. The reason we both decided to discontinue the class was that if others weren’t willing to share honestly, then why waste our time. Nothing beneficial would result. We would not find the answers that caused us to pursue the subject.

If anyone has a different or similar point of view on his subject, I encourage post a comment here. I feel this is a topic worth discussing. An open forum is a good place to try to reach a conclusion. Thanks!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


End of March, 2015


Bottoms Up!

End of March, 2015

It’s the end of March and the Spring of 2015 has officially arrived! The long, cold winter is at last over and it’s once again time to bare our bottoms (and all the rest of our bodies) in celebration of the return of the season to frolic naked outside. Dance, embrace and proudly parade our nudity for all to see! It’s time for all to be nude and to be naturally free!  


One of the benefits of the beginning of April is the energy and enthusiasm the month brings along with it. The arrival of the Springtime is welcomed by virtually everyone who has survived the horrors of winter. We cavort naked in celebration of another dreary season over and we herald the promise of rebirth and renewal.


So expose your buttocks and join the line to revel in the impending coming of the warmer weather. As the outside temperatures rise, so, too, do our hopes and expectations for an exciting and fun-filled time of joy and merriment.  Let the good times begin!


Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Spring Play Day!


Last year, early April, 2014, on my birthday, Aaron and I left for a day at the park to celebrate. It was an unusually warm and sunny morning (April is the peak of the rainy season here) and we were both too ready for a sunshine sojourn after a bleak and dreary winter. It was time to enjoy living and return to outdoor frolics! It was my birthday so I decided to drive clothes-free and Aaron stripped out of his shorts and shirt before we were even halfway at the park.


The previous autumn, we had discovered this secluded spot in a riverfront public hiking space along the Potomac River. This sign above caught our attention and just begged us to return and try it out, while taking full advantage of its advertised amenity.  Neither one of us could resist the temptation to explore new terrain, especially while nude. There’s no way we were going to stay confined by clothing on such a promising day as this.

And so we returned the following Spring, on my birthday. And just as instructed, once w stepped across the invisible boundary line, both Aaron and I dropped our shorts and removed our T-shirts. Naked again, at last! Happy days are here!


Once we had stored our clothes, Aaron grabbed my camera and I scurried about, exploring te new campsite and looking for early signs of Spring in nature. Aaron jokingly asked me: Why are you looking all over for signs of Spring? Just look at us! We’re both bare-assed naked! What other sign do you need? Of course, he’s absolutely correct! Just what I need, a partner who’s a smart-ass! But, I dare not anger him by telling him that, after all, he’s the one holding the camera!

Soon, we’d completed our exploratory inspection of the surroundings and in doing so, realized our appetite had returned. Aaron put away the photography equipment and we unpacked our picnic lunch. I retrieved our blanket from my backpack and within minutes we were seated along the riverfront and admiring the view of the river, the sunshine and the signs of Spring all around us.


Although we were only about an hours drive west from our condo, we were both amazed at the difference in the scenery. At our home, the leaves were reappearing on the trees and blossoms were already blooming. Here, the trees were covered in nothing more than promising buds of what was yet to come. It was as though we’d shaved two weeks off the calendar. The outdoor temperatures were almost the identical, yet nature was somehow out of sync.

As the entire matter was beyond our control, we decided not to waste any more time pondering the issue. This was our one day for fun in the sun while bare and we were determined to make the most of it. After all, this was the chilly and rainy season. Who knows when another warm and sunny day will reappear?


Towards the end of our lunch, we both noticed a group on the opposite bank of the river hoist a rainbow flag over their “playground.” Not to be outdone, Aaron rummaged through our backpack and retrieved ours. We hung it on a bare branch. Both of us felt the need to dutifully represent our community, also. Visibility at all costs.


Shortly afterwards, a slight breeze began to blow that soon became what can best be described as chilly. Lacking the resolve to end the day combatting falling temperatures, we decided it was best to pack our belongings, get dressed and head back home. This brief encounter with Spring had lifted our spirits and reminded us that warmer weather is indeed headed our way. A Spring day we both considered well spent.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

*  *  *

Author’s Special Note:


Olukayode Olumuyiwa Ogunyemi


Declan Keegan

Best wishes and much love as you begin your lives together as one!

March 26, 2015

Greek Independence Day!


On March 25, 1821, the date of the Feast of the Annunciation of the Theotokos (Mother of God) in the Greek Orthodox Church, the Greek people, as one and encouraged by their ecclesiastics, rose in revolt against their Ottoman Turk oppressors. This uprising marked the beginning of eight years of struggle that culminated with the signing of the Treaty of Adrianople in 1829 that terminated almost 400 years of Turkish rule with independence for the modern Greek state.


greek flag 2

The current Greek flag reflects that fight for freedom. The white cross in the upper left corner represents the Cross of St. George honoring the role the Church and it’s clergy played in the war to end the foreign domination of Greece. The alternating blue and white stripes symbolize the waves of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, which surround the Greek peninsula and islands. The number of stripes depict the letters of the Greek word for freedom, eliftheria, as spelled in the Greek alphabet.


Classic Greek culture has long been synonymous with nudity. Practically everyone is familiar with images of the gods of Mt. Olympus cavorting clothes-free and the ancient Olympians competing naked with their bodies shiny from sweat and moisturizing natural ointments. This tradition of nakedness was usually practiced by men in combat and competitions more so than women. As was the custom of the times and the culture, nudity was viewed as a masculine trait.

The modern word “gymnasium” is derived from the ancient Greek term gymnos which meant “a place to train naked.” Nudity was mandatory in the practices and preparation of athletes and in their competitions. This was based on their religious belief that athletic excellence and physical prowess was an offering to all the gods. Being naked was a tribute honoring all the deities. An interesting concept.

Yesterday (Sunday, March 22), Aaron and I hosted various clothes-free family members and their “significant others” for a brunch in honor of Greek Independence Day (and the arrival of Spring). Our one-bedroom condo is too small for any Olympic competitions, so we all had to content ourselves with simple nudity and feasting. Ideals well-worth fighting for!

 Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!



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