Spring Play Day!


Last year, early April, 2014, on my birthday, Aaron and I left for a day at the park to celebrate. It was an unusually warm and sunny morning (April is the peak of the rainy season here) and we were both too ready for a sunshine sojourn after a bleak and dreary winter. It was time to enjoy living and return to outdoor frolics! It was my birthday so I decided to drive clothes-free and Aaron stripped out of his shorts and shirt before we were even halfway at the park.


The previous autumn, we had discovered this secluded spot in a riverfront public hiking space along the Potomac River. This sign above caught our attention and just begged us to return and try it out, while taking full advantage of its advertised amenity.  Neither one of us could resist the temptation to explore new terrain, especially while nude. There’s no way we were going to stay confined by clothing on such a promising day as this.

And so we returned the following Spring, on my birthday. And just as instructed, once w stepped across the invisible boundary line, both Aaron and I dropped our shorts and removed our T-shirts. Naked again, at last! Happy days are here!


Once we had stored our clothes, Aaron grabbed my camera and I scurried about, exploring te new campsite and looking for early signs of Spring in nature. Aaron jokingly asked me: Why are you looking all over for signs of Spring? Just look at us! We’re both bare-assed naked! What other sign do you need? Of course, he’s absolutely correct! Just what I need, a partner who’s a smart-ass! But, I dare not anger him by telling him that, after all, he’s the one holding the camera!

Soon, we’d completed our exploratory inspection of the surroundings and in doing so, realized our appetite had returned. Aaron put away the photography equipment and we unpacked our picnic lunch. I retrieved our blanket from my backpack and within minutes we were seated along the riverfront and admiring the view of the river, the sunshine and the signs of Spring all around us.


Although we were only about an hours drive west from our condo, we were both amazed at the difference in the scenery. At our home, the leaves were reappearing on the trees and blossoms were already blooming. Here, the trees were covered in nothing more than promising buds of what was yet to come. It was as though we’d shaved two weeks off the calendar. The outdoor temperatures were almost the identical, yet nature was somehow out of sync.

As the entire matter was beyond our control, we decided not to waste any more time pondering the issue. This was our one day for fun in the sun while bare and we were determined to make the most of it. After all, this was the chilly and rainy season. Who knows when another warm and sunny day will reappear?


Towards the end of our lunch, we both noticed a group on the opposite bank of the river hoist a rainbow flag over their “playground.” Not to be outdone, Aaron rummaged through our backpack and retrieved ours. We hung it on a bare branch. Both of us felt the need to dutifully represent our community, also. Visibility at all costs.


Shortly afterwards, a slight breeze began to blow that soon became what can best be described as chilly. Lacking the resolve to end the day combatting falling temperatures, we decided it was best to pack our belongings, get dressed and head back home. This brief encounter with Spring had lifted our spirits and reminded us that warmer weather is indeed headed our way. A Spring day we both considered well spent.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

*  *  *

Author’s Special Note:


Olukayode Olumuyiwa Ogunyemi


Declan Keegan

Best wishes and much love as you begin your lives together as one!

March 26, 2015

Greek Independence Day!


On March 25, 1821, the date of the Feast of the Annunciation of the Theotokos (Mother of God) in the Greek Orthodox Church, the Greek people, as one and encouraged by their ecclesiastics, rose in revolt against their Ottoman Turk oppressors. This uprising marked the beginning of eight years of struggle that culminated with the signing of the Treaty of Adrianople in 1829 that terminated almost 400 years of Turkish rule with independence for the modern Greek state.


greek flag 2

The current Greek flag reflects that fight for freedom. The white cross in the upper left corner represents the Cross of St. George honoring the role the Church and it’s clergy played in the war to end the foreign domination of Greece. The alternating blue and white stripes symbolize the waves of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, which surround the Greek peninsula and islands. The number of stripes depict the letters of the Greek word for freedom, eliftheria, as spelled in the Greek alphabet.


Classic Greek culture has long been synonymous with nudity. Practically everyone is familiar with images of the gods of Mt. Olympus cavorting clothes-free and the ancient Olympians competing naked with their bodies shiny from sweat and moisturizing natural ointments. This tradition of nakedness was usually practiced by men in combat and competitions more so than women. As was the custom of the times and the culture, nudity was viewed as a masculine trait.

The modern word “gymnasium” is derived from the ancient Greek term gymnos which meant “a place to train naked.” Nudity was mandatory in the practices and preparation of athletes and in their competitions. This was based on their religious belief that athletic excellence and physical prowess was an offering to all the gods. Being naked was a tribute honoring all the deities. An interesting concept.

Yesterday (Sunday, March 22), Aaron and I hosted various clothes-free family members and their “significant others” for a brunch in honor of Greek Independence Day (and the arrival of Spring). Our one-bedroom condo is too small for any Olympic competitions, so we all had to content ourselves with simple nudity and feasting. Ideals well-worth fighting for!

 Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!



Be Gone!


These days are disappearing fast and furious! Although not fast enough for my liking and a little too furious than what I prefer. This year, winter seems to linger forever and unwilling to surrender to the arrival of Spring. We’re allowed a few mild days to enjoy and to build the anticipation of a new season and then those cold arctic winds return and remind us that it’s not completely over, yet. As for me, mentally, now’s the time to put away the hats, scarves and gloves and dance naked in the sunshine.

I’m inpatient for the coming of the Spring! I’m more than ready to make the seasonal transition. Thankfully, the change occurs tomorrow and once again, all will be good in both the world and in my life. The moment we pass from winter to Spring happens in the evening on Friday, March 20, 2015. As far as I’m concerned, the time doesn’t get here fast enough.


It’s time for me to discard all the trappings of the cold weather and spend my days in only my bare skin with the breezes and the sun to clothe me. I am anxious to shed my clothing and allow myself to bathe in the sunrays while awaiting the coming of the Summertime. I realize the transition doesn’t occur miraculously overnight. Once it’s officially Spring, I can become a very patient man! It must be programmed into my DNA.


I’m tired of days like this (above) with dreary skies and a boring, barren landscape, devoid of both foliage, nudity and outdoor activity.  I’m ready for vibrant colors, renewed growth, heat and humidity. The time is ripe for the proverbial Spring Thaw. Good-bye winter! Don’t overstay your welcome!

I’m more than willing to savor the days like the guy pictured below! Blue skies and an abundance of sunshine shared with friends and fellow nudists.


Seasonal Interchange

by Michael Aitken

In winter, when the trees are bare, we mortals don our winter wear.

In Spring, when trees begin to dress, we mortals then start wearing less.

Until, for some, with Summer’s heat, the role reversal is complete.

*  *  *

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!


My Nude Family Tree


By now, it should not be a surprise to anyone who regularly reads A Guy Without Boxers that my family tree, at least within this generation, is a very diverse and motley assortment. After centuries of living on the island of Skyros in Greece, we’ve now expanded globally and include individuals from all corners of our world. This internationalized picture is a possible reflection of the future of families or it may only represent a phenomenon specific to our family unit. Regardless of the reason, this dynamic affords the family the ability to broaden our horizons and incorporate members never before considered possible.

Recent comments on the number of my family who are active social nudists inspired this posting. I thought a clear photograph of the who’s who in nudity was in order.

This posting isn’t about exploring my entire family genealogy over the past five or six centuries. To all those not affected, that would be both boring and tedious, not to mention irrelevant and pointless. All those ancestors are meaningful to me but are useless history to everyone else. They have a place in my family’s story but that’s not being re-told here.

Instead, the purpose of this written entry is to examine what, if any, relationship exists between nudity, Deafness and being same gender loving. Of course, it’s not a truly scientific study in the classic sense. It’s an exploration of those three characteristics and the prevalence of all three within my generation of my paternal family. Or should it be patriarchal family? I’m never certain which term is best here.

My father is the oldest of five sons in his family. There are no sisters. He and my mother are the parents of eight sons with Twin and I being in the middle. His first brother is married a Nigerian woman and they have a total of five offspring, three daughters and two sons. His second-born brother and his wife are the parents of three sons. His next brother and wife have six sons, three sets of twins. My father’s youngest brother and his wife have one daughter. All five of my paternal grandparents sons collectively produced a total of twenty-three grandchildren.


Of the twenty-three cousins that constitute my generation, the diversity reflected becomes interesting. Of the four granddaughters, three are heterosexual and one is lesbian. All are hearing and to my knowledge, which is fairly extensive, none are active nudists.

As for myself and all of my male cousins, it isn’t quite as simple as it is with my female cousins. Probably because our numbers are greater. There are a total of nineteen males in my own generation within my paternal family unit. We’ve always been a wild and rowdy bunch. When together when we were younger, more likely than not, at least one of us always managed to concoct some scheme that ended in all of us getting into trouble and especially delighting our grandfather, who truly appreciated a bold and rebellious nature.

Among my male cousins, when younger, we all often skinny-dipped (swam nude) together either in the sea surrounding Skyros (where my grandparents lived) or in the river that flowed through their land. This practice continued until we were well into young adulthood. This wasn’t a planned event but usually just a spontaneous activity: someone made the suggestion and the rest of us joined in for the fun. The result is that skinny-dipping is not used as a qualifier for the practice of nudity. It does represent is the lack of a false sense of modesty surrounding our being naked when together. There are four of us who do self-identify ourselves as practicing naturists/nudists. In addition to Twin and myself, my cousin Michael (half-Greek, half-Nigerian) and my cousin Demetrius (half of another pair of twins).

Our propensity for being nude isn’t the only trait that the four of us share. All four of us are also Deaf and same gender loving. Demetrius and Leo were united in a civil union more than ten years ago and have adopted two sons. They live in Athens. Demetrius works as a chief historical researcher in antiquities. Demetrius’ twin brother is Hard-0f-Hearing since birth and gay but doesn’t see himself as a nudist. Michael and Ropati (his partner) recently moved to Virginia from Florida and both are involved in the education of Deaf youth. Michael is nine years younger than Twin and I with Ropati being a couple of years older.

Naturally (no pun intended), the common aspects of Deafness, being gay and preference for nakedness combine to make us four cousins closer to each other, more so than usual. It is a bond that we share between us that extends beyond the familial connection. It unites the four of us and our spouses through similar experiences and situations as well as interests. Demetrius and Leo, being the only couple among us who still live in Greece, are frequently used as a resource whenever any of the rest of us are planning a nakation on the European continent.

My oldest brother is same gender loving but is not Deaf nor considers himself a nudist (although he has, on occasion, been nude on a clothing optional beach with Twin and I). I have another male cousin who is the same. The remainder of my male cousins are all married and presumed to be opposite gender loving.

Of a total of nineteen grandsons, (male cousins), four are Deaf, gay and naturist/nudist. That represents 20% of our cumulative number, which does seem unusually high. Is this because of our Deaf gene or is there a nude gene within our DNA? I’m discounting our same gender loving status because there are two of us who are men who love men but are neither Deaf nor nudist. Are these three traits inter-related or is this merely an “accident of birth?”

When my female cousins are factored into the picture, the percentage drops slightly lower but stays approximately the same. Almost one in five of my cousins are Deaf, same gender loving and naturist. The average still appears somewhat un-naturally inflated. However, I don’t have the knowledge or the training to accurately determine these statistics. I can only confirm these numbers through my personal knowledge of my cousins and their partners/spouses.


 Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Author’s Note: This past week was Spring Break for my job. For those blogs that I regularly follow, I promise to “catch-up” on those posts that I missed as soon as possible.


The Spring Gallery, 2015, collection debuts of the Boxer-Free Art  page here today. Featured from today until the first day of summer are the exceptional works of Oscar Alejandro Plasencia, the gifted poet and writer and guest blogger. If you missed it, check his guest blogger post by clicking here: Guest Blogger: Oscar Alejandro Plascencia. Visit his blog through clicking the title: In So Many Words.

Oscar published a poem celebrating the joys of nudity and same gender love on his site several weeks ago. Go directly to the poem by clicking the title: Au Naturel. He earned his place of honor here on A Guy Without Boxers, please visit him there. Click: Page of Fame: Dare 2 Bare.


Steps To Nudity


Since I have been publishing A Guy Without Boxers, I occasionally receive emails from readers (regular or periodic) who are curious about exploring nudity but are nervous or uncertain on how to proceed. One of the most frequent comments expressed is: I don’t know the right (proper) way to get naked. Since we’re all born nude, I’m sure that’s not the message they intended to send. We all are taught how to get dressed (put on clothes), so I’m certain that’s not what they mean. My interpretation of the remark is that they are questioning the method (or procedures) on becoming comfortable and confident with their nakedness. A follow-up reply often confirms my original suspicion.

These inquiries concerning the preparation for a social nudity debut started me thinking about a venue to address this issue. Enough people were asking questions to justify some sort of resource for them to have as a reference tool. I mulled this over in my mind and last year, 2014, came up with the idea of creating  page here on A Guy Without Boxers based on the different topics readers were questioning. I discussed this concept with others, considered their suggestions and developed the format that I would use for this addition.

In designing this page, I wanted something simple: short and focused. A variety of suggestions and advice that offer different ideas that people may use with the ultimate goal being increasing their comfort with social (public) nudity. Knowing that there are no guaranteed, tested and proven universal methods for building naked confidence and esteem, the format selected allows the offering of multiple techniques so that potential clothes-free enthusiasts have the chance to “pick-and-choose” which, if any, work best for them. Each persons background, upbringing and living situation is unique and varies.

Choosing the title for this page was the next challenge. Aaron suggested something incorporating “briefs”  as this blog title already uses “boxers” (referring to a type of underwear) so using “briefs” (also a style of underwear) would be compatible. Since I was planning for the format to be a series of brief (quick-read) suggestions for acquainting oneself with being naked, this struck me as logical. The more I considered his idea, the better I liked it. We continued this discussion and together arrived at the combination Nudecentric Briefs (click to view).

On January 1, 2015, this new page, Nudecentric Briefs, launched here on A Guy Without Boxers. It’s a collection of ideas, suggestions and inspirational quotes, thoughts or comments to encourage the exploration of nude living, whether at home (privately) or socially (publicly or communally). Advice is offered on a monthly basis and not necessarily in a chronological order. The page is a work-in-progress as opposed to a one-time all-inclusive document. The briefs (suggestions) are randomly published and are accompanied by illustrative images whenever possible.

This page is intended to serve as a compilation of suggestions. It’s purpose is for readers to pick-and-choose their strategies based on their particular needs. The ideas not used will remain on the list and are available as a secondary option, if needed. All of the various methods are provided as a tool for gaining comfort with nudity. Of course, all are strictly offered as a resource and may be modified in meeting a person’s particular needs. What works well for some may not be doable for others.

The creation of the Nudecentric Briefs page is not an attempt to present myself as an authority on naturism/nudism. If anything, I hope it demonstrates the fact that there is no one central clearinghouse that has all the answers. It represents one man’s effort to provide information and offerings for others to discern what may or may not work best for them in their particular circumstances. I invite anyone who has an idea or possibility to email them to me: aguywithoutboxers@gmail.com.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!

Boring Days!


For me, the period of time between the end of February and the arrival of Spring is what I call one of extended boredom. The frigid harshness of the passing winter is almost over and everyone is anticipating the long-awaited Spring season. The days between these two events appear to be slow-moving and endless. The majority of us are all-too-ready for the First Day of Spring.

Perhaps we should insert a major national holiday into this span of boring days. It will help to pass the time, give us a reason to celebrate and break up the monotony. Having survived the harshness of winter, I’m sure all of us feel a need for a festive occasion in honor of this achievement.

But even a national holiday won’t completely alleviate the boredom of these waning days of winter-time. No matter how glad we are to see them, they dawdle and don’t go away fast enough. They linger and test and tease the very limits of what little patience any of us have remaining. Almost everyone is tired of being inside all the time, hibernating from the bitter winds, the frigid temperatures and the gritty and dirty snow and ice that has accumulated over the previous weeks.

This boredom is caused by fatigue. We’re all too through with the harshness of the season and the desperate struggle to stay warm and comfortable as we try to survive. Most of us have abandoned the fight and surrendered to indoor confinement. It seems easier to remain inside and give up any life outside the four walls that shield us from the horrors of the cold, the ice and the snow. We’re too weary to battle the elements and the barren, lifeless landscape no longer offers us hope and consolation.

By this time, most of us have resigned ourselves to fate and benignly accepted a cloistered environment. We’ve given up on any activity that requires more than a quick dash from the front door of our apartment or home to our car. As for Aaron and myself, even the excitement of the mad dash outside and indulging in being s’naked (snow + naked = s’naked) has lost both appeal and novelty. We’re looking forward to the sunshine and a return to skinny-dipping once again. The freedom of being clothes-free and outside for prolonged periods of time, even all day. A change in both temperature and environment.


In our household, Aaron and I have a few bright moments to distract us from the monotony this time of year brings. Since both of us are avid basketball fans, on television, there’s always March Madness. This is the annual USA’s National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) intercollegiate basketball tournament involving the top university teams in this country. It’s  good means to preview up-and-coming prospective professionals as well as watching games between decent and talented teams. The games are broadcast mostly at night and on weekends, prime time for sports. It’s one of the few times during the year that we have to watch television together. Every year, during the championship game, we invite naturist/nudist friends over to watch the final competition. Of course, we’re all nude.

As in the past several years, on the Sunday closest to Greek Independence Day (March 25), we host my Twin brother, Alex, and his boyfriend, Sudhir, over for a traditional Greek luncheon. Over the past six years, Aaron has spent hours in the kitchen with my mother and is proficient in preparing superlative Greek meals and prides himself on this accomplishment. If we were wearing clothes, I’m sure he’d invite my parents to join us online! This year, our luncheon date is Sunday, March 22 (which also happens to be the first weekend of Spring).

Aaron’s culinary skills will be put to the test for this particular feast. In addition to Twin and Sudhir, we’ve also invited my partner’s oldest brother, David (who late last summer came out as bisexual and a nudist), his current boyfriend (we haven’t met him yet) to also join us. My paternal first cousin, Michael (nine years junior to Twin and I) moved to Virginia this past December for a new job and we’ve invited both he and a date, too. Our plan is to make this a major family celebration for us all (at least, our naked family). We’re hoping this may become an annual tradition.

The arrival of Spring somehow, at least for me, alleviates the winter boredom. It always manages to put a bounce in my step and a return of a lighter and positive mod. I think a major reason for this miraculous transformation is psychological. Spring doesn’t automatically bring with it an immediate rise in the outdoor thermometer. However, mentally knowing that the season and changed improves my attitude. It’s as though overnight I morph into a new person (or return to my pre-winter self). No matter the real cause, the fact is that the transition has begun and I know that warmer weather is on the way!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, Jocks! Be Nude!




High Five, Bare Bear


A Guy Without Boxers

salutes all our naturist/nudist gay brothers who allow their body hair to grow, naturally.

Most of us who practice the clothes-free life can’t wait to get home after a long day in the office and remove all those layers of confining clothes. To us, even a single pair of ordinary cotton boxer shorts can feel as awkward as a ton of bricks. The same is true for our hairy brethren as well. A hirsute body doesn’t make them immune to the discomfort of even a minimal amount of clothing. Proof positive that a nude gene does exist within our DNA.


I know from personal experience that feeling of freedom when I’ve finally removed that final item of clothing after a day at the office. Automatically, I stretch when at last I am completely nude so as to savor the sensation of liberation once the “artificial attributes” (clothes) are off of my body. No matter the temperatures outside, it’s empowering to allow my bare body to fully enjoy being completely unencumbered. It’s like a breath of fresh air all over.


Sometimes, for me, the fact that I’m at last nude, once again, is so comforting and such a relief that I want to take a “selfie” photo just to re-assure myself that it’s indeed, both real and true! A couple of friends of mine, who are generously endowed with abundant body hair, experience the same impulse. Once again, it must be a trait of our naked gene.

*  *  *


My Lebanese blogging friend, who writes the blog, Closet Conflicts, is a fan of thick, hairy men and offers two entertaining and insightful looks at the Bear Culture in our same gender loving community. The first is Subearstitions: 6 Misconceptions About Bear Culture, the second, My Adventures On Growlr, Part 3. Click on the individual title to read each post. They’re among two of the best descriptions on Bear life that I’ve seen: informative but uncomplicated.

My naked brother, blogging buddy and friend, Rob, the author of Keepin’ It…REAL! presents an accurate and astute observation on hirsute masculinity via his Tumblr.com companion blog, Male Oriented Erotica and Perspectives. Click the post title to go directly to his entry. This article is an ongoing work-in-progress and frequently updated. His advice, thoughts, and views on the furry male are unique as they are written from his vantage point as a dual gender loving (bisexual) man with his own decent amount of body hair. He addresses this topic from an entirely different angle and outside the Bear community. Rob and I both are advocates of men keeping their body hair natural.


My fellow blogger, part-time nudist and Canadian-born friend from the UK, Martin Wilson, creator of the blog, Ramblings of a Supposed Disease Free Mind, has published on his site recently several accounts of his experiences at London bars (pubs) popular with Bears. Martin self-identifies as a Bear himself and has written of a recent Bear-nakation at a British clothing-optional beach. Martin’s perspective is honest as he’s a practitioner and not a mere observer of bare-Bear living. Click the post titles, Fitting the Physical Stereotype, and Brighton Bear Weekender,  to read all about his adventures among hairy gay men.

Chris, a blogging buddy and creator of the journal, Colors of Passion, has recently discovered his attraction to Bears and their culture. Click the title, Bear Obsession, to read of his discovery of his preference for bear-ish men. Click the title, Furnace, to view his recounting his first-time visit to a gay bar on their customary Bear night celebrating thick and hairy men. Chris proves himself an enthusiastic furry fan.  

A Guy Without Boxers offers the High Five, Bare Bear monthly series in tribute and appreciation to all our same gender loving and dual gender loving naturist/nudist fraternity who keep their body hair growing as nature intended. Despite the trend to appear hairless or smooth, they defy the odds and proudly display themselves in the glory of their masculinity. They are style-setters and not merely style-followers.

At the same time, A Guy Without Boxers acknowledges that it is every man’s prerogative whether or not to groom, manscape or to shave his own body hair. I respect and support this right. The freedom of self-determination extends to personal appearance as well as other aspects of their respective lives.

In fairness to those who decide to alter their natural body hair, my blogging buddy Dontae Lewis, author of the site, Me Sardonic, Me Sarcastic, (click link) composed a guest blogger post here, titled: Guest Blogger: Red Fish, Blue Fish, Shaved Fish, Nude Fish.  (click to view). In his entry, Dontae humorously explains why he shaves his body hairs while incorporating the world of the famous children’s writer, Dr. Seuss (via his parody of the Dr. Seuss book, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish). Please review Dontae’s blog as well as his guest contribution here.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!



No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, or Jocks! Be Nude!


Naked B-ball: My NBA!


I’m probably violating all sorts of copyright laws and regulations here, so please send dark chocolate candies to me when I’m locked up in prison. I’ve often written here of my favorite sport: basketball. Professional basketball players (USA), owners and teams are all affiliated with the National Basketball Association (NBA). The NBA also licenses sports gear and other team paraphernalia and products. It’s the umbrella for a multi-billion dollar-a-year industry. That’s the official, copyrighted NBA in the proverbial nutshell.

My NBA is slightly different. It isn’t nearly as prestigious nor as wealthy. It doesn’t sell jerseys and sports gear because…well, there isn’t any. You see, in my world, the initials “NBA” represent Natural (as in naked) Basketball Athletes. I coined that name perhaps eight years ago when I played on an adult, gay and naked recreation basketball (B-ball) league in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. I think our league lasted maybe three or four years until we lost access to a local gymnasium where we played our games and practiced. That’s the unofficial, non-copyrighted (and clothes-free) NBA in the proverbial nutshell. No uniforms, just a pair of basketball shoes, socks, our nude bodies and one basketball.

Bballnkdcox I don’t remember exactly how I discovered the existence of this league, as it was kept mostly as a local secret within the Washington, DC, same gender loving nudist community. We weren’t permitted to have a large number of spectators so as not to attract large crowds to our games. As most can imagine, an indoor court peopled by all-male nude basketball players is likely to draw a sizable audience of gay men, among others. A sizable number of fans requires professional staff to monitor their behavior and no public facility wanted the label of nude or gay associated with their name.

So for a few years we enjoyed the freedom of playing our favorite sport in relative obscurity and in complete bareness. We’d arrive at the site at the designated time, all parade into the gym, strip down to nothing and for a couple of hours watch basketball until it was time for our team to play, then run freely, bouncing up and down the playing court before having to bundle up in winter clothing and venture back into the textile (clothed) world. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the middle of winter: getting exercise, sharing nude camaraderie and athletic competition.

Within the Washington, DC, same gender loving clothes-free community, we basketball-players enjoyed a limited amount of local notoriety. Nothing like that accorded the professional basketball stars but it was nice attending events inside the gay nude culture and being recognized, photographed and offered the occasional free cocktail or mixed drink. It made all those hours of naked practice well-worth the effort. Our just rewards. My particular team, one year, was even treated to complimentary weekend hotel rooms (courtesy of a local fan) at Sandy Hook, the closest clothing-optional beach.

Playing bare basketball wasn’t appreciated by all of our local gay naked community. A few of my social nudist acquaintances questioned if we were really same gender loving because we participated in sports activities. It seems in their narrow minds, gay men and athletics aren’t compatible. This may indeed be a myth, a stereotype but it isn’t fact and it definitely is far from being the truth. Some men who love men may be indifferent to athletic competitions but not all. The seventy plus men who participated in our league on various teams attest to this. I admit I was taken aback by these fellow nudists who criticized us for taking part in any activity that permitted and promoted social nakedness.


I’ve never really understood this type of negativity. There aren’t that many opportunities for gay social nude interaction during the winter months. I’ve always believed we should all be supportive of one another. There are more than enough critics of both social nudity and the same gender loving community than for us to attack our own for no obvious reason aside from a sport-of-choice. But then, there have always been haters in the world, naked or clothed, same gender loving or otherwise.

I appreciate every moment that I spend experiencing nudity. I am happy being a man with the ability to love other men. I am proud to be in love with my man, Aaron. The result is that I truly enjoyed being a part of  Natural Basketball  Athletes (my NBA). I always liked playing the sport of basketball and consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to engage in that sport, along with gay peers, while completely naked (except for footwear). My only regret is that my “career” ended all-too-soon. At least, I had the chance.

I continue to play basketball whenever possible. I still take part in an adult recreational basketball league, although my team now is not exclusively queer (gay) and we are required to wear a uniform (a sleeveless jersey and basketball shorts, plus shoes). But I do miss the companionship of competing with my brothers, all same gender loving and naked. At least, I have the memories.

There is one more consolation. Despite what the nay-sayers claim, I am still and will continue to be a proud, happy, same gender loving man who indulges in participating in the sport of basketball!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, Jocks! Be Nude!

End of February, 2015


Bottoms Up!

End of February, 2015

February may be the shortest month of the calendar, but it also offers some of the most attractive buttocks ever found on men, anywhere. It is one of the coldest months of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, but it provides a collection of some of the hottest bottoms known on this planet.


Climb onto my table and let me give you a relaxing massage!


On those frigid cold February mornings, sometimes you feel like you never want to get out of bed.


So step up to the bar and celebrate! The good news is that February is the absolute last full month of the Winter, 2015.

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, Jocks! Be Nude!

Guest Blogger: Oscar Alejandro Plascencia


Please allow me to introduce, once again, Oscar Alejandro Plascencia (pictured above and throughout this blog entry), the author of this guest post on A Guy Without Boxers. I’ve followed Oscar’s blog, In So Many Words (click to visit), since he started publishing here in September, 2014. In the image above, Oscar is comfortable in his bed, nude (of course, I told you he was comfortable) and composing a literary piece to post on his site. Although not a practicing active naturist/nudist, he honestly admits to having enjoyed skinny-dipping with friends, both gay and lesbian, a number of years ago.

Over the past five months, Oscar and I have become electronic friends beyond the usual blogging-buddy experience. He subtitles his literary blog as “an exploration in metrical writing.” He describes In So Many Words as a “No H8 venue where all works written are the views and opinions of a mind in retrospect. I am a gay man and self-professed serial monogamist currently on hiatus.” There, a glimpse into his creative and innovative mind. He’s a literary genius (my words, not his) who offers his goal for his site: I hope to share my thoughts in the form of poetry, prose and sometimes short stories.

Oscar is an awesome author and poet and in the course of collaborating with him for this post, I’ve discovered a talented visual artist as well. Several examples of his art are located in the content of his personal experience below. Please get naked with Oscar and myself and enjoy his guest blog post, My First Male Nude. This is a true story based on a real-life event.


My First Male Nude

The model steps onto the platform in the center of the classroom with his back towards me and removes his robe, flinging it onto the floor and off of the platform. If only he knew how much I was looking forward to this day…He is very confident in his movements and appears to be a veteran at posing; he sits down on the platform, his back still towards me and rests his left arm onto his raised left knee. Our challenge is to capture the essence of the pose and not necessarily the details of the model as he will be changing poses every fifteen minutes. That explains the beeping that emits from the watch on his right wrist.

Charcoal lines, shading, smudging and even erasure marks start to take shape upon the once stark white, naked page before me. My sketch seems to be floating so I choose to blackout a negative space to contrast the model and add the platform on this otherwise bland view of his back. I’m nervous, perhaps even a bit paranoid as the instructor of this weekend, advanced art class circles the room, spying on the progress of each student standing before an easel. We had been sketching female models for the previous two weekends and this is our first, my first male nude.


“Male Study On Platform” by Oscar Alejandro Plascencia

I remove the current sketch to reveal a new, clean page on my easel and fish for a new willow vine from my tool box while the model changes pose. My right hand is soiled in charcoal soot, but I do not wipe it clean as this will serve for shading. The clock is ticking. I look up to find that I am staring right into the model’s dark brown eyes. He looks to be in his mid-fifties with short, salt and pepper hair, above the collar but long enough to curl at the ends. His mustache is overgrown and unkempt, concealing most of his upper lip. He sits facing me with legs crossed and palms upon his knees. I dare not drop my eyes below his navel. His bell is rotund, somehow I hadn’t noticed during his other poses. The spotlight off of his neck and collarbone is almost too bright. And that’s when I realize that he is the spitting image of my father.

“Nice blank page you got there,” the instructor states as he stands behind me. My charcoal stick falls to the floor. “Is everything okay?” I stammer and stutter as I retrieve it from the ground. “Yes, I just have a lot on my mind.” Half true, half lie. No, everything is not okay. And suddenly, I do have a lot on my mind. As I start to scrawl abstract shades onto the page the instructor moves on to the next student, but I can sense him keeping an eye on me as he continues his tour around the room.


I stare at this older model and force myself to render his facial features. His large eyes, the way his hair hangs, the shape of his nose, even the bags under his eyes all remind me of my father. I’m scratching the charcoal onto the page to make up for lost time. I could swear that I saw him smirk at me just now, but he is stoic and unchanging in his pose. I elect to focus on his face more so than his body. I’ve depicted every strand of hair, including the gray ones. But his torso is a careless and awkward scribbling of light and shadow that belie my true potential.


“Male Study-frontal” by Oscar Alejandro Plascencia

My mind is a muddled mess racing with images of my naked father. Flashes upon flashes of images brought to the fore like Hollywood paparazzi snapshots: Sitting on the couch, naked. Walking to the restroom, naked. Watching TV, naked. Always walking about the house, naked. Nothing shameful, nothing lewd. Just naked, naked, naked. I remember my father seemed comfortable and at ease in his own home, in his own skin. Maybe it was the decade, it was the 70’s. Maybe it was Summer, we didn’t have AC. Maybe he was just being (indoors who he couldn’t be outdoors) a free bird. There was never anything obscene about his nudity. Nothing lascivious. But I knew better than to invite friends over without prior notice to my parents.

The instructor stands behind me once again, but this time is silent. The model raises and lowers his brows, but otherwise is motionless until his wristwatch beeps and the instructor calls for a break. I circle the room observing the efforts of my peers and admire the many talents and their varying degrees of artistic interpretation. When I reach my easel the model, now robed, and the instructor greet me with smiles and kudos. “How would you like to receive private lessons?” asks the instructor. My furrowed brow prompting the model to interject, “I’m just admiring your handiwork, the offer is from your teacher.”


“Think on it,” says the instructor, “you have great potential.” But I think my young mind has had enough artistic nudity for now (not to mention the flash backs) without delving into private lessons. Something about the look in their eyes, the tone in their voices makes me wary. What have I gotten myself into? I had to forge my parent’s signatures to take this weekend class. The model steps onto the platform in the center of the classroom with his back towards me and removes his robe, flinging it onto the floor and off of the platform. If he only knew how much I was looking forward to this day.

~ ~ ~

Muchos gracias, Oscar! Thank you for sharing the memory, the sketches and your nudity with us all. A fantastic job, amigo! Please remember to check out Oscar’s blog, In So Many Words (click title to view), and follow him so you don’t miss any of his fascinating works. He usually publishes his site Monday through Friday. He has earned his place on our Page of Fame: Dare 2 Bare. Click the title to go directly to the page.

My poetic friend, Oscar, has composed an awesome ode to nudity. It is so amazing and inspirational that I’m surprised the entire world isn’t cavorting bare at this moment! Published just this past Friday, February 20, 2015, it’s titled Au Naturel, (click to view directly). I know you’ll agree it’s an epic masterpiece joyfully celebrating nakedness!

On a personal note, I publicly extend to Oscar my sincere appreciation for his extraordinary contributions towards this project. He’s an awesome man to work with and an amazing talent in his own right. The honor and pleasure are mine. I’m grateful for all his efforts here. Return here next month, March, 2015, as he is the featured artist of the Spring Gallery, 2015, on the page, Boxer-Free Art. His visual renderings are a perfect way to welcome the return of Spring!

Abrasos desnudos, Oscar, mi amigo!

Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!


No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, Jocks! Be Nude!

No Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, Bikinis, Jocks! Be Nude!

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